Do you know what foreplay means? It’s a wide word referring to the games or tantalizing activities people get involved in prior to sex. While that’s the case, there are more questions concerning how long it should be or if it must happen. Others ask of how to elevate and master it. The bedroom has numerous creative things to do, there should be no complaints. This article is here to discuss different foreplay tips and games for wild sex. Let’s scroll down to find out more from this wonderful read.

Best foreplay techniques for intense sex


Do you know how to passionately kiss your partner? When kissing, it’s not always about engaging your lips. Get your tongue to work on his tongue and lips. Nipple his lips using your teeth from time to time.  Please avoid biting him, but you can use your teeth to squeeze his lips. You can also move all over the face apart from lips and tongue. Start from the lips, both cheeks, and go slowly towards the neck and ear lobes.

Sweet whispers

Suppose lack of a dirty talk means no erotism to you. However, it can increase your closeness and give surprising effects. Having a closer intimate connection is among the greatest foreplay activities for ladies. Sex experts have expressed how they openly share with their clients about their sexual experiences and noticed women like this as the best foreplay activity.

Grabbing, touching, groping, and pinching

The way you touch him plays an imperative role in foreplay. Do you do it with no provocation or without a reason? Perhaps you wait until he imitates everything, right? Another question is, what do you do with your hands during sex? Rub, caress, hold, grab, massage, or simply rest them on his behind?  Guys mostly find fun having sex with aggressive ladies in bed. They like ones that are receptive and submissive to enjoy the game. Touch him in various ways that bring different fun-filled sensations. For example, you can grab his butt through the trouser and softly pinch or rub his back, neck, and shoulders. Keep the fire burning by surprisingly tickling him or moving your finger through his inside leg.

Secret shower

The simplest foreplay is teasing your man and getting flirty moments before bedtime. Then, when he’s about to get to bed, ask him to go shower first and promise to dry him off. Immediately he jumps in the shower, follow in a short time and begin washing him. Nevertheless, avoid any clear suggestive acts like a hand or blowjob until showering. Be sure he’ll literally ask for it. That’s from the feeling experienced by washing his genitals with slippery soap and water. Remember to keep your promise and dry him off. That’s when you can now employ the blowjob or handjob with the appropriate techniques.

Building sexual tension

Creating sexual tension refers to tempting or teasing him of the erotic fun and treats he’ll enjoy afterward. To put this into real play, do the following.

When distant with your man, text him dirty messages to suggest what may happen in the evening after work or the following time when you meet. Vague with the texts and maintain being indirect about everything. Let them keep guessing what could be coming. Additionally, wait for that time when you have to say goodbye to him and tell him how next time he should wait for your surprise. Make a face indicating how naughty it’ll be.

Your appearance

Most men are visual. It means anything you wear before your partner has a massive role in heating up your romance. Ensure your closet carries two to three clothes that can turn on your man when wearing. On the other hand, your hair and makeup should be on point. Let your hair be styled in the best manner you like it. If lipstick entices your man go ahead and put it on nicely. While this may look regular, the truth is that most ladies never realize how powerful makeup is for foreplay to turn him on. It’s the reason you should take advantage.

Foreplay in public

You’re probably wondering why have foreplay in public and turn your man on without sex to follow. Well, here, there’s no sex. The essence is to build physical sexual tension, like we earlier discussed. It’s an ideal idea for building sexual tension and anticipation. Through it, sex becomes more pleasurable for you and your partner. You can take his hand and place it in between your legs, pinch his butt, or hook your hands around his waist. You can also caress and massage his inside leg. Don’t forget that the purpose is building sexual tension and not sex in public.

Kiss trail

Do you remember we talked about kissing your man? Yes, from there, now it’s time to transition to the area under. Go down on your man and give him a powerful blowjob. Start by kissing his lips, mouth, neck, onto the chest all the way down to the stomach, then the groin. Utilize all the techniques your mouth can do, licking, biting, or even sucking. Get in between his legs and bite or kiss before getting to cock for the oral service.

Guide him

Wait for the time to play around with your partner and make him understand what you enjoy most. This doesn’t in any way imply giving him a full history or tales about your likes and dislikes. It’s about taking his hand and directing it to what you want. It could be how to finger you, massage your boobs, or rub the clit. It helps enjoy the massive benefits as he’ll know what to be doing henceforth.

Bring in sex toys

Using a wonderful vibrator can move mountains on a woman during intimacy. The market contains several toys playing different roles that will favor a couple’s foreplay. You can choose one that your partner wears in her panty, and the other uses a remote to control it from a distance- sitting room and bedroom. This will connect both of you, be it in a restaurant or home, but in different rooms. It’s a secret foreplay form that both of you will enjoy.

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