Have you ever thought of exploring oral sex with your partner but do not know of the incredible sex positions to use? Here are sex positions that guarantee sensational and pleasurable oral sex.

Oral sex is an activity that brings sensational pleasure. You cannot compare oral sex with penetrative sex. It is an act of using the lips, tongue or mouth to provide sensational stimulation to a partner’s genitals. Fellatio, cunnilingus, and anilingus are types of oral sex. These refer to the stimulation of the penis via sucking or licking, clitoris or vagina and anus. Regardless of an individual’s genital anatomy, oral sex is pleasurable and helps attain orgasms. People prefer pleasurable oral sex for sexual satisfaction, mind-blowing orgasmic experience and up-close visuals. It offers a balanced pleasure. Think of sex positions during oral sex. Consider the sex positions listed below:

The Best Sex Positions for Oral Pleasure

Here are oral sex positions that give mind-blowing orgasms. Try with your partner for sensational oral pleasures.

The 69 Sex Position

Employ this position to satisfy your desires and fantasies for oral sex. This position allows both parties to participate in the stimulation process while aligning themselves on top of each other. It requires the parties to face the opposite direction to access the genitals. One partner lies down facing up, while the other lies on top, offering support with the toes. It is a position for women and men who love pleasurable blowjobs. The couples experience sensational stimulation hence sexual satisfaction and pleasurable orgasms. 

Sit and Kneel Position 

This position requires one partner to sit either on the chair, stool or bed while the other kneels. It allows blowjobs and clitoral stimulation. The giver can kneel on a pillow for maximum support and comfort. Put your legs on your partner’s shoulders for support and easy access to the genitals.

On Your Stomach

sleep on your stomach and receive sensational clitoral stimulation. Both genders use it for anal stimulation. Spread your hips and legs to provide easy access to your genitals. Use a pillow to lift your hip. This position is more comfortable than the doggy style since the giver is not extending, elevating or arching their butt.

The Classic 

Lie on your back and enjoy it. This position is comfortable and perfect for oral pleasures in both genders. You are guaranteed pleasure since it gives easy access to the genitals. It is comfortable for both the giver and the receiver.

Giraffe Position

Lie on your back and hang over the bed’s edge. Let the giver stand facing you and put the penis inside your mouth. Do it facing your partner to view their body. This position is for flexible people since it is not a neck-friendly position. 

Face-Sitting Position

It is also called queening. A partner lies down on the back while the other sits on their face. It is a perfect position for those ready to kiss, lick and suck their lover’s genitals. The position allows the receiver to be active by moving and grinding their hips. It invites the feeling of submissiveness and dominance. Let the guy sit and feed the penis to the giver for a blowjob. It helps prevent neck discomfort, suffocation or tension. 

Doggy Style Position

Oral sex is amazing. This position is great to start, whether you want to balance yourself or achieve a pleasurable doggy style. The receiver spreads the legs to provide easy access to the genitals. Stimulate the genital or anus using toys or tongues. This position allows both parties to control the pressure levels.  

Standing Up Position

Consider this position if you are thinking of asserting a feeling of power. The receiver leans while putting the legs slightly apart. This position allows you to play in different places solo.

The Kivin Method

This position allows you to experience erotic cunnilingus and pleasurable blowjobs. It gives you easy access to the genitals for sensational stimulation. The receiver lies on their back for blowjobs. The giver lies perpendicularly to the receiving partner. The giver sucks and licks the receiver’s genitals to deliver a satisfying sexual experience.

The Orchid Position 

Do you want to fulfill your oral desires? Try the orchid oral sex position. It allows the giver access to your genitals. However, it is not for the faint heart. It requires flexibility of the hands. This position requires the receiver to stand using the hands while lining the wall for support. The giver holds your butt to give erotic clitoral stimulation. Embrace these oral sex positions and experience tantalizing sexual pleasures.

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