100% Print Design - With a Specific Fine Art Approach

100% Print Design – With a Specific Fine Art Approach

Business Name and What It Does

I am Győző Mogyoró, and I have graphic design, prepress experience, publication design, and website design experience. I open the webshop 2020, now operating under Madragora fantasy.

Győző Mogyoró – founder and owner of Madragora online store.

Founder’s/Owner’s Story and What Motivated Them to Start the Business

I was a visual artist, looking for a technique or material to express my feelings. I took lessons in a drawing course where I acquired the basics. Later I tried oil paint, but I was also very interested in ceramics. I had to work. I took on decorating jobs and window dressing. I sold books and did technical drawings for a living, but I didn’t feel interested in these fields – they were only good for making money. Then I decided to do an exhibition of my oil paintings. I worked for 10 years on a project that completely transformed my worldview. It was fantastic when I tried to project my inner landscape onto canvas. I had learned to do it well, but it was just about my world.

Computer graphics techniques have improved greatly, and I have learned to use the software needed to produce a publication. I was selling my paintings, but it was like pulling teeth. I had to sell a lot of paintings to make a living. It soon became clear that I was unable to do painting on a professional basis.

When I had some experience on the computer, I took up publication editing and operator work, which was usually available in graphic studios. I learned prepress, photo retouching, proofing, color magazine typesetting, and preparing flyers, posters, and advertising material. I worked in graphic design studios cooperating with printing houses. Advertising has developed with the internet, and people who have worked in prepress have been trained to design graphics online. I had to change. I learned web design, produced banners, edited websites, and started a website design business.

I met the amazing revolutionary changes in the development of the printing industry several times and was more interested in printing technology than programming. Then one day, I found a company website that prints graphics on fashionable clothing products. When I discovered that they not only print on a small piece of the surface but can cover the whole thing with color graphics, this was the opportunity that attracted me to move on. As digital technology also prefers vector graphics to pixels, this has helped me make great strides in my professional development. I have spent every day producing vector graphics ever since. The colors are distinctly differentiated, and each shape emerges from a complex web of wires, which is exciting and incredibly aesthetic.

After understanding the “Building of the Vision” better, I didn’t have it yet to produce a print without color loss. That problem has been solved. Industrial solutions can print beautiful colors on almost any light industrial product, from textiles to billboards.

Leon (Spain) street view vector graphics

I looked into how the dropshipping business works and what I needed to do to get into the flow. The nice thing is that you can print quite small details beautifully if you process the pattern from vector graphics. I am happy and often buy vector graphics from other graphic designers. I have been fascinated by and working with the graphics that have survived from the ancient ornaments and designs of different ethnicities and decorating products with them. What looks good on a bag may not look good on a dress.

I was working on a website with an artist friend, and he told me about his plans, and I thought I’d share what I’d come up with. Our ideas about the future were similar, but it was exactly in his case that I saw that he was the one who needed a good print shop to process his work professionally. He makes wonderful paintings, and I am amazed when I find something in his work I have never seen before. I felt that I needed to get his work beautifully printed. Since then, we have often collaborated, and I have been requesting work from him. I have collected product prints of his prints in the “BUBUCA” collection on my webshop, and I am constantly adding to it.

Permanent collection – @bubuca

József Radnai Riedlmayer – painter, dreamer of the @Bubuca collection

I am József Radnai Riedlmayer. I have been working as a graphic artist and painter for several decades. I graduated from the University of Fine Arts. I have created many oil paintings and had exhibitions in many places around the world. A couple of years ago, besides painting, I started making digital prints and digitized my earlier oil paintings. I am optimizing my work for different print media – bags, T-shirts, etc., so I can present my visual world to as wide an audience as possible. I enjoy the challenge and creativity that comes with this goal!

Long sleeve shirt Mockup – Bubuca collection

The Challenges the Business /Market Is Facing

You would think that from design to production, there are not many challenges, as these are things that bring us joy. We call it a challenge; it is a must to take the steps needed to create a well-managed webshop. Keeping track of competitors’ solutions seems opaque, as this is a branch of the light industry that has grown enormously in recent years. Online shops are multiplying like mushrooms, and the wider the spectrum, the more difficult it is to find real customers representing demand.

It will help a merchant’s success if he works with a partner whose services cover the basics of selling, provide an online store template, and integrate programs and applications that can easily run a dropshipping business. The difficulty and challenge are to ourselves. In our case, it is a constantly expanding range of products, which only grows depending on our performance.

Madragora Presentation Video – Youtube

We need to manage the opportunities based on experience well. I am thinking of the need to manage product categories and collections transparently, with a fundamental requirement: customers who shop online like to see their habits confirmed. We need to group products by their graphic aspects and the way they are used. For example, if we create a category using cubist painting motifs, that’s important. Buyers do not have these aspects. We must define the target audience, who we want to target, men, women, children, etc., but we also follow the rules concerning the merchant’s authorization. It is important to have all the structural identifiers available for each product, to have all the information about a product that will influence the sale’s success; otherwise, we are working for a shop window for a loss.

There is another real challenge on the issue of product return process regulations. We also need to have all the information available about a product so that when the customers buy it, they are aware of all the parameters of the product. This is to avoid unnecessary rounds and possibly having to remanufacture a product because something comes out about it that we have not communicated.

There are a few requirements regarding delivery which are also a neuralgic point in the process. As the product is manufactured quickly, it’s a matter of a few days. There are still a few things to clarify before the shipment starts. Customers don’t always want to email you if they have a question. Most of the time, they prefer SMS, so you have to monitor those constantly because if customers don’t reach us, they’ll go away and not return. Reducing the reversion rate is not easy with an online webshop. It’s not enough to offer products; you must get customers to take action. Customers like shopping online, which is linked to their experience. They will come back and buy if they leave an online shop with a good experience because they want to browse like in a normal boutique. Maintaining interest is another challenge.

Madragora brand  logo animation – Youtube

Running email marketing is not easy either. You must be careful to create flows, from sign-up to re-purchase, to help the customer find what they are looking for. We must run frequent promotions and be on our toes during the holidays when demand is most intense.

It’s worth blogging and telling stories because customers look behind the walls. “they’re standing in the warehouse door,” and what almost fell off the shelf because it’s almost sold out is what they want. When we go shopping, we fill the basket and leave with one item. And for the ladies, shopping is a daily, obligatory, stress-relieving activity, and it’s not easy to please them.

The Opportunities the Business/Market Is Facing

I don’t think the dropshipping business per se has stagnated. I’m sure it’s not as profitable as it was when there was a quarter of the number of online shops in the world as there are now. I see good opportunities because printing shops are also affected by a technological revolution, which affects everyone. It is up to us to make the most of these opportunities. I’m delighted that we have the opportunity to follow the development that is embracing the world at an amazing pace, including the sustainability directive, and it’s uplifting to witness and be part of this very development. I am positive about the future; I can’t blame someone else if I do something wrong when I draw. It’s up to me to make the most out of the opportunities.

Indian ornamentation graphic processing short sleeve t-shirt design

Advice to Others About Business

– Always keep the shop tidy, clean up, so there are no unnecessary things in the window, and pay close attention to details. Only advertise genuine products.

– Spend on things you have to. For example, keep your ads up all the time.

– You don’t have to expect big successes immediately. Allow time to ensure customers find you as if you have been on the market forever.

– You don’t have to worry about trends when you are starting; there will be time. Once you have established your style, your brand will be well recognizable. Try to make the traffic flow.

– Don’t stop what you’ve started. Change it if you’re not getting the desired results.

– You should be on social media on many platforms

– Email marketing and SMS automation are important – Not intrusive, but collaborative!



While looking for real motivation power, I recommend Earl Nightingale: The Strangest Secret as a guide.

Now I’m sharing an important thought from his book that is worth taking to heart:

“Success is the continuous pursuit of a worthy goal.”

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