Best CBD Affiliate Programs for 2021

12 Best CBD Affiliate Programs for 2022


After the CBD legalization in 2018, the CBD market has been thriving, and it’s expected to reach more than $13 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual rate of 21%. CBD affiliate programs are the latest addition to the profitable affiliate program network. They are well-positioned and can be a lucrative income source for affiliate marketers. Let’s find out which are the best CBD affiliate programs available now. 

Why Join a CBD Affiliate Program

If you’re an Instagram influencer, YouTuber, blogger, or simply know your way around social media, leveraging the power of affiliate marketing will bring you an additional revenue stream. You’ll be earning a commission for every sale brought in via the unique affiliate links or coupon codes you get as an affiliate. In addition, some CBD affiliate programs offer additional incentives like free product samples, special discounts, and early access to new products. 

What to Consider When Choosing a CBD Affiliate Program to Join 

Before becoming an affiliate, you need to consider several things. 

Your Audience

The first step to consider when choosing a CBD affiliate program to join is your audience. Consider what their preferences are and whether they align with the brand you want to promote. For example, if your audience is comprised of young people who love vapes, pick a brand that offers CBD vapes. Conversely, if your audience consists of older people, go for a brand that provides CBD-infused solutions to diverse health issues. 

The CBD Affiliate Program’s Payment Structure

Every company has a different payment scheme. Additionally, some brands will send the payout at the beginning or end of the month, whereas others might provide bi-monthly payouts.  Some brands might set a minimum payout rate, so you need to take that into account too. It’s essential to evaluate your skills and determine which payment structure would be most lucrative for you.

The Brand Reputation

Considering there’s a sea of sketchy CBD companies, choosing a brand with a good reputation is paramount. But we got this part covered — below, you can find the best CBD affiliate programs offered by the top CBD brands, which are reputable, reliable, and have established themselves for being transparent over the years. 

The CBD Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Last but not least, go for a program that offers a decent commission rate. Usually, a good commission for CBD affiliate programs is considered 15-20%. That said, some might offer as much as 25%, so take your time and explore all options.

 The Best CBD Affiliate Programs for 2022

To help you find the most suitable CBD affiliate program for you, we provide you with vital information about each CBD brand along with essential data like commission rates, payout frequency, cookie durations, and more.


Nu-x is a CBD brand that provides high-quality CBD oils, gummies, vapes, capsules, drinks, and more at affordable prices. The brand was created with the responsible adult in mind and ensure ultimate satisfaction. What is more, Nu-x is one of the CBD brands that set the industry standards for consistency and purity. 

Nu-x’s CBD affiliate program is one of the best out there. You get a unique link to share on the platform you like and track the orders on the Referison dashboard. As soon as a purchase is completed through your link, you’ll earn a 20% commission. The company has a 30-day cookie policy, and the payout is made regularly via PayPal. In addition, you might get bonus perks based on the sales performance.


JustCBD entered the industry in 2017 and has been thriving ever since. The company’s pillars are integrity and honesty. The team works hard to offer independent lab results for each product and list every ingredient included in order to live up to their promise to correct the misconceptions around CBD. From gummies and tinctures to pet treats and vapes, JustCBD offers a range of products made of the highest-quality CBD. The company has an excellent reputation for its five-star customer service, affordable prices and excellent product selection. 

When it comes to the affiliate program, JustCBD pays an 18% commission which is way above what you can expect from affiliate programs in other markets. In addition, the cookie duration at JustCBD is 30 days which is an industry average. The company offers a wide variety of payout methods — successful affiliates can get paid via wire transfer, store credit, check, or Bitcoin. 

The tracking goes through a custom link, QR code, coupon code or SKU. This CBD affiliate program is great for influencers, review sites, YouTubers, and bloggers. What is more, the company is often introducing new products which mean there will be something for everyone.  

Leafwell Botanicals

Leafwell Botanicals is a company dedicated to leveraging botanical science to elevate self-care standards. Focused on creating a clean label, the Leafwell Botanicals’ team formulates the products in-house using only natural ingredients that serve a specific purpose. In addition, the company takes transparency seriously so that you can find lab test results for each product listed on the website. 

The CBD affiliate program of Leafwell Botanicals is all-encompassing and designed to work for satisfied customers who want to share their experience with friends and family and affiliate marketers who want to introduce their customers to top CBD products. Affiliates earn a 15% commission for all sales, but additional incentives might increase as the referrals grow. 

In addition, when Leafwell Botanicals is launching new SKUs, affiliates get free samples and insider access to products. What is more, the company often runs promotions and special offers available only to affiliates. The payments are issued on a monthly basis via PayPal. Alternatively, you can arrange other payment options directly with the company’s representatives. 


Cannafyl ensures consistent delivery of premium quality CBD products thanks to the rigid product testing throughout the entire manufacturing process. Approved by NCPA, the company is the first choice of consumers looking for CBD products with proven quality. The Relief, Balance, and Relax tinctures stand out for providing natural body support.

The CBD affiliate program this company offers has great conditions. First of all, it offers arguably the highest commission — 25%. That said, this referral fee is valid for initial orders. The residual fee is 5%. Additionally, you’ll earn 5% on sales of people who join the Cannafyl CBD affiliate program. The company has a 60-day Cookie policy which not many CBD affiliate programs offer. An added perk of the program is the 10% discount on all Cannafyl products for affiliates.


PureKana is a premium CBD brand with a wide range of products like CBD capsules, oils, gummies, topicals, bath bombs, and pet products. The company manufactures everything from the highest-quality, organic hemp grown in the US. The process includes forefront CO2 extraction and third-party lab testing. 

The PureKana CBD affiliate program is one of the best, and it offers an opportunity to earn an extra buck by introducing the PureKana products to others. The CBD affiliate commission is 25% of all sales generated by the affiliate links, which is excellent. What is more, the commission level increases proportionally with the number of sales, which means the more sales made, the better the pay. Additionally, the cookies last for 30 days, and the tracking options are a unique link or coupon code. 

Successful affiliates can get their commissions via PayPal and check. PureKana issues payments monthly on the first of every month, given that the amount accumulated is at least $100. 

Extract Labs

Extract Labs is a veteran founded and owned CBD brand that offers high-quality products at low prices. In addition, the company keeps the manufacturing process in-house in CGMP certified facilities, ensuring top quality and purity of every batch. From CBD topicals, gummies, and oils to capsules and bath bombs, the choice is wide. 

The Extract Labs CBD affiliate program gives you an opportunity to partner with this reputable CBD company and makes an extra buck by recommending its award-winning products. You’ll be getting a 20% commission per sale. Plus, you’ll have access to analytics through the branded partner dashboard so you can track your performance. The payouts are issued once a month via direct bank transfer. 

Healthy Roots Hemp

Healthy Roots Hemp is a woman-owned business certified through the WBENC. Based in Oregon, the company grows and manufactures high-quality hemp products in-house. Everything is made from raw materials that are locally sourced and are free from pesticides, GMOs, and chemicals. Healthy Roots’ mission is to make premium CBD products available to everyone at an affordable cost. The company’s product range is astonishing—you can find something for everyone. 

When it comes to the CBD affiliate program, the Healthy Roots Rewards program is a bit stingy. That said, it’s still an easy way to earn rewards for sharing the products with other people. Affiliates make a 20% discount coupon to share plus a 10% commission on non-affiliated sales when people purchase Healthy Roots products using the affiliate link. 


101CBD uses the entire hemp plant to manufacture products abundant with health benefits. The CBD oils and topicals offered by 101CBD are designed to support the body’s natural healing process and help you find balance. The company has raving reviews online, and thanks to the CBD affiliate program, you can become part of its success.  

The affiliate or ambassador program works a bit differently than other programs we’ve mentioned so far. For one, you’ll get a unique code you can use to get a 25% discount when shopping at 101CBD. Additionally, you’ll be earning rewards you can spend in the store instead of cahs. What is more, you can earn $20 in CBD rewards through the referral program when someone uses your link to sign up for the affiliate program. 

Tillmans Tranquils

Tillmans Tranquils stands out among the CBD brand for developing innovative products that deliver the benefits of CBD and taste tremendous, and act fast. The brand’s product range includes CBD mints, gummies, pre-rolls, and flower strains made with all-natural ingredients. 

If you like the idea of making money for introducing others to such unique products, consider joining the Tillmans Tranquils CBD affiliate program. Once your application is accepted, you’ll get notified, and you’ll receive your login credentials for the Affiliate platform. You’ll get an affiliate link that you can share and use to track your sales by accessing this platform. The commission of 25% is more than fantastic, and the payouts are issued at the end of each month via PayPal.   

Hippi CBD Tea

Hippi CBD Tea is a CBD tea brand founded by the Walker Brothers. Stemmed from the idea that CBD and tea make the perfect combination Hippi CBD Tea uses proprietary blends and formulations. The Daydreamer CBD black tea is one of the first CBD-infused black teas on the market. At the same time, the Mellow caffeine-free herbal tea is a calming blend that aids relaxation. 

By becoming a part of the CBD affiliate program of Hippi Tea, you get to be a part of the brand building. The standard commission is 10% on product sales, and the company’s cookie window is 30 days. 

House of Wise

House of Wise is a fairly new CBD brand founded in 2020. Amanda established the company during the pandemic as she discovered the benefits of CBD. She wanted to empower other women to take control over their stress, sleep and sex.  

You can also become a House of a Wise affiliate or a #wisewoman and make cash by referring the company’s CBD products. There are no upfront costs for joining the program. You can join for free and share your unique affiliate with your friends and family to get 20% of every order’s total amount. What is more, you can use your affiliate link when shopping at House of Wise to earn cashback. The payouts are issued at the end of each month via bank transfer. 

Dr Calmer’s

Designed to help users reduce their stress, Dr Calmer’s premier product is the Relaxing Sand. This innovative CBD-infused sand soothes both mind and body. It’s a truly revolutionary product that can be used anytime, anywhere. The sand is made of pure ingredients and creates a sensory and tactile sensation. 

The CBD affiliate program is the best option if you want to be a part of Dr Calmer’s team and make money. You get to take part in promoting these innovative products while earning 5% from every sale made through your unique affiliate link. The cookies last for 30 days, and you get paid once a month. Now, the commission isn’t as high as some of the other affiliate programs offer, but it’s still a good deal if you have a good affiliate network. 


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