20 Best Vape Mods for 2022


Vape modes are devices used by long-term vapers that give them longer battery life than e-cigarettes. They accord vapers a unique customized vaping experience unavailable with regular cigarettes. The world of vape mod has exponentially grown, with various products flooding the market, leaving many vapers wondering which one is good. This article covers the best VV/VW mods plus the preferred mechanical mods of 2022 that vapers can choose from.

Voopoo Drag Max

The Drag Max is a production as one of the exceptional Voopoo’s Drag series with a slightly different design, though it still has the quality that makes the product top quality. It has a dual battery box mod, with a USB fast charging port for those lacking a dedicated charger. It also has a color TFT screen display providing the vaper with all needed information when vaping.

Smok A-Priv 225W

This device is loaded with a dual-battery box mod with additional unique features fitting a vaper. It is relatively cheap, offering a perfect balance between affordability and performance. The battery offers 225 W in VW mode and features such as TC vaping with stainless steel, titanium, and nickel coils. The body has maximum comfort during vaping and firing jar in place of a little button.

Voopoo Drag 2

It has an originality of the VooPoo series, with the original edges making the device easy to package and carry while keeping its performance high. It has a simple yet elegant look and a simple outlook regarding displays and buttons that are user-friendly. It improves the famous Gene Fit chip by making it quicker, safer, and efficient in its performance.

Greekvape Legend 2

Greekvape is a chain of vape mode, and Legend 2 follows after the footsteps of one of the famous designs, The Legend. With a dual battery, it can give an output of 200W. Legend 2 is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof to favor any clumsy vaper, thus lasting longer.

Geek Vape Aegis X

This product, the lasts of the Greek series, is super durable and has an amazing display. The OLED color screen looks beautiful to behold and can withstand all sorts of elements, from fall shocks to waterfalls. Due to its durability and ability to survive a clumsy environment, it is recommended for anyone working in these environments.

Geek Vape Aegis Mini

It has a waterproof integrated battery rated IP67 and is considered shockproof. The outer panels of the designs are easy to replace when they are damaged. Additionally, it has a long-life battery of 2200mAh, excellent performance, and is super compact, feeling great on the hand.

JAC Vapour Series S22

JAC Vapour falls between a box mod and vape pen, perfect for beginners. It is easier to get and is a great performer too. This product is good for direct lung vaping as it has a sub-ohm coil and mouth-to-lung vape. It has a 2600mAh battery with a small and compact design, perfect for starting the vaping journey. Its customer service is also supreme.

Dovpo Odin Min

This is one of the recent models of the Odin mod series and includes a DNA75C chip that allows you to tailor your vaper. A 21700 battery powers the Dovpo Odin Min, and it comes with another 18650 adapters in the kit. It has a bright OLED screen, easier to read, with many features that leave experienced vapers happy.

JAC Vapour Series B DNA75

This device is considered one of the classiest looking mods with a premium black PVD finish. It is durable with design features resistant to scratching and chips. It has a removable battery of 18650 and is easier to carry, perfectly fitting into the palm.

Aspire MIXX

The partnership between Aspire and Sunbox, one of the best Italian mod makers, has produced some of the most elegant-looking devices in the market. A 18650 battery powers the mod, but you can adjust it to accommodate a smaller battery of 18350.

Vaporesso Target Mini 2

Like its big brother, this product has exciting features such as a 2000mAh integrated battery, offering a great vaping experience from mouth to lungs. It can also accommodate sub-ohm tanks, though that would mean reduced vaping time. It has a sizable OLED screen and fast charging port for an easier refill.

Uwell Valyrian 2

It provides a powerhouse vaping experience with a triple battery on its deck. Though it holds three of 18650 batteries, it is still compact and fits very well in hand. The three batteries give the mod a life of close to 14 hours of vaping for a regular vaper using 90-100W before recharge. It fires rather quick, making advanced vapers happy. Additionally, this mod comes with one of the most advanced vaping tanks, the Valyrian 2 tank, and can produce some big clouds.

Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum

We have so far considered Drag 2, indicating how good the Voopoo Drag series is in terms of quality. Drag mini platinum is even better with a compact feature and is user-friendly. It has an internal battery with a capacity of 4,400mAh, an equivalent to a dual battery box mod. It has a large resin plate with different colors. Its front panel has an excellent display screen, a USB charging port, and a fire button. Its tank is user-friendly and top-filling, making it suitable for beginners.

Innokin Proton Mini

This product has a beautiful box mod having a YFY color display screen. Its screen has a unique joystick-style and works efficiently in practice for navigating the device. The screen is rather big with the main settings at the center and a firing bar instead of a button allowing vapers to squeeze for a vape. It runs on a proton chipset, giving an output of upto120W worth of power from its in-built battery. The battery capacity is 3,400 mAh but will still get you through the day as you vape.

Lost Vape Paranormal

This product has impressive features and amazing designs running on the DNA 250C chipset. It has a dual battery box mod, with the two batteries of 18650 inserted on a hinged bay at the bottom of the device. The device has a curved edge at the product’s back for portability. The paranormal comes in various colors; multi-color LED indicator light, three buttons adjustments, and a micro USB port.

Sigelei 213 Fog

The Sigelei device is cheaper and is elegantly packaged, providing tons of power. The device has a dual–battery box mod with a nice leather coating covering most of its body. It also comes in an array of colors, a display screen, fire button on edge. Moreover, it came with a USB charging port for faster recharge and continued vaping. The battery provides the power of up to 213 watts in VW mode to supply your vaping throughout the day.

Voopoo Vinci

This device makes a list for its huge battery of 1500mAh, play coils, draw activation, and adjustable airflow. There are several recent releases for the Vinci series, including the Vinci X, the Vinci line, and Vinci R, but the original is still better. Its battery fires up to 40W, producing a sizable cloud with every vape.

UWell Evdilo

It is a full kit that comes with a vape tank and fires super-fast. Though the screen is not as advanced as other vapes, it still does the job perfectly. It has a battery sleeve to enable you to fit any size battery to the device.

Vandy Vape Pulse X90w Squonk

The x 90W provides 10W exceeding its predecessor, the Pulse 80W. It also has a hard mode setting that can be increased by another 10W to make it to 100W. Its screen display is very clear and bright that can be used as a torch if need be.

Wismec R80

It acts as a traditional pod mod and has an adapter that helps you attach it to any tank. It allows you to interchange the coils to use it as a pod mod. The device is beautiful and fires up to 80W of power.

Dovpo Clutch X18

This device is a mechanical box mod combining mike Vapes and signature Tips on its dual batteries. It is an ergonomic design having a rectangular shape, making it comfortable to hold.

There we go, the top 20 best vapes of 2022 that for beginners and veteran vapers that you can choose from in the market.

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