3 Ways your Diet Changes your Energy Levels and Overall Well-being

3 Ways your Diet Changes your Energy Levels and Overall Well-being

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All living beings have an electro-magnetic energy field that can affect their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being. This is scientifically called the primo-vascular system. Humans have been eating other animals for eons, and the animal kingdom is full of predators who prey on other animals for food. Some scientists even claim that humans gained their higher intellectual thinking capacity because of their consumption of fish which provided them with Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids. We are taught today that meat was important for the evolutionary growth of the human brain but if that’s the case, why don’t carnivores possess higher intellectual capacity like us. 

We are often told a narrative that is one of the most self-sabotaging ideas – The Survival of the Fittest. It is now proven that our history is rooted in collaboration and co-dependency rather than competition. This idea is the source of our egoistic human nature, which sabotages nature and all things natural because it can only focus on its own needs. There’s no higher purpose and if there is one, we humans tend to find a way to make it serve our own good. 

Many gurus advocated veganism, a lifestyle that abstains from exploitation and harm towards animals because it helps keep the energy levels high. To understand this, we need to understand that we are energetic beings, we get our energy through sleep and food. We cannot essentially survive without either of them. As per Ayurveda, all foods contain life force energy (Prana). 

Meat is considered a food that depletes the body of life force energy. This corresponds directly to the fact that the body needs more energy to metabolize meat, up to 18 – 36 hours compared to 4 – 6 hours for plant-based food digestion. This just doesn’t mean that you will feel energetic and lethargic but also you are more likely to fall sick. Even Energy Healers who undergo attunement tend to abstain from meat, alcohol, coffee, and other such energy depleting foods for at least 21 days, primarily because animal-based foods don’t just deplete your energy levels but even block your chakras (energy centers) to allow free flow of energy which manifests as a disease over a long time. So, here are three reasons why you should avoid meat at all costs for your spiritual, mental, and physical wellness 

Processed and Ret Meat in Diet can cause cancer and other diseases 

The World Health Organization has declared that red meat and processed meat can be carcinogenic. Processed meats may contain meats from multiple animals which means that more than one animal was killed for the food on your plate. We need to understand what Cancer is – Cancer is the mutation of cells into a self-destructive form that duplicates the damaged DNA through cell split up. 

We have understood that mutation can only happen out of necessity, it doesn’t happen for no reason. What’s happening on the microscopic level in a cancer cell is also reflective of the way we live our life – A lifestyle that neglects everyone else but only focuses on self-interest. Cancer is literally the body in competition mode, where it’s in rebellion with all the other cells in the body rather than working synergistically. There are several studies that prove that Cancer cells can be destroyed using sound waves at specific resonant frequencies. All foods have a frequency and a pH level, these are essential indicators of health, while the frequency of the food explains the energy levels. Foods that have a higher frequency than human body frequency (7.5 Hz) can be beneficial, similarly, foods we know that all diseases can only thrive in an acidic environment, eating a high pH diet can help alleviate many diseases. 

As one would expect, meat has a low frequency and it is extremely acidic, and can naturally result in the formation of cancerous cells. We need to take a look at the story of Jordan Peterson and his daughter, who would survive on a beef-only diet. His daughter was on the verge of contracting colon cancer or some cardiometabolic disease because her body had lost the ability to digest short-chain fatty acids. 

Today, many biohackers, energy medicine and yoga practitioners would recommend that the foods should be aligned with your own energy field and body type. Some healers will go as far as to heal the food before consuming it, but they clearly miss the point that they are eating something that was once alive. It has emotions and the animal has obviously released a lot of cortisol into the bloodstream which has surely been absorbed into the cells. If you believe that we are what we eat, then eating the carcass of an animal that lived and died in horrible pain can be so sabotaging. 

Animals also have chakras, there are so many healers who even provide animal reiki healing services, we know which chakra is associated with fear and pain (The Root Chakra – Muldhara). If merely getting in contact with a negative person can affect us negatively, we can surely imagine what it would be like consuming and synthesizing such a being into our own system. If only we can extend our empathy towards animals too, feel their pain as our own, we can save ourselves from a lot of karmic bondage, become more compassionate towards all life forms, to free ourselves of the limiting beliefs that consider one life as food and other as a pet. 

Meat Production speeds up Climate change and may cause Natural Disaster too 

Every day 3 billion animals are killed only for food, while animal farming is the single greatest cause of global warming, it’s also the single greatest cause for world hunger and widespread epidemics and pandemics. Yes, because of meat, so thousands of people die of respiratory disease due to widespread pollutants in the air. It is also the cause of world hunger because 70 – 80% of our agricultural produce is fed to farmed animals to meet the unnatural demand for dairy and meat. We are overdoing the exploitation beyond the natural order and we are being punished for it. 

Apparently, as per Einstein Pain Wave Theory, animals emit pain waves when they are killed, these pain waves accumulate and build pressure over time and can trigger natural disasters such as earthquakes. If you do not believe us, do look up the theory. 

Meat in Diet causes Karma to get imbalanced 

It doesn’t matter which religion you come from or if you have any religious affiliation at all, your actions in this life are important. If you have inflicted pain on other life forms, directly or indirectly, it is surely coming back for you or getting accounted for. Many people have misconceptions about the Universal Law of Karma. It’s ever-pervasive, any thought, words, or action translates into karma. It doesn’t matter if you carry out an action mindfully, the action still counts in your karma debt. Please understand that there’s no person who is observing you at all times and accounting for your deeds but its our own subconscious that accounts for our karma throughout the life, the subconscious is the pure and innocent, it only accumulates karma to teach us, karma is a teacher and it teaches us dharma – the conscientious action. 

There’s undeniable suffering in meat, whether it is free-range or factory-farmed. All animals are raised for slaughter and die in pain, but that is still a decent escape in the end from living a life full of suffering, while being exploited for resources, to produce offsprings and keep demand unnaturally high, and to die off to be someone’s belt, shoe, fur, leather coat or furniture. 

There are different ideologies that even propose that human souls are different from animal souls, and some even claim that animals are given for humans to rule over. The animal soul structure is not much different than ours, they have an energy field with chakras, they do have a soul that is different from the human soul. However, humans’ souls would sometimes incarnate as animals because of karmic bondage. That means you might be eating a loved one who came back as an animal and got served on your dinner plate. It’s more horrible than it sounds! Now, if I would address the second ideology of whether humans were truly meant to rule over the animal kingdom, what kind of rule does it look like where the rulers commit mass genocide every day. 

Some people wonder if vegetarianism is compassionate, they must know that the eggs and dairy industry are similar to the meat industry, they can be collectively called the animal exploitation industry. The animals that lay eggs or produce milk during their lifetime of exploitation are the same ones that end up becoming meat when they become unproductive. As long as we do not extend our compassion beyond our own self, we will keep looking at nature and all-natural things including animals, as a mere resource meant to exploit so we can advance our self-interest. 

As long as we do not extend our compassion beyond our own self, we will keep looking at nature and all-natural things including animals, as a mere resource meant to exploit so we can advance our self-interests. In the process, we will sabotage our health and energy levels while also causing ignorant suffering to the environment and other creatures on the planet. 

MS, Durham University

The work of a family doctor includes a wide range of clinical diversity, which requires extensive knowledge and erudition from a specialist. However, I believe that the most important thing for a family doctor is to be human because the cooperation and understanding between the doctor and the patient are crucial in ensuring successful health care. On my days off, I love being in nature. Since childhood, I have been passionate about playing chess and tennis. Whenever I have time off, I enjoy traveling around the world.

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