4 Reasons You Should Try Enemas & Douches

4 Reasons You Should Try Enemas & Douches

Douches and enemas are created for those who are really anal about their sexual experiences. While it is recommended that you do not overdo it, the douching process may be very beneficial to you and your partner if done responsibly and with intense care. For those that assume cleanliness is the only goal when it comes to douching, you are surely mistaken. Whilst cleanliness may be the goal for some, there are other reasons that make the enema/douche a great product to indulge in.

4 Reasons You Should Try Enemas & Douches

Effective Preparation

Anal penetration is known to have some undesired consequences that end up leading to some great embarrassment. When it comes to achieving a seamless session, a good cleaning session is highly recommended. The douche/enema guarantees a deep cleaning session that will have you insides sparkling clean and ready for invasion.

The enema/douching process takes a little bit of time, but the effects are guaranteed to have you and your partner smiling. In addition to the elimination of embarrassment, the cleaning process shows your partner that you are committed to the game and will stop at nothing to ensure that you get to have the best time.

Whether you are just a clean freak or are really excited about anal play, douching guarantees that no unwanted interruptions even get a chance to occur.

Intense Power Play

For BDSM play, the sessions can incorporate a lot of scenarios and the douching scene is one powerful way for the dominant to exert his power. The body positioning during anal douching require total submission. This is because the positions make the submissive totally vulnerable as they get to expose the most intimate parts and have no option but be completely nude.

The dominant may feel like the submissive is not clean enough, leading to a well set up session involving a deep cleaning session that will be up to the standards of the dominant. With the safe word in place, the game starts and by the end of it all, the submissive has surrendered completely to the will of the dominant.
This game is also great for those new to submission. The game is not very harsh and yet still requires that you learn to give up all your power to your partner.

Enhanced Connection

For those who are very excited by anal play and yet have no need for a formal BDSM session, the douching process can be a great trust building exercise. By taking turns in cleaning each other out, the power dynamics shift back and forth and this allows the trust to be switched from one person to the other.

Indulging in a douching session allows the boundaries to be tested and each successful session increases the trust between the partners. This increased level of trust becomes evident as the relationship progresses on, increasing the emotional bond between the partners. Allowing your partner to dominate over you at your most vulnerable is not an easy fete, and changing positions helps in establishing a unique power balance.

Filling Experience

Douching is a pleasurable experience on its own, allowing you to indulge your anal needs while also achieving a deep cleanse. With every repetition, your anal cavity gets filled up with water and this creates an intense pleasurable sensation as the nerves of the anal cavity are aptly stimulated.

Repeating this over and over again creates a rhythmic stimulation as the water is inserted and expelled at regular intervals. The best part about this procedure is that it follows the body’s natural cycle, making every single moment seamless and hassle free. The final repetition expels clear water, letting you know when you are done.

The body’s cycle varies from session to session, making the anticipation even greater and the final release a pleasurable surprise.

Deep cleaning your anal cavity should be approached with care and the utmost respect for safety. For those ready to indulge in this practice for the very first time, follow the beginner’s guide to ensure that you understand the basics. Anal douching is beneficial to solo players and couples alike, making it an all-encompassing activity designed for the greater good. Take your anal stimulation up a notch by including a cleanliness routine in the game.

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