4 Reasons You Should Try Penis Plugs

4 Reasons You Should Try Penis Plugs

Some toys are so different from the norm that they require a whole lot of confidence and balls to try out. When it comes to penis plugs, most men will shy away from the idea as their minds cannot wrap around the idea of something going into the urethra. The first thought is almost always to imagine an extremely painful experience, something that is totally not true. Penis plugs are great toys and the tiny size is enough to fool everyone into thinking that the effects are minimal. To fully understand how much of a punch they can pack, here is a list of a few benefits;

Heightened Sensitivity

Once the penis plug is inserted, the nerves at the tip of the penis are pushed closer to the surface, making the surface even more sensitive. With every touch, stroke, suck or lick, the nerves are activated. This makes every single stimulus feel so much more powerful, helping you enjoy every single moment in total bliss.

With the penis in the state of heightened sensitivity, take the chance to indulge in some powerful masturbation session that will have you exploding in orgasmic bliss when the grand finale comes. With a sensual blow job, the flick of the tongue will have your brain exploding with powerful sensations. The penis plug is a great way to make every day sessions feel even better than they do, giving you endless reasons to keep indulging in the unorthodox and yet powerful toy.

Internal Stimulation

Getting the penis stroked and sucked feels heavenly, but these sensations are concentrated on the outside surface of the penis. The intense nerve endings on the tip on the penis make every sensation great and powerful, but the acts fail to reach a whole new level of intensity. The urethral wall is sensitive and lined with multiple blood vessels as well as a multitude of nerve endings. This makes the inside of the penis even more sensitive to stimulations.

The penis plug is designed to fit into the urethra, making its entry very stimulating as the surface of the plug massages the inner lining of the penis. Every movement increases the sensations, making every stroke feel even better. The sensations are not familiar, and the body tries to make sense of it, which increases the potency of the sensations.

A Little Bling

The Prince Albert piercing is a great way to adorn your penis, but not all who like it have the courage to actually get the piercing. With the penis plug, you get to enjoy all the bling without the painful and torturous healing process. There are so many types of penis plugs, giving you a whole host of looks to choose from. The glint of the stainless steel plug against the light makes for a powerfully appealing sight, giving your penis an edge that it did not possess before.

If you would like a test run of how your penis will look like with the piercing, the penis plug is a great place to start. It saves you the time and resources that would have been spent in getting the piercing only to later remove it.

Powerful Erections

The penis plug stimulates the tip of the penis from the get-go, engulfing your body with some powerful orgasmic sensations. This immediately arouses you and your penis responds the best way it knows how to; by standing at attention. The plug is a great way to start off with powerful erections without enduring long sessions of foreplay that may or may not hit the mark.

If you are having a bit of trouble when starting out your masturbation sessions, the penis plug may reverse this. Enjoy the power of your penis by starting your sessions strong and get to enjoy the greatest orgasmic sessions you have ever had.

Penis plugs may seem a little unconventional, but they do the trick. However, any urethral stimulation should be practiced with caution as the sensitivity of the urethral lining makes it prone to injuries and infections. Always ensure that you play it safe and always take it slow when you indulge in urethral play. It is always good to remember that prevention is better than cure.

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