6 Sexy Lingerie Gifts When You Don’t Know Her Dress Size

6 Sexy Lingerie Gifts When You Don’t Know Her Dress Size

Is your lover a plus-size or hourglass figure and wondering which lingerie style to get her? Create a bond with your lady and surprise her with the following sexy lingerie gifts that are suitable for all sizes.

A lot of men will always find it tough on how to gift lingerie to their ladies. This problem mostly occurs to men who are always busy with their schedule hence they lack time to accompany their ladies. The idea of their ladies’ dress or lingerie preference is always thrown at the back of their mind.  For instance, men might forget about their ladies’ lingerie sizes and styles they love.

Maybe big days like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or any other event are nearing and you are supposed to buy sexy lingerie as a gift for your lady. You should not panic about whether you are aware of the right size or not. Just look for these sexy lingerie gift ideas for her that are always one-size fit. But before that, let us look at…

Questions to Answer Before Buying Her A Lingerie

Before we narrow down to discuss these erotic lingerie gifts, there are several things you should consider as a man before going or attempting to gift your lady sexy lingerie gifts. The following are some questions you should put into consideration as a man;

Can you afford it?

When you decide to gist your lady sexy lingerie gift, of all the considerations you must put forward, budget is the key element. You can’t say that you are going to buy your lady a gift of sexy lingerie when you aren’t financially stable. You must always prepare adequate funds. This is because anything can happen in the lingerie shopping store. You might find out that the sexy lingerie you expected to buy is more expensive than what you had previously thought of.  The sexy lingerie’s for women might be slightly expensive hence you should always be prepared.  Additionally, for you to buy a nice sexy lingerie gift for your lady, you should have some cash, because you won’t buy your lady a fake cheap gift.

Do you know her favorite style?

This is one of the most critical factors that women consider before buying their lingerie. With many styles in the market, you need to discern how to buy lingerie she’ll actually wear? Will the style you bought match her temperament and body? As a man, you should do detective operations and find out from your ladies’ friends, or even some of her photos and find out the style she loves. You cannot buy something which your lady doesn’t like as this will give rise to complications in your relationships. Even if you can’t figure out the correct size, your lady will still be happy as long as you bought for her something she loves.

What’s the Gift Set You Are Going to Choose?

In ladies’ lingerie shops, you will always find multiple lingerie sets. You might feel overwhelmed by the multiple choices. So, you must be tough and courageously pick a nice set for your lady. The lingerie shops had gone ahead and sort out different lingerie’s to their matching order so you won’t struggle.

What Fabric Type Does Your Lady Like?

Does your lady love lingerie made from sheer, nylon, or polyester materials? The choice remains yours. You should consider this carefully as some materials are comfier than others.

Sexy Lingerie Style for All Sizes

Below are the world’s best-known lingerie types you can gift your lady in case you don’t know her size;

Open Back Black Staggered Lengths Sheer Night Dress Ans a Matching G-String

This kind of lingerie that you might gift your lady resembles a nightdress. Some sexy lingeries expose much of the body parts where some ladies will find it inconvincible to wear such. In such cases, this lingerie comes into consideration.  The lingerie is made from 10 %spandex and p\90 percent polyester. Additionally, the dress comes with its readymade panties which match with it. This lingerie type is known for spicing up the relationship between you and your partner.

Women’s Light Pink Baby Doll with Fluffy Chest, Hem Detail, and Matching G-String

The lingerie is globally known for its royal seductions. It is a see-through type of lingerie made from 100 percent nylon material and has fluffed hem hence the lingerie for aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, the lingerie also comes with a set of matching panties which are made to fit different sizes of ladies. This lingerie allows easy action since it can slip on and off in a flash. This ability makes this lingerie feel a lot comfier.

4-Piece Black Sheer Oriental Lingerie Set With G-String, Bra, Face Mask, Skirt, and Tassels

If you are a guy who looks for a long-lasting romantic sexual experience with your lady, buy this lingerie gift for your lady. It is made from perfect materials hence it feels comfortable when worn by everyone. It also has a see-through facial mask, G-string thongs, a set of bras with tassels, and an overskirt beautifully revealing the ladies’ hips.

Mandy Mystery Lingerie Lace Body Suit with Open Crotch

The lingerie comes with great mystery and awesomeness from the Mandy mystery lingerie. It is made of 90 percent polyamide and 10 percent spandex. Due to the materials used to make the lingerie, it brings a feeling of comfort when worn. You may not need to strip her naked for you to reach her erogenous areas due to the style which is made. This lingerie will make you appreciate your lady’s beauty fully hence giving you great satisfaction.

Sexy Sheer One Size Black Baby Doll with Red Lace Trim and A Matching Panty

Made from 100 percent polyamide, this style slightly clasps over the bust and leaves other aspects of your lady’s body for eyes feasting. Additionally, the lingerie comes as a set with matching panties, in black. Black-colored panties are widely known as being romantic. You will experience great sexiness when your lady wears this type of lingerie.

Kink Nylon Bondage Harness

This lingerie is considered a sex toy garment. Contains straps for easy fastening hence it is easier to wear. It is made from 100 percent nylon hence the dress feels comfortable when worn. It allows free access to the breast region without struggling.

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