A Glance Through the Eyes of a CBD Entrepreneur

A Glance Through the Eyes of a CBD Entrepreneur

Co-Founder and Entrepreneur of CBD LION

I am Katie Lundgren Nauert, Co-Founder of CBD LION. We are a CBD health and wellness company helping people achieve optimal health and feel their best daily. Since inception in 2017, we continue to be a family owned and operated company. Two of our founders have an extensive background in medical and recreational cannabis and saw the need for a new market that would cater to a wider variety of people looking for a healthier alternative to healing. We started CBD LION after seeing what cannabis and hemp healed in our own bodies from a range of aliments like auto-immune diseases, anxiety and stress. We saw first-hand how powerful this plant was and we knew this had to be shared with the world.

New Endeavors Don’t Come Without Their Fair Share of Struggles and Obstacles.

A current challenge the industry is facing is the lack of opportunity for marketing and advertising in which we share our passion and knowledge in educating people about what hemp and cannabis have to offer and how this plant can potentially help heal our bodies. Social media, the news and other media outlets have rarely talked about the proven evidence and science that hemp and cannabis have on helping people heal from a multitude of aliments. The current laws and regulations are prohibiting more education and information from being talked about in the public eye and in the masses. This plant is very healing, and the need to learn more is apparent; however, the education and awareness about the power and healing that can occur with this plant is being shadow banned on multiple platforms and in the news.

That being said, this hasn’t stopped this trendy industry from taking off. It is a new market and with that comes the opportunity to pave a new way of approaching health care and how we heal our bodies. I think there is a very real need for alternative and pharmaceutical medicine to work together. It’s finding the balance and knowing when to use each one that is key to our evolution in healing.

Taking Responsibility

There also comes a lot of responsibility to make sure we set the industry standards for the future generations to come and for better healthcare in general. That is why CBD LION always uses third party lab testing to ensure potency and proper testing is completed before formulating our CBD products and selling to our consumers. In fact, we pride ourselves on being transparent and open with our customers by providing our third-party lab test results on our website.  We know how important it is to know what you are putting in your body and we want people trust the CBD they are receiving from CBD LION. We treat all our customers like family, knowing how important it is to help people seeking relief from pain, anxiety, stress, or other more serious injuries or aliments. Education is key in determining which product is right for you. For instance, someone may have joint or muscle pain which a topical product may be recommended like our 1,000mg Full Spectrum lotion, 1,000mg CBD Isolate lotion or sports tape. Someone looking for a better night’s sleep or to feel more energy may be looking for a CBD tincture or a CBD gummy. Someone looking to relax may be more inclined to try our Delta 8 and Delta 9 Products. There is also the opportunity to help your fur friend with our pet CBD line including tinctures and treats. This all depends on body weight, what your diet is, and what you are seeking to heal within yourself and your pet.

Strike Up a Conversation about all things Hemp and Cannabis

I encourage you to do more research or have an in-depth conversation around hemp and cannabis and what this plant has to offer. We live in a time that has gotten away from our roots with healing and connecting with the planet and Mother Gaia. There is no better time than now to start taking a deeper look at how we can do better for the future generations.  We should be asking, how we can create a better way to access information and have knowledgeable conversations about hemp and cannabis and all plants that have the potential to shift and change people’s lives for the better? I believe this pant has more to offer than to only help heal our bodies. I believe it can heal and change the way we make clothes, buildings, and so much more! There is so much opportunity here. If we can collectively step back, remove the fear, and take a deeper look at problem solving how we view medicine and how people are educated on what is best for their bodies, I believe we will be walking in the right direction. With continued collaboration, teamwork, and drive, solutions will be presented to some of the industries and world’s most challenging questions. A new way of using medicine and using plants will be birthed and ultimately accepted on a mass scale.

Advice for the Up-and-Coming Generation of Creators and Entrepreneurs

Be brave and fearless to invest in your own ideas and your own creations. What you have to offer and create in this world is unique and you never know how many people you will truly help until you try! Don’t wait to start until all the puzzle pieces fit together; start now and you will continue to evolve as you learn and grow along the way! Have the patience in knowing that your path may not be an easy one, but it will be a rewarding one! Continue to strive for the impossible, that’s where miracles happen! 

Katie Lundgren Nauert      

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Graphic Design & Marketing


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