A Guide to Fist Dildos

A Guide to Fist Dildos

Fisting is a sexual practice that is engaged in by those who have the courage to try something so extreme. Fisting is a process that requires ultimate patience and a high level of trust between participants. The stretching capability is a result of patient practicing by using graduating sizes of dildos up until you can comfortably take in great girth with relative ease.

A Guide to Fist Dildos

When it comes to choosing a fist dildo that will sufficiently meet your needs, you have to keep in mind the following basics;

Material Of Fist Dildos

Fisting is an extreme sport and there has to be ultimate care taken to prevent any form of injury. When it comes to fisting dildos, the commonly used composite materials include PVC and silicone.

These materials are easily molded and have a firm yet flexible feel, making them perfect for providing that firm filling sensation while also leaving room for slight movement. This ensures that no massive injury is experienced in the case of sudden jerky movement.

Silicone is a high quality material and the nonporous surface of the fisting dildo will ensure that cleanup is easy and fast. This also allows for thorough sanitizing of the toy in case of use on multiple partner and/or openings. The toy is great for both anal and vaginal use and it spans so many designs and features that it may be hard to choose a specific toy.

PVC based fisting dildos are great substitute for silicone based toys if you are looking for something functional and  a bit easy on the pockets. However, PVC based toys may not be necessarily nonporous, so always ensure that you check for that feature. The porous PVC fisting dildos are challenging to cleanup and sanitize, making their use limited to only one partner and one opening at a time. The porous surface traps fluids within the surface of the material and this means you may end up transferring bacteria from your anal cavity into the vaginal cavity if you use the toy in multiple openings.

A Guide to Fist Dildos

Stretching Capability Of Fist Dildos

Whether it is anal or vaginal fisting, there has to be enough muscle stretching to allow the knuckles of the toy to fit through without causing any damage or pain. Always ensure that you get a toy whose widest circumference matches your stretching capability so that you get to enjoy the toy.

The size of your training dildo is a great place to start as you look for a fisting dildo, as the circumference is easier to measure. There are various sized fisting dildos and it is safer to get graduating sizes to ensure that you track your progress with relative ease and that you have a choice when you want to take your game a notch lower.

Lubrication Of Fist Dildos

Fisting is difficult on its own, calling for employment of a lubricant designed to provide the perfect surface for a slick and smooth entry and subsequent strokes. Not all lubricants are created the same, and anal fisting is particularly of the greatest interest when it comes to choosing a lubricant.

Vaginal stretching is a bit easier and fisting is usually done with lubricant that is compatible with the toy while also having no negative effects on the sensitive vaginal cavity. Anal fisting however requires a lubricant that is created specifically for that use. Anal fisting lubricants are many and all you have to do is choose one that is compatible with your toy and body safe.

Fist Dildo Design

There are basically two dildo designs, a clenched fist and a dildo in the shape of the duck mouth. The clenched fist dildo is a bit complicated and should be reserved for those who can achieve the maximum stretch within a shorter period of time.

If you are starting out and testing a fisting toy, the duck mouth shaped dildo makes for a great training tool as the insertion is a bit more streamlined and you get to use the graduating sizes to get your expansion to increase as time goes by.

The more experienced fisting enthusiasts may have graduated through all the mild fisting toys and are looking for something a bit more challenging. The clenched fist dildo is the perfect accessory for those looking for some extreme stretching and fisting action.

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