A Guide To USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrators

A Guide To USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are small yet very powerful toys that are guaranteed to give you explosive mind blowing orgasms. Due to their size, the bullet vibrators are great for use by beginners and veterans alike. USB rechargeable bullet vibrators are perfect travel companions as you get to charge it using your personal computer or even laptop. Unlike vibrators charged using mains power, your toy can still be charged even when there’s no power for as long as your laptop battery has power. Before indulging in a toy, you have to first choose the one that will be perfect.

A Guide To USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrators

Usb Rechargeable Bullet Vibrators Material

Bullet vibrators come in various materials, the most common being metal and silicone. The material of the outer casing determines the lubricant to be used, ensuring that you get the compatible lubricant that will not degrade the material. Silicone bullet vibes have a soft velvety feel and warm up to match the body temperature with relative ease. Metal bullet vibrators are sleek and shiny, but the vibe takes a while to reach body temp. This may be disconcerting to some users while it may not be a big deal to others.

Usb Rechargeable Bullet Vibrators Controller and Functions

Different bullet vibrators feature very different types of controllers. From wired to in-built to remote controllers, the choice is inherently up to you. The controllers have different speeds and functions, making vibrational patterns and/or pulses and waves unique to each vibe. Choosing a bullet vibrator requires that you check the functionalities of the controller to determine if it is the one for you.

Waterproof Usb Rechargeable Bullet Vibrators

There are bullet vibrators that are waterproof while others are not. Some people assume they are all the same but this is a gross misconception. If you plan on having some water laden solo or couples’ play, ensure that you check if the vibe if completely waterproof, partially waterproof or if it should be kept away from any water source.

Using the Bullet Vibrator

The bullet vibrator is as versatile as they come. Created for intense solo play or even couple’s play, the toy ensures that you get your orgasms in frequent succession and by the boatload. There is no wrong way of using the bullet vibe. Mainly used for clitoral stimulation, the vibe targets its vibrations to the super sensitive area and ensures that the multitude of nerve endings are sufficiently stimulated to get your body experiencing the intense mind blowing sensations.

To enhance the sensations even more, apply a little lube to the targeted area. This intensifies the sensations and may have your orgasms coming a little faster than anticipated. Female orgasm boosters are also a great way to ensure that the solo session will be infinitely way more intense. From orgasm balms, gels and lubes, the tingling sensation combined with the powerful vibrations will be sure to have your toes curled in orgasmic bliss.

The use of the bullet vibrator is not limited to the clitoral region. The bullet vibrator can be trailed across every part of the body, sufficiently activating the nerve ending to excite every part of the body during foreplay. This makes the bullet vibe a great toy in the discovery of erogenous zones that are not particularly obvious.

For those who like a bit of anal play, the bullet vibe can be used as a complementary toy to make the session even more intensely satisfying. Some butt plugs have holes that can fit a bullet vibe easily. This allows you to turn a very simple butt plug into a vibrating masterpiece that will be sure to hit the right spots over and over again until the final powerful orgasmic end.

Some people focus solely on using the tip of the bullet vibrator forgetting that the horizontal positioning guarantees a larger area of exciting vibrations that make the play session even more fun. Taking the time to experiment with the bullet vibrator ensures that you get to figure out which vibration pattern or pulse gets you off easily and which part of the body gets you purring louder. Whether it is for solo play, couple’s play or a combination of both, the bullet vibrator makes for a great addition to bedroom play for all those involved.

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