A permanent natural solution to hair anti-ageing (grey hair) Michelle Lauren Hair Innovation

A permanent natural solution to hair anti-ageing (grey hair)

 Michelle Lauren Hair Innovation

Hair Envy- Reverse Grey Hair Naturally.

What it does: A permanent natural solution to hair anti-ageing (grey hair)

How does it work?  Put simply it works by reactivating the hair pigment from within. 

The problem: Hair Ageing – Loss of pigment, condition and vitality. (Grey Hair)

When hair follicles are not getting enough nutrients and minerals (or are

Influenced by other factors, they stop producing melanin. The pigment responsible for hair colour as a result the hair turns progressively grey.

woman is checking white hair while looking at the mirror

Hair Ageing Process

Why is my hair turning grey?

Hair pigmentation is lost, as we grow older; eventually, our hair loses all


 How do we define the problem of hair ageing? What does it mean for us day to day?

 Grey hair is coarser, stiffer and harder to manage. Grey hair demands increased photo protection and are less likely to hold artificial colour due to structural changes in the hair fibre. The hair ageing process is identified with the appearance of grey (mixed natural with some pigment) and if there is no intervention –most people will see this turn to white within (10 years) this demonstrates total loss of pigment in the hair section/strand. This gives us a limited window of opportunity to disrupt the hair aging.

Why our product could change how we address hair aging forever.

Hair Envy ™ stops this process, restoring lost pigmentation. 

Hair Envy ™ stimulates the hair cells, which produce colour (melanocytes). 

What are the results? 

Hair Envy ™also contains essential nutrients, which support your hair such as

copper and bio-available precursors responsible for hair colouring. Active ingredients are also shown to reduce hair loss and improves hair strength.

*Clinical trials showed ‘significant hair pigmentation within just 60 days of continued use’.  

Hair Envy ™ is produced in the UK at facilities operating to GMP standards. 

Founders/Owners’ story and what motivated them to start the business.

About Us – Michelle Lauren Hair Innovation

Hair Innovation is a UK based company that offers innovative and advanced hair and beauty products suitable for both men and women.

About the Michelle Lauren

Founded and established by Michelle Lauren, this is her second venture when it comes to business entities. Her first brand called the Essex Girl Beauty was established in 2013 as a small side hustle to make some extra money during her day job.

Beginning humbling, she started selling fake eyelashes online. The brand has now become an international company selling worldwide.

Her journey of success could not have been possible without the support and assistance from UKEF, United Kingdom Export Finance. Helping her inexpanding her business to international markets, UKEF provided her the much needed contacts for credit for exporting to other countries. 

The success ideology behind her brand is offerings the customers premium quality products at competitive prices and at the right time.

With background expertise in sales and marketing and professional experience of working in her sister’s hair and beauty training school, Michelle has proven to be a successful business entrepreneur.

She understands the market and keeps abreast with the latest trends in the industry. Selecting products of everyday use and need, she believes in quick adaptation to the changing consumer demands and requirements.

After being nominated as one of the English Women of The Year finalist and Runner Up Beauty Entrepreneur Of The Year by Creative Oceanic, she has now decided to expand her business operations and start this new venture for hair products called Hair Innovations by Michelle Lauren.

Game Changer 2021The company is the first to launch a unique product in the UK market. It is a water-soluble bioactive keratin peptide that helps in the restoration of the natural colour of the hair.Calling it a game changer of 2021, Michelle believes that this unique product will change the way we address hair anti-ageing forever. This advanced formula that can reverse grey hair naturally by accelerating the restoration of the natural hair pigments.

Story Behind Hair Envy Specialising in bringing the latest hair and beauty products to the market before any other competitor, Michelle has launched her latest product for natural hair colour restoration.As she reached her late 30s she started noticing grey hairs emerging in between her beautiful coloured locks. It was this realisation that acted as a driving force to find a solution for restoring the natural pigment of the hair. Using her expertise and knowledge in the field of beauty and hair products she has worked hard with her partners to create a Hair Innovation that helps restore the natural colour of the hair without any damage or harsh chemicals.

Our ProductIt is a unique and advanced formula that will save you from the fatigue of using temporary hair sprays or tints to hide those unwanted grey hair. Through its eco-friendly ingredients, this water-soluble bioactive keratin peptide is effective in gradually restoring the natural colour of the hair and restores the hairs health and vitality. It does not contain any harmful or harsh chemicals that can adversely affect your hair texture. Promising high-quality manufactory standards and clinically tested results, the products are a cost effective way to manage anti-ageing hair in 2021 and easily available worldwide.

The challenge the business/market is facing  

The current challenges in the market can be identified as a period of change that will shake up the systems we have used for decades – the rapid decline in old empires we are seeing them fall down at unprecedented rates – Examples of this can be seen in the following events in the Hair and Beauty retail sector; Revlon the global giant with (90 years) of trading history files for bankruptcy – Superdrug profits plummeted by 80% in 2020 – despite being allowed to stay open.) Boots is unable to attract any buyers at its (7 Billion) price tag. A large proportion of the retail sector has been held up on weak foundations for far too long, as the cracks can no longer be maintained without a complete restructure and change of strategy it’s predictable that they will fall–This will appear as a negative as you will see the media talk about the losses and in a way it may frighten those thinking of starting a new venture, but it was the weak foundations underpinning the business coupled with the tight profit margins that does not allow for any change in direction  when you consider the overheads. The rise in discount beauty stores also contributed, but when you think of Savers being part of the Superdrug network how did they not see this coming? Massive changes in the disruption network will again upset the status quo – who is really analysing the changes in supply chains and the consequences? 

The challenge for Hair Envy will be a different set of challenges – as the business model has been built to work in any conditions – this new structure and deep understanding of changing customer demands equates to a very agile business – The challenge will be to help consumers understand the hair aging process and what they can do within a limited window to off-set the damage. We are talking about a change of habit from covering grey hair with dyes and sprays to taking a hair supplement that reactivates the hair pigment from within.  

The opportunities the business/market is facing. 

When considering the current challenges in the market – It is my view that there will be a large window of opportunity as the old structures fail – its cleared the way for all the new and up-and-coming brands. These brands will be built within the new systems meaning they are more agile and their vision will incorporate the latest ideas and consumer demands. There has been very little innovation in hair and beauty in the last few decades.  This leaves a massive gap in the market for new and upcoming brands to exploit. When you consider that 7 leaders own 182 Beauty companies – you can see your only real challenge is the 7 leaders. Do the 182 brands have the long-term vision to still be relevant in 2022 and beyond? 

Advice to other businesses:  

We are heading towards our next tech revolution with the implementation of blockchain, defi, and NFTs- find out how these new solutions/automatic processes could impact your industry. It may be a new buzzword popping up on social media without any real substance attached but, considering the biggest tech giants have already got three years’ worth of work on this should show you they are already ahead of everyone else – allowing them to ride the wave as they will be implementing new technology before everyone else. Start learning to prepare and adapt your business model.  

The market is flooded with brands all copying each other- this is a bad move as it shows a sign of weakness – this tells me that they are struggling and do not have a solid strategy to build from. The market becomes flooded with the same products/gimmicks and then no one really wins the next step after this will be prices go to 50% off and long-term confidence is lost in the devalued product.  You need to have your own identity and vision for your brand.  

Never allow your brand to jump on political ideology – it’s like a car crash waiting to happen. Politicians are ‘actors’ and are trying to influence people, if you allow your brand to follow their agenda you are showing your competition that it’s not your core values and principles defining and shaping the business. Stay authentic and strong in your beliefs and convictions.  

Focus on solving a problem that no one else has noticed – work on solid USP’s this will help you attract investors. If it’s not on anyone’s radar by the time you have taken off and flooded the market with your product, by the time the competition catche- you will be on to the next product – making you the leader, not the follower.  

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