A Photographer Discovers Biohacking

How a Life of Luxury turned into a Biohacking Journey: A Celebrity Portrait Photographer discovers the Fountain of Youth

David Christopher Lee is an author, award-winning writer, and photographer who has traveled the world documenting the most luxurious places. He has worked with the best of the best including Richard Branson, Lady Gaga, and Demi Moore with works published in Vogue, In Style, The New York Times, and more. 

He has spent 1 to 4 months at a time in 40 countries and counting, experiencing the creme de la creme of the world which also led him into an unhealthy lifestyle. Over the years, he put on some pounds as he attended lavish galas, Michelin Star dinners, and a few too many premium alcohol tastings. When the pandemic hit, he moved back home to his parent’s house in Huntington Beach and embarked on a biohacking journey to optimize his physical and mental health for himself and his parents. 

“When I got home, I would get into arguments with my parents over their choices in food. They refused to eat any of my healthy nutritious food unless it tasted great. Eventually, I convinced them to change their diets and I put them on special meal plans. I put them on a swim program and my dad lost 20 pounds and I rehabilitated my mom’s arm. None of us are getting any younger and I want to make sure that we all enjoy our life to our fullest. Now, my parents will drink my superfood smoothies that don’t taste that great,” says David.

Using his influence on Instagram David tried over a million dollars worth of equipment and posted about his experiences to his 300,000 followers. He tried red light therapy by Rouge, electronic muscle stimulation, PEMF, quantum biofeedback and so much more. We had a chance to sit down with him to talk about his transformation from his luxury lifestyle to his biohacking journey.

“Over my 20-year career, I had so much FOMO and I couldn’t get enough of the celebrity-filled parties and fancy dinners. My job was socializing with the elite and when you do that, you consume way more than you should. When the pandemic hit, the party stopped and the world stood still. It was an opportunity for me to stop, reflect and look inward into myself and change my lifestyle,” says Lee.

His pre-pandemic life was action-packed with meetings, socializing, and traveling which left very little time for self-reflection and exercise. Our minds and our bodies are constantly being stimulated and need to be detoxed and cleansed, otherwise, non-serving emotions and fat will build up. He attended his friend, The Genesis Doctor, Alain Torres’ Emotional Mastery and mindfulness retreat in Colorado. Through meditation and shamanistic techniques, he taught David how to release toxic emotions that he was holding onto through medicinal cacao ceremonies and meditation. “My mind and body felt clear with a natural high. It was nothing like I had ever experienced,” David explained.

David and Alain took their mental and physical health to the next level and started experimenting with dry fasting (no food or water). They read a book called The Phoenix Protocol by August Dunning, NASA scientist who translated Russian studies into English. He used dry fasting as a means to heal astronauts when they came back to Earth. We have all heard that we would die if the body had no water for 3 days…well, David and Alain completed a 7 day dry fast (no food and water). One day of dry fasting is comparable to 3 days of water fasting. The body goes through a process called autophagy where the body burns senescent cells and fat and uses that as energy. On the 7th day, the body gets a massive stem cell generation which creates the ultimate healing environment for the body. 

“Through dry fasting, the body gives its digestion system a break. 70% of your body’s energy is used for digestion. When it’s given ample time to recover, the energy is pushed throughout the body to heal its trillions of cells,” says Lee. 

Another one of David’s favorite gadgets is the 24K Gold Plated Resonant Wand. The wand projects optimal frequencies to the body so that it functions with high performance. You can play 4D frequencies for any part of your body so that it can heal itself. The frequencies are played through an iPad, through an amplifier, and then through the 24K Gold Plated Resonant Wand. The wand has rubies, sapphires, and precious stones that each have their own metaphysical healing properties.

“My favorite frequency is the magic mushroom frequency. It put’s me in a playful meditative state that has the synapses of my brain connecting. I play the frequency when I’m working, writing and any time I need to concentrate. I can even play it recreationally when I am watching psychedelic videos which really heal my brain,” Lee explains.

Another device that David used was a high-powered PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field treatment) device by Replenishing Technologies. Essentially, your cells end up being exhausted throughout the day and by utilizing high-powered PEMF therapy, you can re-energize your cells. PEMF gives your cells the energy they need to perform, as well as repair themselves.

David and his 64-year-old mother used the device every day for 3 months for recovery. Over 3 months, he shed 30 pounds, increased muscle as well as shed a lot of my fat. He noticed so much more power in his workouts, less soreness, and overall clarity in his brain.

 David’s mom had thyroid cancer in the early 90s and had a series of radiation therapies to treat it. Over the previous ten years, her left arm had perished away, and also the muscle is virtually non-existent. She used the machine to stimulate the nerve in her left arm and develop strength for it to function optimally. 

“The human body has about 37.2 trillion cells each of which does specific tasks and also needs to be repaired regularly. Each cell has an electric field it needs repair. “Tired cells” can ultimately make you a lot more susceptible to injury and health problems so that is why PEMF is so powerful. It calibrates your body to the earth’s frequency so your cells can function properly,” says David.

Using his social media skills, he connected with the leaders of the biohacking movement and connected with Tracy Duhs. It was interesting how the movement was dominated by men and then he came across Tracy, a 40-year-old mother of two who looks like she is 25. He began collaborating with Duhs to inspire women to embark on the biohacking movement and take control over their health. Duhs’ approach to biohacking is much softer and relies more on connecting with nature and hydrating the cells with deuterium-depleted water. The two of them together are an unstoppable team. 

David compiled his newfound knowledge into a site called thebiohack.org. With his 20 year background in journalism, he created a platform to discuss holistic healing therapies and biohacking technologies. The movement is just getting started and he will be working with Clubhouse influencer, Jin Yu aka WOLFxLION to promote this healing approach to the masses. 

“Traditional medicine has taken its course. Through preventative measures and holistic healing technology, you can create the ultimate bio-harmonization within your body. My dream is to show everyone how to age backward. Water tastes better when you are drinking from the fountain of youth,” says Lee.

MS, Durham University

The work of a family doctor includes a wide range of clinical diversity, which requires extensive knowledge and erudition from a specialist. However, I believe that the most important thing for a family doctor is to be human because the cooperation and understanding between the doctor and the patient are crucial in ensuring successful health care. On my days off, I love being in nature. Since childhood, I have been passionate about playing chess and tennis. Whenever I have time off, I enjoy traveling around the world.

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