A Review of the Best Nootropics and Smart Drugs in 2021


With the economic status and life situations getting worse and tougher, people now turn to nootropics to boost attention, focus, memory, and intelligence. Know the best nootropics and smart drugs you can use in 2021.

For a long time, people have used natural and synthetics substances, otherwise known as nootropics, to boost brain functionality and cognitive ability. Nootropics and smart drugs are effective in stepping up the brain conditions to heighten memory, intelligence, focus, attention, and other brain abilities. Dive into this write-up for the updated list of the best nootropics and smart drugs you can use in 2021.

i.      Caffeine

This is available in both natural and synthetic forms. In its natural form, caffeine can be found in tea, coffee, kola nuts, guarana, and cocoa. When making sodas and beverages, companies add caffeine as one of the key ingredients. There are caffeine supplements available over-the-counter, and these are offered from low to high dosages of 40-300mg. When taken in either of the two forms, caffeine reduces fatigue when you feel tired, making you more attentive and keener.

ii.     Creatine

This is the main active ingredient in protein and quite crucial in the body. In most pharmacists and stores, you can find creatine supplements. The first line of action has to do with bodybuilding because of the protein constituent. However, their other use could be nootropic, as they are also good for the brain. When they are taken, creatine supplements strengthen the muscles. Besides, the supplements break down and merge with phosphates to reap energy for the brain. The increased energy for the brain increases its functionality, making you more attentive. The dosage is about 5mg and is more effective for the fatigued and vegans. Currently, there is no research on the effect of consuming a lot of creatine and how safe this would be in the long term.

iii.   Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea plant is an adaptogen. Its supplements effectively reduce stress in anxious and stress-affected people, helping them get used to situations and handle them better. The study investigated the effects of taking small amounts of the supplements for students who had exam-related stress. The results showed that after taking the medication, the students felt better, had elevated moods, and had more focus. More studies are underway to determine the right dosages for administering Rhodiola rosea supplements and the mechanisms through which they exhibit the adaptogenic properties.

iv.   Bacopa Monnieri

Ayurvedic medicine was the first field to appreciate Bacopa monnieri and used this traditional herb to improve brain functionality. In current times, more than any other time, enhanced memory and fast processing of information are critical in handling most tasks, and that’s the capability that Bacopa monnieri gives your brain. Hippocampus is the information-processing part of your brain, and its proper functionality enhances attention. Through compounds called bacosides present in the Bacopa monnieri supplements, the hippocampus is activated.

v.     L-Theanine

Found as supplements and naturally in tea, L-Theanine has a calming effect when taken in the right proportions. Using its anti-oxidative properties, it fights oxidative stress and frees the brain cells. The normal dosage is anything between 50 and 200mg, which boosts creativity and causes calming without initiating drowsiness. Combining L-Theanine with caffeine enhances the performance of L-Theanine, as it is tea. Therefore, most supplements combine the two nootropics to boost overall performance.

vi.   Panax ginseng

This is yet another nootropic whose use dates to many years ago. Its roots are effective in increasing brain functionality and have been used to make Panax ginseng supplements. Such supplements are great at boosting brain function and are often taken by people who engage in mind-boggling activities like Maths. Recent studies suggest that as a person uses Panax ginseng supplements, the body gets accustomed to them, and they may cease being effective over time. Thus, research is underway to determine whether using the substance for nootropic purposes is viable.

vii.  Nicotine

This occurs naturally in many plants. It’s found in tobacco, and it’s what makes tobacco potent and addictive. Individuals with alertness and concentration problems take it in the gummy form or through a skin patch, and the substance renders nootropic effects on them. It has also been used to boost handwriting and fluidity. The only challenge with nicotine supplements is addiction, and so the substance is not recommended unless a person is trying to quit smoking.

viii. Ginkgo biloba

People take Ginkgo biloba leaf supplements to boost their memories and increase the brain’s ability to process information. Older adults have taken the supplements to improve their rates of processing information, and some people take them before handling a stressful task with the result of reduced stress and cortisol, a stress-causing hormone.

ix.   Noopept

This is a manufactured smart drug (not natural), which is also available in supplements form. The good thing about noopept is that a person feels the effect of this smart drug just a few minutes after taking it. For it, there is no need for taking hours or weeks before the effects can surface. It works by boosting the hormone that promotes the formation of new brain cells. This way, noopept supplements are effective in boosting brain function.

x.     Phenotropil

This smart drug bears a structure like that of noopept or piracetam. It has nootropic functionality, boosting the brain’s potential for fastening recovery after shock, stroke, or injury. Phenotropil can easily be found OTC.

xi.   Piracetam

Yet another smart drug whose functionality and structure bear the same characteristics as those of noopept. A study showed that piracetam supplements, when taken by aging fellows, boost their memory. However, for healthy adults, piracetam does not exhibit similar effects.

xii.  Modafinil

This is a nootropic available in the market under the sales name Provigil. It is good for treating the never-ending drowsiness. The good thing about modafinil is that chances of dependence on it are minimal, and so a person can never be addicted to it.


People use nootropics and smart drugs today more than ever. With the tough economic times and complex tasks, there is a dire need for boosted memory, enhanced focus, and heightened intelligence. Various nootropics, both in natural and synthetic forms, can help in this regard. This article has listed some of the best nootropics and smart drugs to turn to in 2021.

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