A88 CBD is an online store and producer of a wide range of CBD products. Its passion is all about making and marketing exceptional, premium, and functional CBD products. Leading your life with A88CBD products, we assure you of an exceptionally different CBD experience made with plant-based ingredients. As a matter of fact, these products are made to easily fit into your daily routine.

Once you are on their website, you will definitely see that they are passionate about giving you an exceptional CBD experience. How do they manage to do all these amidst firing competition from potential CBD companies? Well, their CBD commodities, which we think are industry-leading are sourced, produced, and refined before being launched in the market. They keep your preference and taste in mind when hemp-deriving and lab-testing their products, developing them with innovation and inspired by wellness.

About The Company

Alkaline88 or A88CBD has not lasted that long in the market. Neither is it a new kid on the block. We are not interested in the time it has lasted in the block, but how steady its products are sweeping the CBD market. You have all the reasons to choose A88CBD products. Yes, at least six reasons. Based in the USA, all products of A88CBD are loaded with high-quality and lab-tested hemp extracts which are grown and sourced in the United States. On the “About Us” section on their website, you can find more about A88CBD. But we were thrilled to learn they have a great connection with Alkaline88, which is a fast-growing water brand. Needless to say, the company has a committed and dedicated team, with a specialty in making fast-acting CBD products. All A88CBD products are made with a C10 formula, which makes them infuse into your bloodstream much faster. You will experience the effects within 10 minutes after using the product.

Line Of Products

We were ecstatic over the impressive goodies A88CBD just brought into the market. They have a wide variety of products and we anticipate seeing more being launched in the near future. Their products are cruelty-free, purely vegan, fragrance-free, natural, and tested in the lab. Their line of products include:

CBD oil tinctures- which are high-quality and lab-tested hemp extracts coming in the strength of 300 mg. They are of two flavors -orange and cinnamon cream. We examined their oil tinctures and we were thrilled to find an array of ingredients. These include water-soluble lab-tested hemp extract, natural plant phytochemicals, flavors, potassium sorbate, monk fruit, potassium benzoate, stevia leaf extract, and quallaja saponin.

CBD Capsules– we took a closer look at the contents of A88CBD capsules and found that they are made with safe ingredients. Some of these ingredients include potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate, rice fiber, monk fruit extract, medium chain triglycerides, tapioca maltodextrin, among others.

CBD Gummies– A88CBD makes delicious and vegan CBD gummies. You can freely choose from two options – a package of 50 mg per pouch or 250 mg in a single jar. We are pleased that they consider taste and preference and their gummies come in four flavors. This includes key lime, cherry, lemon, and tangerine. There is also natural flavoring added for taste and lab-tested hemp extract loaded with all cannabinoids except THC.

CBD Bath Salts- are another line of products that A88CBD produces. We realized that each 600 g container has 150 mg of CBD. Using their bath salts will leave you naturally healed and they have an aromatic element. Active ingredients in A88CBD bath salts include Epsom salt, eucalyptus globus leaf oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil, pink Himalayan salt, CDB oil, and menthol.

CBD Topicals– there are five main products in this line such as hydrating CBD body lotion, hydrating CBD hand and foot cream, CBD muscle salve, CBD-infused essential oil, and CBD lip balm. We must admit that their combined foundation of shea butter and aloe vera treat and heal your body leaving you with a calm sensation upon application. These lotions are made with different ingredients, including kernel oil, copaiba oil, lavender oil, aloe vera leaf juice, among others.

CBD Bath Bomb- each CBD bath bomb contain 150 mg of CBD. Our closer examination revealed the following ingredients corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, CBD oil, citric acid, fragrance, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, and natural pigment.

Process of Manufacturing

A88CBD takes pride in producing CBD products that will give you an exceptional CBD experience. Despite the intense and careful production process, most of their products are sold at an affordable price. The process of manufacturing starts by partnering with Alkaline88, that gives them spectacular and steady growth. All their products are put through a rigorous testing which involves three-stage and third-party testing. They are then put on a final vetting process. Their hemp products are produced by Centuria Foods and contains C10 formula. The alleged naming is due to their short action of about 10 minutes from ingestion. Apart from delivering fast results, the C10 formula is meant to increase the rate of absorption by up to 10 times. This means that you will experience more benefits of CBD. On top of this incredible technology, all A88CBD products are excitingly good. Every single item is given the attention and time it deserves for development and testing. Before they reach us, these products have carefully been tested making them the best. We are also thrilled with their selective approach taken to apply different types of CBD in various products. Their approach was thoughtful and only meant to produce best variety of CBD products for your consumption and general well-being.

Range of Products

A88CBD, a family of Alkaline88 produces numerous and only the best products. Examining all of them in this short time frame will be meaningless. We suggest that you visit their website and see all of their products at your comfort. But to help settle for the best, we ordered and tried some of their products. Their shipping and delivery period is very fast that the products can be at your door within 72 hours of ordering. Precisely for this review, we tried:

A88CBD Full Spectrum Vegan Gummies 5mg

A888CBD Full Spectrum Muscle Salve 500 mg

A88CBD Full Spectrum Lip Balm Peppermint 25 mg

A88CBD Full Spectrum Essential Oil Roll-On 100 mg

A88CBD Full Spectrum Vegan Gummies

This is the first product that we chose to try for you. The gummies are produced in four flavors. For us, lemon flavored gummies were the best. We must admit that they are simple and sweet, and not for a single time will you ever go wrong settling for the A88CBD vegan gimmies. Made with a full spectrum hemp technology, the gummies are lab tested. A rough day can be made clear by chewing these CBD edibles. They are also designed to bring you to your very best feelings. Do you know the best time to reach for them? That moment when you feel low and your body needs rest. A88CBD Full Spectrum Vegan Gummies comes in the strength of 5 mg and one jar of 250 mg contains 50 gummies. Ingredients used include corn syrup, modified food starch, fumaric acid, citric acid, natural and artificial coloring and flavoring. The prices start form $34.99. If your order exceeds $50, delivery and shipping will bE free of charge.

Benefits of A88CBD Full Spectrum Vegan Gummies

  • They are naturally flavored.
  • They are suitable for vegans.
  • They are cruelty-free.

A888CBD Full Spectrum Muscle Salve 500 mg

A888CBD Full Spectrum Muscle Salve 500 mg

We love sport. Yes, to be fit and healthy. However, something can go wrong and our muscles and joints can become sore. Fortunately, A88CBD got our back. When we tried their muscle salve, we felt a remarkable improvement in our joints. If you are struggling with pain like many people out there, just know that A88CBD got your problem in mind and created this salve for you. It is made with shea butter and the C10 formula, which allows the CBD to infuse very fast into your muscle leaving you relieved and moistened. A soothing aroma of lavender oil and relaxation of copaiba oil brings a luxurious feeling when applying this salve. Each stick contains 500 mg of CBD and each container is sold at $26.99 with free shipping for orders above $50. Active ingredients in this product include shea butter, CBD oil, lavender oil, copaiba oil, and menthol.

Benefits of A888CBD Full Spectrum Muscle Salve

  • It is made with 100 percent natural vegan ingredients.
  • Contains high-quality and lab-tested hemp grown in USA.
  • It offers an ultra-comforting experience.

A88CBD Full Spectrum Lip Balm Peppermint

A88CBD Full Spectrum Lip Balm Peppermint

This is the third product that we tried. Who would like to have dry lips after all? Its like when A88CBD was crafting this lip balm, it had you in mind. Made with coconut butter and coconut oil, A88CBD Full Spectrum Lip Balm is designed to repair your lips restoring their softness and leaving them rejuvenated. These ultra-hydrating oils work synergistically to smoothen and fortify your lips. To make the balm have a natural fragrance, peppermint oil is added. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD reduces inflammation while trapping in moisture. With A88CBD Full Spectrum Lip Balm, you will definitely say goodbye to dry lips. Each 15 ml stick comes in the strength of 25 mg of CBD.


  • It is free of artificial fragrance or sulfates.
  • It contains 100 percent natural ingredients.
  • It contains hemp grown in USA which is of high quality and tested in the lab.

A88CBD Full Spectrum Essential Oil Roll-On

A88CBD Full Spectrum Essential Oil Roll-On

Trying this product made us understand why A88CBD think of themselves as being the best. This product is a powerful combination of natural, pure essential oil which have been diluted with other powerful oils. The woodsy fragrance emitted with this roll-on, is due to the addition of copaiba oil, which is best for fatigued areas. You will feel more relaxed, calmed, soothed, and relieved of stress – all thanks to combination of CBD oil and lavender oil. They are packed in small portable and convenient tubes that you can easily fit into your lifestyle routine. Each bottle contains 100 mg of CBD and are sold starting from $10.79.

Benefits of A88CBD Full Spectrum Essential Oil Roll-On

  • It is made with plant-based ingredients.
  • It is cruelty and vegan-free.
  • It contains high-quality broad-spectrum hemp.

What We Like About A88CBD

We are happy to let you know that the company produces best CBD products which are vegan and cruelty-free. We noticed that they have a reward and referral program for those who have accounts. Simply register and enjoy the bonus points.


The company has a small range of flavor for some of their products.

Our Overall Verdict

A88CBD is a competitive CBD company and online store taking passion in producing and selling best hemp products. We are thrilled by selective approach used to apply various CBD to different products. We really loved the few products that we tried. We are sure that you will as well.

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