Abrosexual wallpaper


If a person identifies as Abrosexual they are someone who moves between different sexual orientations. They may identify as asexual for a while and then move to heterosexual or polysexual. Abrosexual is a fluid sexual orientation.

What sets an abrosexual person apart from the other sexual identities is the movement between the different sexualities. For example, a person that identifies as homosexual is only attracted to people of the same gender whereas an abrosexual person could be homosexual for a time but then move to being polysexual, meaning they are attracted to a person regardless of their sex, gender or sexuality.

A person that identifies as abrosexual can change their sexual preferences every day, week, month or year. There is no set time frame.

The best way to support a friend or family member that identifies as abrosexual is to take an interest in them and their choices in life. If they’re happy to discuss their sexuality then ask them questions so you can better understand them and their needs.

Due to the fluid nature of abrosexual orientation your loved one may be in relationships with lots of different people of different genders and sexual orientations. Show your support by accepting your loved ones’ new partners into your home and life.

The abrosexual flag consists of 5 horizontal strips, all of which are a different color. The flag starts with a darker green strip at the top, flowing into a faded grip strip below that. The middle strip is white. After the white it goes into a faded red strip. The last strip is a darker red color. 

Anastasia Filipenko

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