About the Company

Absolute Nature was established to offer safe, organic, high-quality, and natural CBD product to families, friends, and consumers. They are dedicated to openness and offer accessibility to every third-party laboratory report on the website, which stands for the potency and purity of their commodities. Additionally, they conform with economically friendly activities in their business, packaging, and manufacturing practices.

The company’s website is presented by an EPA Green power partner and an environmentally safe website hosting service. It is independently owned by an individual and involves a group with more than twenty years of background experience in natural fitness, health, natural supplements, and individual encounter with CBD. However, they don’t offer personal profiles of company owners. The excellence of Absolute Nature’s CBD products and their exceptional standards were acknowledged in the December 2019 Worldwide Pharma &health medical marijuana awarding, indicative of their quality.

Further, they are listed among the highest-ranked 5 CBD oil 2020 by CBD providers. The website incorporates an educational page with many answers and questions concerning CBD, its use, a CBD dosage determinant, and details about its shipping and returns policies. They offer ample details for individuals new to purchasing from CBD companies. Other key details about their manufacturing processes are also available on the product page. We also found the third-party laboratory descriptions for their 1000 milligrams CBD tincture on their page, and the report matched their label claims.

The outcomes showed 981.40 milligrams of CBD in every bottle, 18.6 milligrams lower than on the label, indicating a CBD variance of 2%. This variance is in the range of legal 10%. There is 0.04% THC content in every bottle, which is less than the acceptable 0.3%. This sample was also tested for and passed the test for contaminants, including pesticides, heavy metals, foreign matter, mycotoxins, microbial, and residual solvents.

Manufacturing Process

Absolute Nature’s hemp is grown without chemicals on Colorado farmlands, using organic and non-GMO farming practices. They don’t utilize any chemicals, pesticides, or various synthetic ingredients during cultivation. Additionally, they uphold economically safe cultivation, which depicts their awareness of the effects on the environment and steers clear of any cultivation practices that will destroy the ecosystem. Also, they aim at economically safe packaging and recyclable options. Their commodities are produced in a Good manufacturing practice (GMP) verified facility and third-party examined for potency and purity.

This verification guarantees that their facility abides by certain standards to promise consistent and safe products. They also have a USDA organic certification, which sets commodities apart from other top brands. Not every product of this company meets the standards for a USDA organic confirmation. To manufacture CBD, they utilize the industry-standard supercritical CO2 extraction method, which is the gold level of manufacturing strategies in the CBD domain. It establishes a complete range of CBD extract, which involves a synergistic combination of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and various plant constituents.

Product Range

CBD Relief Balm

CBD Relief Balm

The CBD Balm mixes 500 mg of CBD with arnica, organic oils, and camphor for a soothing formula that delivers localized relief where you need it most. Reviews are generally essential, but some clients note it does not offer lasting relief and the formula itself is rather oily. If you are a stranger to CBD, product browsing can appear a bit overwhelming. The most excellent way to aim at the right product for your needs is to think about the result you desire. For full-body relief, a capsule, a CBD oil, or gum to take orally are all options.

A topical CBD is better for tenderness or pain in specific areas, such as knees, elbows, neck, lower back, or shoulders. Before applying it widely, it is important to do a small patch test to avoid skin reactions. It provides products with CBG in addition to CBD. Although these products are laboratory tested and verified, know that research on this cannabinoid is still limited. However, research suggests that CBG may help manage some serious body conditions.

CBD Fruit Slices

CBD Fruit Slices

The CBD Fruit slices are loaded in a glass bottle that comes with a screw-top lid. The label names the quantity of CBD per gummy (30 mg), number of gummies, variety of CBD (CO2 extracted, full-spectrum CBD) ingredients, and usage instructions. The gummies are non-GMO and vegan. However, there exists no USDA organic verification on this product. They are generally fruit-flavored and can be accomplished by using natural fruit juices for color and flavor. The prescriptions are to consume one gummy 1 to 3 times per day or as required.

Note that these claims are not verified yet. We got the third-party laboratory statements on the provided product page. Our product did not contain a group number. Only one lab report was posted. We evaluated the report, which indicated 55.28mg of CBD per gummy, 25.28mg more than listed, resulting in a CBD variance of 84%. It is appreciably above the 10% allowed CBD variance. There was 0.01% THC, which lies within the legal 0.3% variance. This sample was tested for, passed for metals, pesticides, solvents, and microbial.

The gummies are made to appear like citrus fruit in various colors: purple, orange, pink, and yellow. They have a sugar coating. Besides this, they smell, taste sweet and fruity with no strong hemp flavor, and are overall chewy and delicious.

CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

We got the 1000mg CBD tinctures. It is loaded into a translucent glass bottle that comes with a dropper lid. The label highlights the amount of CBD contained in a bottle (1000;33mg/ml), size (30ml), variety of CBD (full range, CO2 extracted), ingredients, and how to utilize the commodity. The tincture is manufactured with organic MCT oil for maximum bioavailability. The company recommends consuming 1 ml orally or sublingually under the tongue. However, these claims are not yet confirmed.

We got the third-party laboratory report on the website (product page), which matched our products’ group number. The outcomes demonstrated 891.40mg of CBD in one bottle, 18.6mg below the label, representing a CBD variance of 2%. This variance is within the legal 10%. There is a 0.04% THC composition per bottle, which is less than the acceptable 0.3%.

This sample was passed through third-party testing to eliminate contaminants like pesticides, microbial, heavy metals, solvents, mycotoxins, and foreign matter. The oil is a light amber color, shows a medium consistency, and flows faster from the dropper. Moreover, its smell and taste are herbal and fragrant with lavender and pine terpene undertones.

CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels

The CBD softgels we accepted were available in a plastic bottle with a lid that prevents the reach of children. The label highlights the quantity of CBD per softgel (30 mg), the number of softgels (30), ingredients, variety of CBD (Carbon dioxide extracted, full-range CBD), and instructions to use. This product does not have USDA organic confirmation.

The softgels are produced with MCT oil, and vegan cellulose is applied to assist the softgelin maintaining its shape. The prescriptions for use are to consume a single softgel daily. We got the third-party laboratory reports on the website (product page) and were matched with the group number. It revealed 32.79 mg of CBD for a single softgel, which has 2.79 milligrams higher than listed.

This represents a CBD variance of 9%, which is less than the 10% allowable variance. There was 0.21% THC content, which has less than the 0.3% limit. This sample was tested for and passed the test for contaminants such as microbes, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. The softgels are small in size, amber in color, and stable to the touch. It does not have an odor or taste.

Relief and Recovery Roll-On

The relief and recovery roll-on is available in a plastic bottle having a large roller to pour the product. The label highlights the quantity of CBD per bottle (500 milligrams), size (89ml), ingredients, type of CBD (Carbon dioxide extracted, full-range CBD), and instructions to use. However, this product has no USDA organic verification. The roll-on is formulated using active ingredients such as glycerin, arnica, menthol, and aloe.

Relief and Recovery Roll-On

The instructions are to use every 3-4 hours and are ideal for post and pre-workout for best results. You should know that these claims are not verified. We got the third-party laboratory reports on the location of the product page on the website and compared them with the batch number. The report illustrated 489.33 milligrams of CBD per bottle, 10.67mg lower than the listed one, resulting in a CBD variance of 2%. This variance is less than the 10% accepted limit. There was 0.2% THC content, which is lower than the acceptable 0.3%. This product did not undergo a test for impurities. The roll-on releases easily from the roller and demonstrates a thin consistency.

What We Like About This Company

  • Third-party testing. The brand does third-party testing and includes contaminant details on its certificates of analysis (COAs) for most products.
  • Generous assistance program. Individuals with disabilities, low income, first respondents, and veterans are eligible for a 60% discount.
  • They provide a wide selection.
  • Money-back guarantee. The brand provides a 30- day return policy, so you can return products that are not favoring you for a full refund.
  • Free shipping. Absolute Nature transports its products for free throughout the United States.
  • The whole-plant formulas produced in a facility certified to abide by current good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
  • They are manufactured in the United States with Colorado-grown hemp.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • They have limited customer feedback. The company is good darn new, so finding reviews from third-party review sites is not easy.
  • Not so natural. Absolute Nature claims to use organic ingredients in its products, but this one may not be verified.
  • It provides no broad-spectrum or isolates products.
  • The website kind of sucks. The absolute site requires a revamp because right now, it is not easy on the eyes.
  • Some COA issues. Some products have older COAs or are deprived of contaminant information, which is a bit of a red flag.

Overall Verdict

Research on CBD’s aids is progressing, but there is nothing wrong with attempting it out. Most available evidence proposes that CBD is safe to utilize and produces minor (and rare) side effects. Always ensure that you confirm with your health provider and search for a legit brand before dropping that cash. If you consider absolute Nature, there will be plenty of CBD varieties to choose from. Remember to double-check that the product you are searching for an up-to-date COA and contaminant results. The company assures clients of their product effectiveness and is focused on making safe and high potency CBD products for everyone.

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