1) Why does kettlebell training make for a great workout?

Kettlebells give a great workout because of the additional movement involved when using them. Swing them develops a fluid movement, making it easier for the body, thus the possibility of doing more. It also activates more muscles and has a better grip than other dumbbells or barbells.

2) What are the benefits of adjustable kettlebells over standard kettlebells?

Adjustable kettle bells are customizable, you can load and off load to reach the desired weight. They are also cheaper and efficient for home gyms compared to standard types.

3) What do you need to know/avoid when buying adjustable kettlebells?

The handle

Buy kettlebells with secure grips. If you have smaller hands, go for ones with 28 mm diameter and 33-35 mm for those with bigger hands for a better grip.

Solid construction

Look for kettlebells with the best locking mechanism to help avoid weights from rocking during your training.

 4) How can you properly clean and maintain adjustable kettlebells?

Use a microfiber cloth by dipping in warm soapy water, then squeeze before wiping.

 5) Are adjustable kettlebells safe?

Definitely, yes. It is because they give a chance for variety and progression. As a result, you can gradually load weight depending on your fitness level to limit injuries.

6) Are there any particular adjustable kettlebell brands you’d recommend? Why?

I highly recommend Kettlebell Kings containing 7 increments of weights, ranging between 10 and 40 lbs. It is a bit costly, but if you want a less expensive one, go to Amazon and get their adjustable kettlebell with similar features as the kings model, serving the same way.

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