Adult Babies and Paraphilic Infantilism

So you like to wear a diaper.

So do lots of people. They’re adult babies and they enjoy the safety and security of erotic paraphilic infantilism. Some of my clients come to me with the need to lose their adult clothes and don a diaper, ready to be nurtured or punished like a two-year old toddler. Personally, I’m not much of a nurturer, but I can crack a whip with the best of them so I’m usually the ‘bad mom in the relationship – that’s what turns them on.

They get into a whole lot of trouble if they don’t behave like a good baby. That means cleaning up, packing away their clothes and toys, and feeding properly. I’ve got to admit, while I’m not into paraphilic infantilism myself, I get a huge erotic thrill from watching a high-powered business executive sucking on a teat to get his nap-time milk. This is the kind of thing a dominatrix dresses up for!

So why are some men (or women) turned on by dressing up like a baby? In a fantastic essay by the mysterious Bob G, anonymous respondents were asked a series of very personal questions about their diaper fetishes. They all revealed the same three things:

Wearing a diaper makes them feel safe, calm and relaxed. They can switch off and let their bodies go, knowing that they can’t make a mess and that they’re ready to be looked after like a toddler.

Having a high-powered, professional career can be demanding and sometimes they want to completely switch off and just be a baby. Wearing diapers lets you make that a reality.

Wearing diapers with a partner lets you enjoy the erotic sensation of being mommied. You completely let go of responsibility and let your mommy or daddy diaper, feed and spank you like a regular toddler.

The most important thing to remember with adult babies is that their fetish has absolutely nothing to do with anyone except themselves. They’re not paedophiles and they’re not interested in children: what they’re interested in is becoming a child themselves. Once they’re in this baby-like state, involving another person in their child-like games becomes erotically arousing and sex acts are always between two consensual adults.

Like all fetishists, each adult baby has their own particular set of likes and dislikes. Some may like wetting the bed, some may like being punished, and some may like sucking on nipples like a baby might. After they’re satisfied, they get out of their diapers and back into their suits to return to then normal 9 – 5 grind shouting orders and signing off documents.

Still sounding too outlandish for you? Think about it differently. Handcuffs and restraints on a submissive are an adult-version of diapers on an adult-baby. It’s all about letting go and letting a dominant partner (or ‘parent) take control and either nurture or punish you. While some people like ball gags and forced submission, others like nappies and feeding bottles.

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