Adult Magazines – No Long Needed?

Its been a long standing part of the adult world for there to be adult magazines, or in some cases dirty adult magazines. However since the invention and mass use of the commercial internet these magazines have dwindled in number, to the point that they are simply dropped to the back of the magazine rack and barely brought. At least that is the nature of the situation in many stores across the United Kingdom. This may or may not be the case where you are, however the fact of the matter is in some ways these magazines are no longer needed. They have become depreciated due to the mass number of adult websites across the internet.

Are they no longer needed? Of course they are needed, you can’t always carry a laptop around just to look at the pictures or dare I say read the articles. Its not always easy to drop one in your suitcase to go on holiday or to hide it under your bed in a parental situation. The fact is you can always find out what you’ve been looking at on the internet if you’ve got a little experience, and you can always get back files which you have deleted if you have the know how. To avoid that dreaded awkward talk a magazine is always going to be easier to hide, unless you’re lucky enough to have your own computer in that kind of family unit.

What else really are the magazines good for? Well a lot of the have moved away from sole nudity, for men theres cars, gadgets and much more in some of the magazines that they have – at least you man would be getting a wide variety of normal manly needs if hes reading one of these magazines. Some of the magazines also have websites which post up the same or varied articles and pictures to work alongside their magazines so you never miss out, but like I said you cant take this with you on a train and hide it within a newspaper.

Newspaper, who needs a magazine for naked ladies when you can just buy a copy of The Sun or similar newspaper which has a Page 3 section to it? That way you don’t need to buy a magazine and a newspaper, the naked women are provided for you in one easy place, and you can take that on a train no problem!

In my mind, magazines should be promoted, they’re as good as the internet and in some ways they are better. The internet is a wonderful thing but good old print has its perks. And hey, on the plus side, a magazine can’t be deleted like a website can. Go on and buy some, and let me know your personal pros and cons on magazines.

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