Here are some practical steps to increase your life expectancy;

Adopt vegan diets and opt for healthy foods only

Unhealthy foods are among the top causes of chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and cancers. Ensure you eat more vegan friendly, which are sourced from plants. These foods are loaded with key micronutrients and antioxidants that boost your immune and speed up the healing of damaged cells or tissues due to aging. Avoid sugary and processed foods or beverages as they cause fat accumulation in the body and blood vessels, heightening your disease risks. Go organic in your food options; broccoli, beets, carrots, nuts, asparagus, and avocados. Cauliflower and fatty fish are ideal additions.

Exercise daily and get outdoors

Engaging in moderate to high-intensity activities daily can boost your life expectancy by 3 years compared to people who don’t engage in exercise all year long. Working out betters your cardiovascular and mental health. Exercises improve muscle strength, cognitive function, lower inflammation, and overall physical health, which is essential for a longer lifespan. 15 to 30 minutes of exposure to the sun daily can increase vitamin D levels, which are associated with a better immune system and sleep.

Quit harmful lifestyle habits

Regular drinking and smoking are the worst lifespans deteriorates. Smoking can cause lung diseases like cancer and other pulmonary diseases shortening your life expectancy. Heavy drinking can result in liver damage and heighten the risk of health conditions such as AD, high blood pressure, stroke, pancreas impairment, cancers, and heart attacks, shortening your longevity over time.

Mental health expert
MS, University of Latvia

I am deeply convinced that each patient needs a unique, individual approach. Therefore, I use different psychotherapy methods in my work. During my studies, I discovered an in-depth interest in people as a whole and the belief in the inseparability of mind and body, and the importance of emotional health in physical health. In my spare time, I enjoy reading (a big fan of thrillers) and going on hikes.

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