AFRICANAFEEL.COM - website platform that offers genuine African- inspired products and services

AFRICANAFEEL.COM – website platform that  offers genuine African-

inspired products and services

Business Name and what it does.

Africa is like music that beats in the wind. Once you’ve been there, you can feel her rhythm in

your blood. It is a continent like no other, with breathtaking nature scenes, haunting sounds,

and dazzling colors. History is truly alive here, and ancient wisdom lives on in artifacts, jewelry,

and stories. Close your eyes, and you can see the proud warriors and hear the women singing

by the river.

AFRICANAFEEL.COM is website platform in which we produce and offer genuine African-

inspired products and services, we are not only an online store with exclusive clothing and

accessories inspired by Africa's indigenous cultures. The important thing for us is to promote

the visibility of the Afro world, weaving networks and facilitating collaboration. We organize

fairs and musical events inspired by Afro culture. We want everyone to enjoy the wonders of

the Afro world and give a positive approach to African culture.

The business began in 2020 and operates from an office in Spain, but produce most of our

products in Ghana and work with other afro communities in Spain, Guinea Equatorial and


We generate work and fair trade, free of child exploitation and respectful of nature. 

The brand serves as a vehicle to communicate Africa to the world. We take pride in our African

identity, portrayed through our unique designs.

Our distinctive designs and African-touch collections highlight the creativity of fashion talents

that abound on the continent.

AFRICANAFEEL.COM brings lasting income to people and communities in Africa in two ways:

We make African creations easier to get. This creates real change with a sustainable income

for of small business people in Africa.

This is what drives our company. Our purchases help to accomplish some tremendous and

lasting good for many people in Africa. It's not just money, we have personal long-term

relationships with many adults who help the children and others.

Founder's/Owner's story and what motivated them to start the business

Victor Araguas is founder and CEO of AFRICANAFEEL.COM. Born in Equatorial Guinea and

raised in Spain, this small businessman wanted to make something different, he not only wants

to make some money, he wanted to make something good for the world, a social

commitment, give visibility to black people and freeing them from race stereotypes.

Victor is passionate about preserving the cultural heritage of Africa. AFRICANAFEEL.COM is a

for-profit social enterprise aiming to bring authentic African designs to the world.

Throughout history the world has been trained to hate and fear black skin of all shades thus

creating shame throughout our black communities for many generations.

Victor is focusing on bringing pride back to the black community. He want to encourage all

people to celebrate our cultural differences while highlighting the beauty of blackness and the

power of melanin.

Victor is black and proud!

The challenges the business/market is facing

We are different because we produce in Africa, most companies produce in Asia.

Produce in Africa, make sure that our people get a good salary, make sure that all our staff

work in safe environments and that their talents are nurtured is not always easy.

The fabric sourcing process is very important too, as we need to make sure they truly fit our

vision of creating unique contemporary clothing that speaks to our customers without

compromising on quality. Each piece is designed and crafted with love and we think it shows in

our products. This is not about fast fashion, it's about making pieces that you can truly


We are still learning about the market for African goods, and connecting with the people in

Africa who make the products. Now we are not only selling to the last customer, most of our

sales came from store owners and other wholesale customers.

We still need to react many African inspired stores in the world to meet customers. We also

want to show products to trade shows. This will help to build a customer base; and a small

community of African product businesses.

African inspired businesses are special, and have a lot of unique challenges and opportunities.

We will soon know some of the best ways to sell African inspired products to the world. People

in Africa are helped the most whenever you or someone else buy more of what we make.

One of our long-term visions is to bring positive change to Africa’s industry.

AFRICANAFEEL.COM is building partnerships with African-owned fabric and garment

manufacturers to develop exclusive prints and clothing. Our goal is to have a real and lasting

influence back home by producing primarily in Africa.


• Customer Centered.

• Commitment to constant growth and development.

• Cultivate a positive mindset.

• Create value within the community.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Nowadays most people want quality and handmade products, they love to buy from

companies that are ethical, free of exploitation and respectful of nature. 

People don't mind paying more money if they see something authentic. Sourcing and

producing in Africa is just authentic and our customers love it.

We create jobs in Africa every day. It's important for us to put money back into the continent

that made us what we are today.

It is was not easy for Afro Spanish to find financing to start a business, anyway businesses

owned by Afro Spanish grow every day and the interest in supporting Black-owned businesses

is growing too. As encouraging as the current wave of support is, it must contend with the

cruel reality that Black-owned businesses in Spain have long lacked access to large amounts of


Consequently, it is difficult for Black businesses to hire employees in important sectors, such as

marketing, consumer relations, and business development, and many owners must use

personal wealth or income to fund their businesses. Although Black businesses have become

increasingly successful, they still confront longstanding financial inequality in Spain.

Advice to others about business

There’s no road map when it comes to entrepreneurship. We didn't have the answers when

they started AFRICANAFEEL.COM. We were forced to figure it out.

My advice to aspiring or starting a busines is to focus on long-term value creation and never

lose sight of the "why." Entrepreneurship can be a long, lonely, and arduous journey, so make

sure what you are working on will stand the test of time. Avoid jumping on trends just because

they are popular and focus on ventures with tangible long-term benefits.

There is no perfect time to start a business. Whether a crisis is caused by tough economic

times or caused by a pandemic (we started in 2020), new needs arise that could be short-term

or enduring. To be more precise, many of the same needs remain, but they need to be met

differently. Ultimately, it depends on the business. The pandemic has had a significant impact

on all aspects of life, but pandemics eventually go away. As long as you are creating products

that address consumers' immediate needs during that time, you can set up a successful


Trust your instincts, you will always have naysayers, but most times, they are your teachers.

When your intention is clear on “why you are doing what you do”, your “how” will manifest.

Ensure you are part of good networks and share your story and ideas all the time. Stay

authentic, and if you can see your vision and you are consistent in action, something has to


Black businessmen have to work twice as hard to succeed. They should expect certain

difficulties to crop up merely due to the fact that they are black. In such situations the best

thing to do is to remain resolute, focused, ethical and preserve your integrity. It is also very

important to network and get to know people – the right people with the potential to help

your business either as customers, suppliers or associates. Keep a sober head and remain


Do something you love, do not do it for money. If you work every day and enjoy it, the money

will come. It is not easy and it may take longer that you think. Just enjoy the journey.

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