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Age spots

Age spots mainly come after extended sun exposure. They happen due to the overproduction of melanin, which counters the harsh sun’s effects. They can appear on the face, back, feet’s top, and arms. Treatment may not be necessary because they are harmless. However, I recommend cryotherapy to remove the spot or chemical peeling to remove dead skin cells. You can prevent the condition by reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours if in the sun, wearing ultraviolet protection clothes, or using gloves when gardening.

Other age-related skin issues include dry skin and itching on the lower arms and legs, and elbows. It may result from kidney disease or diabetes and conditions like stress, sun tanning, and dehydration. Wrinkles happen mainly in old age, where UV light reduces the skin’s elasticity causing sagging and wrinkling. Another issue is bruising, which takes longer to heal. Some illnesses or medications may cause it. Please consult your doctor for treatment advice.

Words of affirmation are words written or spoken to uplift, support, confirm, and insist with a love interest positively. It is among the love languages, implying either giving or taking love in a relationship. It is thought that words matter in love as they tell about your feelings.

Below are a few tricks on how to use these words;

Be empathetic

Words of affirmation help a partner discover that you understand how they feel, low moments. Demonstrate empathy by imagining how it would feel being in their shoe.

Be appreciative

If you feel accomplished by positive comments, chances of doing more will increase when appreciated. It can be how you cook or quick in completing assignments. This means you should always inform them how thankful you are. It would warm their heart, especially when you get specific on what they like.

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