Airsex Competitions Not Your Average Friday Night

Airsex Competitions: Not Your Average Friday Night

Girls: you know when your man enjoys a few drinks with friends on a Friday night and they end up competing for the best air guitar riffs? It doesn’t matter how old they are, how corporate they are, or how mature they are: nothing comes between a man and his air guitar.

Now, imagine it was exactly the same, but instead of simulating the best air guitar rock ‘n roll riffs, they simulated sex. Got it? Good: now you know exactly what the Annual Airsex Competition is like. And it’s not just for men either… women have taken to the stage too with reckless abandon to show the men how it’s really done.

Formed and formalised in Tokyo in 2006, Air Sex was mainlined into a competition drawing in major sponsors and huge prizes for those infatuated with the artistic merit of sex. Contestants are given two minutes each to stage their perfect rendition of sex from meeting their invisible partner to enjoying a taste of foreplay before moving on to sensual intercourse. Props and talking are allowed, but real orgasms are not.

A panel of judges evaluates each act and narrows down the contestants to the top three. The audience then judges and chooses their favourite out with a series of cheers and chanting. This competition is so popular that regional, national and worldwide championships are now held, with the competitions taking place in more than 14 major cities in North America. Today, the Airsex World Championships are sponsored by the leading male masturbator brand Fleshlight and there are plenty of prizes to be won from other sponsors too.

Want to find out more? Follow the latest news and event announcements on the Airsex World Championship website or check out their twitter profile for the latest airsex tweets.

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