Anal Beads: what are they and how do I use them?

Anal Beads: what are they and how do I use them?


The clue is in the name really: they’re a string of beads (or a similar solid design) that get inserted into the anus for sexual pleasure. They might look like something from a futuristic movie or space ship, but anal beads are a great sex toy and will make the ideal addition to your collection.

Your anus is super sensitive and is packed with tingly nerve endings, making insertion and removal of anal beads a really tantalising sex act. Anal beads come in all sizes and shapes, from tiny beads to elliptical strings: some vibrate for added intensity, some are actual beads connected by a string with a loop at the end, some are metal, some are made from skin-safe silicon that is easily sterilised.

Despite their differences, they all work more or less the same: they are designed with a tapered end which is inserted slowly. As you become more comfortable, you can insert more of the beads, or the bead shaft, until you’ve accommodated as many as is your preference. They usually have a handle or string loop at the end which is designed to make removing them easier. Those with a round loop at the end also help to prevent the beads going in any further than they should.

When you’re using anal beads, you shouldn’t skimp on lubrication. It helps them to go in easily, but also helps removal of the beads (without lube, this can be quite uncomfortable!). Rectum tissue is really soft and sensitive, and can easily break or become aggravated if you’re not properly lubricated. This is especially true if you’re trying to ‘train’ your rectum to accommodate larger anal beads or toys.

Anal beads are enjoyed by both men and women, so be sure to sterilise your toys before you think about sharing them. String anal beads can’t be fully disinfected as the string portion is porous, but silicon anal beads are quickly and easily sterilised with boiling water and most other solid anal beads can be cleansed simply with sex toy cleaner.

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