Personal hygiene is really important no matter who you may be having sex with. Anal relaxants and anal easing products enhance your anal sexual experiences as well as offer you a comfortable sensation and feeling for anal sex. Some anal relaxants and anal easing products will numb your skin with a material such as lidocaine or benzocaine. These ingredients very slightly numb your skin allowing you to stretch wider without pain. Being comfortable during anal sex is really important. Your partner is going to need you to be relaxed and soft and ready to accept. The more tense you are and the tighter your body is the tougher it is going to be to enjoy anal sex. And anal sex should be enjoyable for you both. If you are worried that your body maybe too tense to enjoy anal sex, try a fabulous anal relaxant or anal easing product from Peaches and Screams here in our Bedroom Essentials collection. With a relaxed anus, you are going to easily be able to take on your partner and enjoy not only the insertion but also the full penetration your lover wants to offer to you. Some anal relaxants and anal easing products are silicone-based with numbing effects. Some are water-based. Some don’t have any numbing effects at all; they just use natural ingredients to soften your skin and ease penetration with water-based formulas. Some of our anal relaxant and anal easing products here in our Bedroom Essentials Collection at Peaches and Screams focus on supple skin with natural organic products. Peaches and Screams Bedroom Essentials Collection offers anal relaxants that use natural organic products such as cloves and cinnamon to heighten the incredible feeling that you have but also to slightly desensitize your skin allowing your anus to open just enough to allow for full and comfortable penetration. Once your body is relaxed you will allow your lover or your toys to penetrate your skin and thrust deep inside. Anal sex should be pleasurable for you and for your partner. But if you are too tense, try an anal relaxant to ensure pleasure for you as well. Anal pleasure for you both is really important. If you feel as if your body is too tight and your lover can’t penetrate the way that they would like, try an anal easing product here at Peaches and Screams in our Bedroom Essentials Collection to soften your skin ever-so-slightly and possibly desensitize and create a soft supple entry for your lover. Peaches and Screams has an extensive line of anal relaxants and lubricants and anal easing products. We partner with top-quality Brands who use top-notch ingredients. Be sure to check out the entire line so you have exactly what you and your partner need to enjoy anal sex together. Make sure you understand and are checking out all of the various lubricants and relaxants so you understand whether or not you can use them with latex condoms, latex gloves, or even toys.

Personal Hygiene Anal Relaxants and Anal Easing is a highly erotic category of products that make anal sex most attractive. Many players are put off anal sex because of faecal fear. Peaches and Screams have products under this category that will help you clean your rectum and prepare you for clean and intensely erotic anal sex. Go online and browse through the Personal Hygiene Anal Relaxants and Anal Easing range of products for amazing feminine washes, anal and vaginal douches, sensational shaving creams and the most intuitive and thoughtful desensitising anal sprays and anal lubes. Unlike the vagina the anus is not self-lubricating so it requires a lot of help from gels, oils and liquid lubricants. You can clean out your rectum by having an enema or an anal douche. Buy and use enema nozzles or douche bulbs from Peaches and Screams. You might want to have a bowel movement before you start. As cold water might shock you and hot water injure you, you must use lukewarm water for douching because it is gently comforting. Test the temperature of the douche water on the inside of your wrist until you get it right. Lubricate your anus and the insertion narrow opening of the douche bulb and then slowly insert it into your anus and gently release the water into your rectum. Hold the water in for a few minutes then let it out into the toilet bowl. This might induce a need for a bowel movement and if so you must empty your bowel wash your bottom with water and soap and then continue until the douche water comes out clean. Wash your douche bulb and bottom with soap and water. Sanitise the douche bulb or enema nozzle with anti-bacterial solution. For health and hygienic reasons you must not share your enema nozzles, douche bulbs or lubrication applicators. Allow some time to pass before indulging in anal play and do not have anal sex immediately after a meal. Eating stimulates the digestive tract, which can cause you to want to have a bowel movement. Store your Personal Hygiene Anal Relaxants And Anal Easing products securely in the lockable cases also available from Peaches and Screams. Clean up your backdoor, and prepare to be milked for the most intense orgasm. Drizzle a little desensitising anal spray for light numbing of the senses to allow for full relaxation of the anal muscles. Lubricate your anus and that dildo you have been dying to try and slowly insert into your anus. Switch on your dildo once its in starting from the lowest power level. Alternatively slather some warming lubricant inside and outside a latex condom and have some raunchy safe sex with your lover. Open up more avenues of erotic excitement take away the pain of anal play with these products. Desensitise and lubricate generously and take out all your anal sex toys and enjoy a day of exploration. Conquer your fears and pay homage to your anal fantasies. Throw in some anal fetish play and sensual prostate massage. Enjoy the splendour of clean and safe anal play buy and use products from this exotic category. Relax your anal muscles, oil up and challenge your imagination and sexual creativity. Experience the mind numbing pleasure of your lover’s well -lubricated member sensually and smoothly glide through your anus. Delve into the intensely stimulating mysteries of anal sex buy the products that smoothen and pave the way for it from Peaches and Screams. Build a stronger bond with your lover and put anal sex on the table more often make hygiene, easing and lubrication an important part of your bondage play.

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