There are many companies specializing in producing CBD products, but Ananda Hemp seems to surpass them all. Ananda Hemp is one of the best CBD producers. It has stayed in the block for a fairly long time and has mastered the real art of crafting high-quality and only the best CBD products free of THC.

It is a company that has taken its interest in serving customers to another level. Ananda Hemp crowns itself as a company that is fully dedicated to offering its customers the safest CBD oil and CBD topical products in the market. Ananda Hemp is a family of Ecofibre Ltd, a company that it has partnered with for more than 20 years to develop hemp products. The company ensures that all its products are tested by a third-partyISO-certified lab. This ensures that these products are safe and are of high quality. Ananda Hemp produces best CBD soft gels, CBD oils, pet oils, intimate oils, and topicals.

About Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp is CBD company that was established in the late 1990s. It was first founded in Kentucky. This is a land of fertile soils and conducive climate which provides great conditions for the farming of hemp outdoors. We love a company that takes pride in satisfying the well-being of its present and future customers. This is just one of the reasons why we are head-over-heels crazy about this Kentucky-based company. Another reason why this company won our attention is because of its pure and safe line of products, coupled with an awesome level of a transparency developed to assure customers of what they are about to get into when purchasing their products. They have loyal and generational farmers who grow hemp in natural outdoor conditions, using organic practices and don’t employ herbicides, pesticides, or GMOs.

Many companies use a lot of enticements and facades with appealing and convincing phrases to win their customers into buying their products. That is not the case with Ananda Hemp. They take a steadily honest approach that is just one click away, which will direct you to their Lookup Tool. This is situated in the right upper corner of their website. By clicking on it and entering the product’s batch ID, you will be directed to a page showing its certificate of analysis with full information about how much CBD was used in that product. In other words, Ananda Hemp doesn’t want you to trust their words without a proof. What’s more, Ananda Hemp has a big team of professionals. For instance, Dr. Alex Capano, who is their Chief Executive Officer, is the first holder of a Ph.D. in cannabinoid science. She is a valuable asset to this company and contributes to their exclusive product line. The company is also fully supported by Ecofibre Ltd, which is a company that grows, process, and markets hemp globally. With this brief history, we are sure that you will also love their product line.

Process of Manufacturing

Ananda Hemp is an old handler of CBD products. It is also partnering with its mother company – Ecofibre, which is one of the oldest hemp companies in the world. With that in mind, Ananda has mastered the art of creating CBD products of high quality. This company follows rigorous steps to bring you the best CBD oils and topicals. From outdoor farms in Kentucky to their ISO-certified factories, hemp is carefully handled and controlled in every stage of production. Once they are done with their products, they are sent to a lab for third-party testing. The final process involves vetting just to make the products true winners in the market. With this careful and excellent process of manufacturing, their products never rest in shelves.

Line of Products

Ananda Hemp offers a variety of products. Their line of products is so wide that customers can easily make personal choices. They have carefully crafted top-quality ingredients to create powerful and effective CBD products for you and your family. They deal with CBD oils, CBD body roll-ons, hemp soft gels, CDB body salves, CBD intimate oils, and CBD tinctures for pets.

Ananda Hemp CBD Oils:

the company makes two kinds of CBD oils including full-spectrum and broad spectrum. The latter has no trace amounts of THC. They produce CBD oils with various ingredients such as flower extract, raw cold-pressed hemp seed oil (rich in linoleic acid and oleic acid), MCT oil derived from coconut, and natural terpenes. Ananda Hemp has four different types of CBD oil, which are all 100 percent vegan, non-GMO, glyphosate-free, and lab-tested.

Ananda Hemp Soft Gels:

soft gels are a perfect way of delivering CBD in your body, especially for folks. Ananda Hemp has precisely measured the right dosage for each soft gel. The company uses glycerin, gelatin, hemp seed oil, and flower extract as their main ingredients. It offers both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options for their soft gels.

CBD Body Roll-On:

the roll-ons are made with ingredients purely based on hemp plant. Some of them include arnica, aloe vera, lavender oil, menthol, shea butter, coconut oil, capsicum, camphor, and CBD. Ananda roll-ons promote recovery, relief, and have aromatherapy benefits.

CBD Body Salves:

this is a rich line of products delivering beneficial properties of CBD. The are also made with completely plant-based ingredients, including essential oils.

Range of Products

From the section above, you can clearly see that the company has a wide line of products. In each line, there are several products that you can choose. We chose a few products and tried them for you. We also wanted to feel the ecstasy that comes with using their products. We must admit that we loved all of them. We tried the following:

  • Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – Unflavored
  • Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels – 15 mg
  • Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Salve – 125 mg
  • Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On – 150 mg
  • Ananda Hemp Isolate CBD Pet Tincture – 300 mg

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Did you know that tinctures work better than other CBD products? Ananda Hemp has designed their tinctures to offer short knockout in no time. We got to this feeling when we dropped this product under our tongues. And the effect was so quick. Our product was unflavored and came in the strength of 300 mg. If you want something strong, you can order other strengths like 600 mg or 2000 mg of CBD. This tincture is ideal for relief of daily stress and pain. 600 mg option is for people who have already adapted to CBD treatment. It is the best seller out of the three available strengths. Tinctures from Ananda are made with full-spectrum CBD, MCT oil from coconut, hemp seed oil, and natural terpenes. The product we tried had no added flavors and is excellent for a beginner.

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels

If you are looking for a more convenient way to boost your intake of CBD, then its high time you tried CBD soft gels from Ananda Hemp. These soft gels contain great formulation and CBD oil and are easy to swallow. Each soft gel contains 15 mg of CBD so, you don’t need to guess the amount of CBD in them. CBD soft gels are suitable for people on the go, new to CBD, or those looking for a way of taking precise amount of CBD. The bottles come in different sizes – 450 mg bottle containing 30 capsules and 900 mg bottles containing 60 capsules. Ingredients used include glycerin, gelatin, and full-spectrum CBD oil.

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Salve

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Salve

Is the state of your skin not pleasing you? Do you want to make it more radiant and healthier? Try the soothing power of this full-spectrum topical salve from Ananda Hemp. It has been crafted thoughtfully to contain coconut, shea butter, essential oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract. We felt its effects and we thought that it could help you too. It is a product that is best suited for protection and promotion of muscle and skin health. Ananda Hemp designed this salve to be absorbed quickly into your skin. It comes in a strength of 125 mg of CBD with cooling and lavender scents. Major ingredients include arnica oil, organic cayenne, full-spectrum CBD extract, organic coconut oil, and several essential oils like wintergreen and eucalyptus. There are several benefits of using Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Salve, including aroma therapy and soothing comfort.

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On

Laying our eyes on this product got us imagining of what it could do to our bodies. Upon trying it, we agreed with the claims put forth by the company. This product contains all the power of hemp flower extract. It also delivers a healing comfort and soothing help when rolling it on your skin. The bottle is small and light, making it easy to carry it wherever you go. When you feel the need to use it, apply it on you knees, wrists, temples, or pressure points – for quick relief. The roll-on bottle contains 150 mg of CBD and has aromatherapeutic benefits and targeted relief. Lavender oil, CBD extract, willow bark extract, menthol, arnica, camphor, glycerin, and capsicum are some of the active ingredients in this product.

Ananda Hemp Isolate Pet CBD Tincture

Ananda Hemp Isolate Pet CBD Tincture

While you are here busy browsing for products for yourself, you also need to think of your little furry friend. We thought of our dog when we saw this tincture on Ananda’s website. When we gave it the tincture and he loved it. Just like us, our canine companion also have endocannabinoid system (ECS). With its great formula this CBD tincture can make your dog happy. It has a strength of 300 mg of CBD and comes in two flavors -bacon and natural. It is excellent for all breeds and species of pets.

What We Like About Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp has served the CBD community for over 20 years. We love how much it has dedicated its effort and focus on its customer’s well-being. The company is also honest when wording its adverts to win its valued clients. What thrilled us the most is the company’s intimate oil specially made for lovers in the building.

What We Don’t Love About Ananda Hemp

The company uses many ingredients in just one product. While they are all captured in the product’s label, some people may develop allergic reactions to them. All the same, the company is so good that we don’t have anything else to hold against them.

Our Overall Verdict

We will be ordering more products from Ananda Hemp. They have a deep experience of handling and producing CBD products. We loved every bit of experience we felt by using their products. You can also try their wide line of products. Even if you don’t want one, you can shop instead for your dog or cat.

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