Ancient Bliss Supplements: Nourishing Your Temple With Indigenous Wisdom and Science


Ancient Bliss is an emerging and fast-rising community producing nourishing and wholesome herbal supplements.

Ancient Bliss’ herbal supplements are the results of extensive research and preparation on potent natural blends, guaranteeing robust and excellent health. 

According to a report by frontiers in pharmacology, 80% of people worldwide now rely on herbal medicines as part of their primary health care. We are thrilled that more people are now starting to understand and use the inherent healing and nourishing power that mother nature has given us. 

It was what the founder of Ancient Bliss, Macy Schuchart, wished to achieve. It also led her to go on a mission to merge her prior school-taught knowledge of health and wellness with indigenous and native knowledge.

And from here on, a beautiful and inspiring founding story emerged.

During her studies, our founder discovered that most of what the education sector had taught us as children regarding purity and wellness painted an incomplete picture.

In a bid to get proper enlightenment on health and wellness, she underwent a 6-month stay in the exotic city of Hawaii.

Hawaii is a tropical region in the United States and is known to be a powerhouse for many natural herbs.

Her stay in Hawaii exposed her to new people and practices. She interacted with natives who were experts in Hawaiian medicine practices, preventative healthcare, and herbalism.

From collaborations with these people, she discovered a lot of insightful revelations about the human body and how it can be preserved and nourished with the revitalizing power of natural plants and ingredients.

After making this incredible discovery, she concluded that this wasn’t something to keep and hold to oneself. She wanted to create awareness and share it with as many people as possible. And so, Ancient Bliss was founded.

Ancient Bliss is inspired by Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes. She represents the transformative and reformative power in us.

Ancient Bliss goes beyond other herbal supplement brands because we wish to provide people with high-quality and revitalizing supplements to keep their health in prime condition. We also wish to share our incredible knowledge of the nurturing power of nature and empower people with this knowledge.

While many of us understand and might be vaguely aware of the nurturing power of nature, we are not necessarily equipped with sufficient information to use this knowledge.

What’s more, not exactly everyone has the time to wander into the forests and look for these herbs, even if they know what to look for.

Let’s now say we can identify and get these plants by some mechanism. Do we have the expertise to extract their nourishment and combine them with other plants to make potent blends?

The likely answer to these questions is no. And that is where Ancient Bliss comes in.

As experts, we take off all this stress from your hands, utilize our expert knowledge and create wholesome and high-quality supplements and blends to foster and sustain your health. It will allow you to practice healthy and safe habits easily.

The Challenges the Business is Facing

We will explore the challenges that the herbal supplements business is facing and the challenges I faced.

My Challenges

Most of the challenges could be traced to self-doubt. I had doubts about myself and the business before venturing into it. I overcame this by doing personal development and introspection with supportive people. These helped me stay motivated. 

Additionally, I learned to master the virtue of being patient and keeping a positive mindset. These traits helped me achieve consistency and helped me see the best in any situation.

I trained myself always to visualize successful outcomes and leave no room for negativity and ” what ifs.”

I believed in myself, gave my best, and left myself with no option but to succeed.

Challenges In The Industry

As we mentioned earlier in the article, a report has it that about 80% of people around the globe depend on the use of herbal medicines as part of their primary healthcare.

However, it is sad to note that despite how popular and famous herbal supplements are, they are not given tight supervision and monitoring as expected. 

There isn’t enough medical backing and knowledge on the mode of actions, reactions, contraindications, and interactions of many supplements with other herbal or orthodox medications. It has led to distrust by some folks who have taken low-quality and substandard medications produced without approval or regulation by approved government bodies.

The safety of many of these medications continues to be a source of concern. The relevant authorities that have been put in place to regulate the production, sales, and uses of herbal supplements must continue to take appropriate measures to ensure these medications are safe for public consumption. 

One of the most important bodies involved in regulating herbal supplements is the US Food and Drug Administration. They’ve put in some measures to regulate the quality and standard of herbal supplements.

Before the FDA approves an herbal supplement, it must have met the following requirements; 

  • Supplements must be free of contaminants.
  • Supplements must be accurately labeled.
  • The claims that a product promises must have research to back them up.
  • Herbal supplements must avoid making specific medical claims.
  • Herbal supplements can be sued if these claims turn out to be false.

Additionally, the FDA should ensure that all herbal medications are made in an NSF GMP registered facility. This registration implies that the herbal products made in that facility were produced under strict manufacturing guidelines. 

Thankfully, Ancient Bliss Supplements meet all these requirements and are produced in manufacturing processes with impeccable standards, as evidenced by our possession of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice certification CGMPc and have been cleared to be safe for public consumption.

It doesn’t stop there; at Ancient Bliss, we went the extra mile to ensure that our products are top-notch and high-quality. How did we do this?

We conducted different and thorough testing methods on the raw materials, intermediate production samples, and finished products. All our products underwent in-house testing and third-party testing.

Our high safety and purity standards provide security and peace of mind knowing that the supplements and medications you’re getting from us come from a safe place.

The Opportunities In The Business

There are various opportunities available in the industry – you just have to be smart and creative enough to fish them out. There is always room for expansion and growth.

At Ancient Bliss, we are looking to broaden our horizons and expand the company by launching other wellness products and not staying limited to supplements alone.

There are plans to diversify into other wellness products like protein powders, collagen, etc.

Growing the brand is a priority; we are always looking for opportunities in the industry.

Also, the pandemic helped people start becoming more intentional about their health and how to maintain it. It has proven valuable for us as it has provided more opportunities to teach, reach and empower more people about the healing power of nature.

There will always be opportunities available in the health industry; people are becoming more aware of their health and seeking knowledge and help to maintain it. We are left to reach out, share, and help them with the incredible knowledge we have garnered.

My Advice to Others About Business 

As I stated earlier, training myself to visualize success as the only possible outcome helped me remain consistent and driven. So as business owners, it is important always to have a positive mindset and surround yourself with people who can inspire and motivate you.

It applies to your friends, acquaintances, and co-workers or team members. 

Also, never compromise on quality and standard. When entering an industry that deals with human health and wellness, you must remain true to quality and high standards.

Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes; if they knew about the manufacturing process of your products, would they still gladly take them and recommend them to others? 

The supplements industry is already saturated with people producing defective products; you must help break that bias by doing your best to maintain high-quality standards and ensure compliance with all the regulations given by the regulating bodies. 

Additionally, and most importantly, always be customer-centric. People say punctuality is the soul of business, but it might as well be clients’ satisfaction in this day and time. After all, what is a business without its clients?

Always put your customers first. Let every decision you make for your business be geared toward improving your customer’s satisfaction, and you will find out that your business will soar in no time.

You might not need to spend money on advertisements that much. Why? Because your clients will be your advertisers. 

Barbara Santini

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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