Ancient Taoist Beliefs Encourage Better Sex For Women

Ancient Taoist Beliefs Encourage Better Sex For Women

Taoist sexual practices were established thousands of years ago, and are documented as far back as 200BC. This ancient Chinese practice held firm in the belief that more sex meant better health and increased longevity. It also taught men that women are the life-force that keeps them going, and that they’d better buck up and behave well in bed if they want any of the good life-giving jing juice.

Let’s talk about jing, baby

In Taoist religion, Jing is considered to be the essence of life. Women have plenty of jing, and can produce additional jing when having particularly good sex. Men, on the other hand, had a limited supply of jing. As semen is an ejaculatory force that expels life from the male body, it’s considered to have the highest concentration of jing and, naturally, ejaculation should thus be avoided. Ironically, Jing is also created for men by women when they’re enjoying sex, so the better the sex, the better the jing produced.

Jing is particularly important according to this school of thought as it helps create qi, life-force (the stuff that keeps you going), and the objective of life in general was to try and get as much qi going on as possible. So the answer? More sex, more often, with willing female partners who want multiple orgasms.

What’s in it for me? A girl’s guide to Taoist sexual benefits

If the promises of multiple orgasms and a longer-lasting erection aren’t enough to tempt you into Taoist sexual practices, consider this: essentially, the Taoists devised an army of men who were determined to keep women sexually satisfied at almost any possible opportunity, on the whim and discretion of the willing woman.

The more jing he helped make through sexually satisfying the woman in the promised coupling, the healthier and stronger he would become. Men were encouraged to have multiple female partners to generate more jing and to give the women a bit of break in between bedroom banter.

Still not enough? How about this for a wild card: Taoist sexual practices also included the belief that different sex positions generated jing with different health benefits. Taoist texts offered a guidebook of the best sex positions for different benefits, including nine basic positions and a whole lot of fun variants which could keep you quite busy for months.

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