Anna Sorbie - leading wedding hair and makeup specialist

Anna Sorbie – leading wedding hair and makeup specialist

Business Name

 Anna Sorbie

 What we do

Anna Sorbie is one of the UK’s leading wedding hair and makeup specialists, providing bespoke services to brides in and around the Lake District and across the UK.  

With our flagship salon based in the heart of the Lake District, we offer a full complement of hair stylings for our varied and discerning clients. Whether it’s a cut and blow-dry, some colour, extensions or a complete restyle, we have the experience, expertise and professionalism that counts.

For our Brides, we are the salon for beautiful looking wedding hair and makeup for them and their party on the most special of days. We are a luxury hair and makeup company, and our goal is to create naturally beautiful looks that complement everyone’s personality and style. We bring an innovative approach to bridal hair and makeup, giving brides a fitting look for them. Bohemian chic, romantic or cool, we will work with your aesthetic to provide the most beautiful results.

We have developed and use our own range of hair products, which have been getting great reviews from our clients. Packaged in PAT plastic, they are vegan, refillable and reusable. From our Argan Range, to products suited for colour-treated and dry hair or to increase volume, we’ve got what you need in your life! Our gently processed, silicone-free hair extension range is proving a roaring success – and wait until you check out our designer, hand-crafted bridal headwear – it’s perfect for your special day!

Our stunning bridal headwear is a collection of hand-crafted heirloom headpieces, designed and handmade in England to perfectly combine style with comfort. Anna designed this collection after working with other head pieces that weren’t flexible enough to sit comfortably in the finished hair look. Frustrated by beautiful and expensive pieces that looked incredible but weren’t functional, Anna designed this unique range using luxury freshwater pearls and the best quality crystals with attention to how they will work effortlessly in the hair. 

Business Strategy

Our strategy is simple. We provide everything our clients need to feel their best – whether in our salons or on their big day. Glamour should be at the forefront of any day… Well, that’s our motto anyway! 

We offer a unique and personal service to each and every client. We take the time to get to know you and the hair and makeup style you want. Using our conversation and consultation, we create the look you wish for, that will truly bring out your natural beauty. Carefully handpicked trusted experts are there to ensure the best of results. Because yes, looking fabulous really can be as simple as that.

 A relaxed and calm state is what we want for you. As well as planning and advice, we’re always at the end of the phone or email should you ever have any questions or need any advice.

Founder’s Story


 Anna is one of the UK’s leading wedding hair and makeup specialists, providing bespoke services to brides in and around the Lake District and across the UK.  

 Anna has over 20 years’ experience, and is our founder and lead creative here at Anna Sorbie. Starting out at design fashion college, Anna fell in love with hair and make-up whilst incorporating it into her headwear designs. 

Bridal and hair styling was her natural calling, so she started to deliver the service of every bride’s dreams – bespoke bridal hair and make-up incorporating her own hair pieces and dress designs.   

Appointed to arrange hair and makeup teams for the National Wedding Shows, and a regular in all the bridal titles, Anna has worked with MACH Management who appoint elite hair and make-up teams for luxury weddings including for the royal family.  

Anna’s flagship hairdressing salon is in Bowness-on-Windermere and features its own in-house barber lounge. Our salon offers all aspects of hairdressing alongside appointments for bridal hair accessory design. 

Accommodating clients’ expectations – and any last-minute dress scares – is what Anna does best. Since launching back in 2007, Anna has delivered the ultimate in customer service and care.  

Anna offers a complete couture bridal beauty experience and our team works alongside the highest quality suppliers, bespoke dress designers and internationally renowned stylists.                                            

With our strong list of contacts, our team offer exclusive meetings with luxury stockists and designers before the occasion, putting together the personalised team you’ve always wanted for your big day or event, as well as the most stylish range of luxury dresses and accessories.  

Carefully handpicked trusted experts will take away all the stresses of a big occasion and ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible.  

Anna Sorbie is the brand to trust.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Every business faces challenges, especially after the unprecedented times we’ve lived through in recent years and the uncertainty that we are all facing currently. It is no different for Anna and our salons. Long periods of forced closure, fewer events and weddings and increased costs have taken their toll, like with all salons and event providers. 

Clients are now looking for affordability and the best value for money like never before, whether in our salons or at their wedding or event.   

Having the right team, holding the same values and ethos can prove to be a challenge too. We try our best to collaborate, to listen and to grow together to achieve the best results for everyone. 

We are working harder than ever to provide our clients with the best service and style. We market our salons and services with renewed vigour and attention to detail, to attract and keep old and new faces returning with smiles on their faces. Times are tough, but so are we.

The opportunities the business is facing 

There are so many opportunities open to us! 

We are exploring new markets and ideas constantly. Our partnerships and collaborations with other organisations are at an all-time high and we couldn’t be happier.

We train and develop our existing staff frequently and work alongside those educating the next generation of stylists both in the classroom and on our salon floors. The new talent we discover is outstanding and so exciting. 

Our product development has come to fruition and we are now using and selling our brand in salon and online – watch this space for Anna Sorbie products and hair extensions in a salon near you! We are always open to collaboration and new stockists, so if this sounds good please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Bridal hair styling is continuing to be a huge part of our business and we work closely with venues and couples across the North West, achieving amazing results. The opportunities for our brides and grooms to have that designer touch to their big day continue to grow and strengthen. Our roots are in the bridal industry and we love to work on creating opportunities in the industry.

Advice to others about business

Follow your passions and work hard.

 You are the expert in your business, but if you need help then ask for it – there are so many talented professionals out there who can support you to grow and thrive.   

Hard work pays off so keep going! If you have the vision and mindset for success, anything is possible. 

Have a plan. An overall strategy with room for agility and flexibility is the key. Strive for your overall goals, but with wriggle room for opportunity and entrepreneurship. 

Take time for work-life balance and wellbeing – its twee but true – you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Lessons learnt from running this business

 We have all learned lessons and developed personally and professionally from it – I’m no different. 

I’ve trusted people who have let me down. I’ve collaborated with others when my gut has told me otherwise and I’ve made decisions in the heat of the moment that haven’t always paid off. 

Look after yourself and stay true to your morals and ethos above all else, as this will drive you forward and your passion and authenticity will attract your tribe to you.

 Always keep one eye on growth, expansion and other revenue streams – you never know when your next business opportunity will come so be ready to explore what feels right!

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