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Annavocado Ltd NZ

Business Name and What It Does

In the lush, verdant valleys of Northern New Zealand, amidst a sprawling 40 Rai Avocado orchard, lies the heartbeat of Annavocado Ltd NZ. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Walter and Khun Anna, Annavocado is an enterprise dedicated to tapping into the immense health benefits of the humble avocado and offering them to the world. Renowned for their 750 Hass avocado trees, Annavocado specializes in extracting the rich, mono-unsaturated plant sterol oils from the avocado fruit. These oils are known for containing over 20 essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The company’s goal is to present the extracted oil in an easy-to-consume form, encapsulating the benefits of a perfectly ripe avocado before it rots. This innovative approach has led to the development of a line of health-boosting, all-natural supplements derived from the finest New Zealand-grown ingredients.

Founder’s Story and Motivation

The genesis of Annavocado can be traced back to the personal health transformations of Dr. Walter and Khun Anna. They observed significant improvements in their health after consistently including avocados in their diet. This daily consumption resulted in reduced muscle aches, joint pains, normalized cholesterol levels, and stable blood sugar. Inspired by these changes and leveraging Dr. Walter’s medical knowledge, they embarked on a journey to harness the potential of avocados in a form that transcends geographical boundaries and time constraints.

Initially based in Chiang Rai, North Thailand, the couple eventually moved to Northern New Zealand to grow avocados for the fresh fruit export market. Witnessing the substantial health benefits avocados offered them, their vision broadened. They yearned to share the gift of health with as many people as possible.

Anna, the dynamic force behind Annavocado, had endured a lifetime of health struggles. Born with innate fragility, she frequently experienced muscular cramps and joint pain. Her sensitive skin was prone to irritation and eczema, impacting her quality of life and self-esteem. However, during a 2010 visit to New Zealand, she was captivated by an expansive avocado orchard in the Bay of Plenty district. The local diet, rich in avocados, introduced a surprising yet welcome change in Anna’s health. She began noticing significant improvements in her wellbeing. The muscular cramps and joint pain that had long been her unwelcome companions began to diminish. Her skin showed signs of healing, with irritation and eczema slowly fading away. Intrigued by this transformation, Anna embarked on a journey of research and self-discovery. Her findings on the numerous health benefits of avocados, from their richness in beneficial monounsaturated fats to being a source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, justified the positive changes in her health. This personal health revolution ignited a passion within Anna.

The improvements in her physical wellbeing were too significant to keep to herself. She felt a compelling desire to share this wellness with the world, to reveal the miraculous benefits of the New Zealand Hass avocado. Her determination led to the establishment of Annavocado, embodying her vision to make the avocado’s health benefits accessible year-round. Overcoming the challenges of seasonal availability and perishability, Anna developed an innovative cold extraction process to capture the avocado’s nutritious essence.

Today, every Annavocado product stands as a testimony to Anna’s journey from chronic health issues to wellness, carrying a promise of quality and her personal signature.

Challenges in the Business/Market

However, the road to establishing Annavocado was not devoid of challenges. Being a novel product, it was relatively unknown, leading to difficulties in obtaining export permits, import permits, FDA, and Oior licenses. New Zealand’s smaller population, most of whom had access to fresh avocados, posed a marketing challenge. Additionally, navigating the numerous aspects of product packaging, from selecting a form that preserved the product and allowed for easy dosing to finalizing graphic designs, barcodes, and information panels on the packaging, was a painstaking process. Generating awareness about the product and its benefits among the public was another hurdle. The market scenario also presented its own set of issues, from battling counterfeit ‘look-alike’ products to managing in an inflationary market. However, Annavocado remains undeterred, maintaining their product quality by conducting regular testing at highly acclaimed laboratories such as AsureQuality and Hills Laboratory.

Opportunities in the Business/Market

Despite the challenges, Annavocado finds itself amidst a plethora of opportunities. The demand for natural, health-boosting supplements is on an upward trajectory, fueled by increasing awareness about health and wellness and a global shift towards natural, organic products. As Annavocado’s products gain worldwide approval and support, they are perfectly poised to cater to this growing demand.

Annavocado has also expanded its product line, offering Anna-Shine, a nutritional supplement for appetite control; Anna-Fit, an instant coffee blend; AvoC, an immune-boosting supplement; and Annavocado Skin Serum, a skin moisturizing and repair serum. These innovative additions not only diversify our product portfolio but also allow us to tap into a wider customer base with varied health and wellness needs.

Advice to Others About Business

Reflecting on the journey of Annavocado, there are valuable lessons and advice for those looking to start their own businesses.

Persistence is key: From the conception of an idea to its execution, persistence remains the driving force. Khun Anna’s tireless efforts to navigate bureaucratic obstacles, obtain licenses, and educate people about the product’s health benefits exemplify the importance of tenacity in business.

Invest in quality: Despite market fluctuations and competition, Annavocado’s commitment to delivering a quality product is unwavering. Regular testing at acclaimed laboratories ensures the product remains free of contaminants and artificial ingredients. Investing in quality isn’t just good ethics; it builds customer trust and loyalty in the long run.

Adapt and diversify: Being agile and adaptable are critical to survival in a dynamic market. Annavocado’s journey from producing pure avocado oil to expanding its product range to meet varying health and wellness needs embodies this principle.

Leverage technology: In the digital age, having a robust online presence is vital. Khun Simon’s role in creating an attractive website and managing social media has helped Annavocado build brand awareness and reach out to a global customer base.

Believe in your mission: Dr. Walter and Khun Anna’s unwavering belief in the health benefits of avocados and their desire to share them with the world propelled Annavocado’s success. A business underpinned by a genuine mission fosters a sense of purpose and can overcome challenges that come its way.

Annavocado’s story is a testament to the power of innovation, persistence, and a deep-seated belief in the value of the product. As they continue their mission of bringing the health benefits of the avocado fruit to as many people as possible, they inspire future entrepreneurs to embrace the journey of business with all its challenges and opportunities.

As Dr. Walter and Khun Anna affirm, Annavocado’s products are not medications but health supplements harvested from naturally grown fruits, bringing healing through the power of nature and the universe. Try and experience the benefits yourself. 

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