ApaOne is an agency which of expertise is digital marketing

ApaOne is an agency which of expertise is digital marketing

Business Name and what it does

ApaOne is an agency which is located in Serbia. Our area of expertise is digital marketing. Creating and maintaining  websites as well as iOS and Android apps is our primary focus. In the world of marketing we specialize in social networks, influencer marketing, as well as promotion via native and content marketing. We also help you with online advertising and better search engine positioning (SEO & SEM). By dealing with specialist services like photography and video production, magazine design and creation, newsletter sending, ad publication, and much more, we are able to meet the needs of every single one of our clients. If you are interested in getting to know us better, check out our website and see everything we do – apaone.co.uk. 

We live in a world dominated by technology. Today, showcasing a brand in an original and unique way is priceless. A brand must be developed in a way that satisfies consumer demands in order for consumers to accept it. Inspiring techniques, high-quality content, and innovative ideas all have an impact on brand building in digital marketing. We provide an extensive range of in-house services, ranging from cutting-edge creative concepts and data-driven digital marketing campaigns to highly sophisticated website building and technological integration. This strategy gives our clients an edge over their rivals in the market. Our work is distinguished by audacious concepts and an ambitious vision that encapsulates the brand’s soul and advances it.

Each member of our team is equal and we all participate in the creation of digital stories together. In a similar spirit, we treat all of our clients equally, regardless of the size of their business, as every marketing story has equal value to us in terms of teaching each person about the significance of a specific brand, their mode of operation, and how that brand can benefit not only them personally but also the entire community.

We take particular pride in the youth in our community who share our passion, desire to put their newfound knowledge into practice, and develop marketing plans after or during school. That is exactly why we open the door to all of them, as an opportunity to practice and get to know the world of internet marketing.

The digital world is always evolving, and so are we.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business 

ApaOne founder’s name is Ilija Bursać, who has shown a great interest in computers since he was a child, even though children of the nineties were not familiar with such things. He launched his first business idea while he was still a high school student, servicing computer gear and software in his hometown. His major at the Sombor Technical High School was, you guessed it, computer electrical technician, from which he graduated. He gradually became aware of the various business applications for the Internet and permanently shifted his professional focus to online presentation development and Internet marketing. The marketing agency apaone.com was established as a result in 2007. From two to ten employees, the business expanded swiftly, entering the Novi Sad market.  Meanwhile, he earned his degree in management with an emphasis in informatics from the Novi Sad Faculty of Management. There he met a mentor, to whom he is really grateful for influencing the way he views work and guiding his experiences in the direction of creating high-quality material that meets clients’ expectations. This aided in the ApaOne agency’s expansion. For years, we have worked effectively with prestigious clients. 

“The keyword and motive with which I am guided in business, private and public affairs is RESULT. I believe that with my previous commitment, experience and leadership, I have managed to contribute to the achievement of significant results for my clients and fellow citizens. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my team and my colleagues for those results.“ – Ilija Bursac

The challenges the business/market is facing

In 2007, we founded our business. There have been numerous ups and downs since that time. Every beginning is challenging, as you are already aware. Reaching the surface is quite challenging because there are so many agencies in our area which makes high competition. Despite all the difficulties, we were able to forge ahead and clear the path. We advance strategically by creating our own initiatives, and we cap off the expansion of the business in 2013 by forming Unija Grupa, which brings all digital media, content distribution, advertising portals, and online sales projects together. We focus on two areas for future strategic development: digital marketing and the development of websites and applications for the web. In both instances, we provide original and creative solutions that are tailored to the demands of the industry and the expansion of our clients. New challenges are present with each step we take, but we enjoy that. We firmly think that every obstacle we overcome makes us stronger.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Opportunities in marketing are chances for a business to sell something to a specific kind of customer. These clients, or prospective leads, in need of a good or service that the business can offer. Sales and marketing teams analyze market trends to identify the types of consumers who could profit from current goods or services, and then they promote that group of people. In order to draw more attention to their company and increase sales, they also use this information to develop new products, experiences, and offers. 

Marketing has changed. It’s no longer enough to just have a logo or to have a subpar brand. Good marketing is storytelling. And it’s crafting a story and an experience around your brand that people want to buy into. Competition is fierce, and the only way that you’re going to be able to distinguish yourself is by having a story or a feeling that a consumer can buy into that makes them want to be a part of whatever you’re selling, whether it’s a service, whether it’s a product. We are storytellers, and that is what we do.

Advice to others about business

There are no “right” rules to follow when it comes to starting your own business, but the best advice we can give you is – don’t be afraid to take risks. You need inspiration and an idea to start. You will obviously make mistakes along the way, but you shouldn’t allow them to stop you from moving forward since mistakes are a good way to learn and improve.

Once you have an idea in mind, the following step is to sit down with paper and a pencil and make a thorough strategy. Who is your target audience? How much are you willing to invest? Be prepared to spend days upon days putting your idea into action; don’t let the excessive stress and commitments you will face deter you; your idea will wind up paying off. 

The second thing you must do is educate yourself about the market and your competition. Pay great attention to the little things and how they conduct themselves in business. Read the reviews of them; these customers will support your business. Also, don’t be shy when interacting with people. Please feel free to seek advice; it would be great if it came from a person whose company is similar to yours. You know more the more questions you ask. Owning a notebook created just for establishing a business is nothing to be ashamed of. Take it out and write down any advice or suggestions you might receive that you believe would be helpful. Listening to someone who has already achieved personal success and/or is already running a successful company is the best approach to learn and obtain new knowledge about business.

Effort and hard work are only the first step on the road to success.

The second step is the ability to learn from your failures.

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