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Aphrodite: The Goddess of Beauty and Love

Aphrodite has a unique personality as she possesses a magical ability and the quality to transform people. She is the alchemical goddess since she holds a transformational magical power such that both mortals and gods can do anything as she wants. Moreover, she cast out spells that led to a relationship between deities and mortals. Aphrodite made a living woman from a statue for Pygmalion. In addition to all this, she encouraged poetry of love that showed how creative she was in using the power of love. 

She had a common trait to the Greek goddesses’ mythology though in a different group. Aphrodite could not be grouped with the virgin goddess because of her sexually active trait. The only similarity with other goddesses is she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and does anything she can to satisfy her pleasure. 

Aphrodite doesn’t resemble other goddesses like Demeter, Persephone, or Hera since she is never victimized by any man and can’t suffer because of them. There are mutual desires and feelings in any relationship that Aphrodite is involved in as she values independence from other people and wasn’t planning to have a permanent relationship with any man. This characteristic is specifically for the vulnerable goddesses. 

Aphrodite considered the relationship with a man important to her, though she didn’t plan for a long-term bond. She only plans to have fun and create new life, an archetype expressed through sex, creative or artistic projects. She only focused on matters that were important to her. Someone couldn’t discourage her on any matter she had made her mind on. However, she had some common traits with Hestia, the most anonymous and introverted virgin goddess, who did anything she wanted secretly since she never had strong feelings for men like Aphrodite. 

Aphrodite is Seductive to Men

If Aphrodite instills a person or something with beauty, it ends up being irresistible, resulting in a magnetic attraction. We refer to this as the chemistry between partners. The urge to get close to someone for sex is very powerful, and it’s also an indication of spiritual and psychological urges. It can probably represent an intense conversation whereby one may only click with the other person.

Generally, Aphrodite provides the urge to know and also be known. If it results in intimacy and impregnation, then new life would afterward follow. New growth would result from a spiritual, emotional, a psychological sphere. Aphrodite is empathetic, spiritual, deep in love or friendship, and soul connections. When growth, creativity, and vision are encouraged, Aphrodite influences them, thus affecting those involved.

Aphrodite always pays focused attention to people and likes to make others feel special by turning her charm their way. An issue arises when Aphrodite acts like anyone she interacts with is fascinating and makes it easy to misinterpret her plans. She draws into people and acts more lovingly rather than criticizing them. This lures people to believing she has an enamors feeling for them, while she doesn’t. 

Most gods fell in love with Aphrodite’s beauty and even wanted her attention. She had a romantic relationship with Ares, the god of war, for a long time and had many children. The two represented the union of uncontrollable passions, and with some balance, they created harmony. 

Aphrodite’s child with Hermes, the god’s Messenger, was the Hermaphroditus bisexual god, who inherited both parents’ sexual characteristics and beauty. Hermaphroditus represented either androgyny or bisexuality, the quality that was traditionally considered either feminine or masculine.

Aphrodite had a son called Eros, who represented the god of love. However, Eros is believed to be a god who accompanied Aphrodite from the sea thus, a myth described him as a fatherless son. The Greeks and Romans described him as a virile and attractive man, and they both called him Amor. After some years, his role began to diminish, and today he is referred to us as the diapered baby. 

Relation Between Aphrodite and Her Mortality to Men

Aphrodite had a close relationship with mortal men and felt desirous of Anchises when she saw him busy grazing his cattle on the mountainside. She acted as a beautiful maiden and took the chance to seduce him. Anchises later fell asleep, after which she revealed herself to him and promised to bear their son Aeneas, though she didn’t want him to tell anyone she was the mother. However, Anchises exposed his affair with Aphrodite when he got drunk. 

Aphrodite also had a deep relationship with Adonis, a young, handsome hunter. She feared for his life and asked him to stay away from the ferocious beasts, but his fearless attitude made him ignore the warning. 

Women feared Aphrodite’s charms and respected anything she dictated. Myrrha, the priest’s daughter, passionately fell in love with her father. Aphrodite encouraged this forbidden act since Myrrha’s mother consistently said she could not compare her daughter’s beauty to Aphrodite’s. She encouraged Myrrh’s disguise, and at this time, Myrrha made love with her father countless times. He felt so disguised when he realized the woman who had been seducing him was his daughter. He almost killed her, but her prayers to the gods to protect her helped transform her body into a tree. 

Aphrodite’s Being Cruel to Others

Another victim of Aphrodite’s power was Phaedra (Hippolytus stepmother, who had a celibate life and dedicated all her life to Artemis). Aphrodite got some insults when Hippolytus neglected her proposals, thus using Phaedra to revenge. She forced Phaedra to fall in love with her stepson hopelessly. She got sick because Phaedra did everything she could to resist her attraction to him. Hippolytus got infuriated when he heard of what Aphrodite did. 

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