Are things getting stale in your relationship?

Are things getting stale in your relationship?

No matter how you are committed to your relationship, there are ebbs and flows and sooner or later, things get stale.

Within the different stages, from the honeymoon stage to the power struggle stage, to the stability stage, to commitment stage, to the co-habitation stage (if there is to be one) there are always moments when you look around and go, really? This is it?

But the key is to recognize that no matter how absolutely FABULOUS he is, and how enchanted you are with each other, or how much he worships you, there are going to be those days – count on it.

The real trick is to recognize when these moments or days appear and squash them like a bug right away, don’t wait until your relationships is invested with fire ants to make a change. If you can spot those initial annoying little bugs form the onset, you can really save your relationship from a lot of drama and wasted time and energy and even an unnecessary breakup.

So here are a few pointers to help out in a pinch:

Do something spontaneous. Nothing gets you out of rut quicker than shaking up the routine. This can mean anything from just a date night on the town to grabbing him and getting down and dirty in the kitchen as soon as he’s home from work.

Brag about him. Do it. Say something amazing about him on the phone to your girlfriend when you know he can hear you. Nothing helps the spark more than getting an ego boost and who doesn’t like one of those from time to time.
Do something that he likes to do. Sure we have different interests and our partners always want to do something that we find darn right annoying, but what’s the harm in agreeing to a Sunday afternoon couching with a bag of Doritos and a few football games if that is what makes him happy.

Change it up. He says he likes you in short skirts, you think you have knobby knees. Wear the skirt. He’ll like and you never know what showing off those sexy legs will lead to!

Regardless of what you end up trying to do to bring back that spark, do something. Don’t just sit there and expect it will go away and the spark will just ignite all by itself –it’s not going to happen and you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your relationships so far, so isn’t it worth a little extra effort from time to time? You bet it is!

Crystal Kadir

MS, Durham University

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