Based on positive reviews we noticed on its website and manufacturing practices the company applies, we would give it an excellent remark on performance. Asha Apothecary is committed to ensuring human health and wellness keeps becoming better every day. For transparency purposes, the company publishes all its lab results and provides a link under every related product to help customers verify them even before purchasing. Also, it has one of the best manufacturing technologies and uses regenerative agricultural techniques to grow its hemp. As a result, the company has constantly been delivering quality products in broad-spectrum form. Notably, its products range from 25 mg to 1000 mg of CBD, which we find somehow limited. Currently, the company only offers edibles, gummies, soft gels, topical products and tinctures, which are sold from $19.99 to $170.95; we found them slightly higher. Kindly keep reading our review since we have captured the company’s information, its manufacturing protocols, and the range of products they have been using to win over the competitive CBD market.

About the Company

Asha Apothecary was established in November 2019 in Venice Beach, California, by multiple specialists in agriculture and science. According to its website, they believe that there is a strong connection between people and plants to improve human health and wellness, unlike artificial products that harm the human body. Because of this belief, the company primarily focuses on identifying other beneficial naturally occurring elements blended in its hemp to develop the best products. Notably, the company is committed to generating a better future using its partnership with Mother Nature. As a result of this purpose, they have sworn to keep using sustainable cultivation, formulation, purification practices to manufacture hemp-based items in a broad spectrum.

Besides, the company has obtained high levels of transparency since they publish all information they think is of importance to its consumers and other interested parties such as our team. Its website has been beautifully designed, and each content is articulated clearly and in an organized manner. Also, its product catalogue is well-defined, and anyone can easily locate any product they are looking for. To facilitate buying experience, the company has given adequate product descriptions on every product. Some of the important information provided includes potency levels, flavour, purpose, and price. Compared to other companies’ product descriptions, they still need additional relevant information such as the ingredients, dosage, how to administer it, THC, and contaminant results obtained from the lab.

Since we could easily access products and the information given, we accessed its buying experience by ordering a few of them. (Rest & Relief Fresh Mint and Dynamic Duo Soft gel. Adding and removing products on our shopping cart was easy and fast. Upon deciding which products we needed to order, we confirmed payments to complete the purchase. Shortly after making payments, we received an email bearing the tracking number and important information about the order we had made. On the third day, we received our products, somehow discreetly packed via USPS in a brown box with the company’s name and logo on it. However, the products were safely packed, and the box had individually wrapped products; the products were shipped for free.

Although the company had QR codes that helped us affirm the lab results posted under each product on its online shop and the package, we still needed to find more information on the COA report that we could not identify on each batch. Before settling on contacting its support team, we thought it wise to go through its comprehensive FAQ page to see if they have addressed our concern. Although we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we noticed that crucial common questions had been well-responded to. A large proportion of the questions were on CBD, indicating that they are good ambassadors of the brand. Also, questions such as its shipping and return policy, terms and conditions, and lab results, among others, had been well-attended.

Since the page was not of help to us, we decided to reach its support team. Unlike other companies, which provides multiple ways of reaching their support team, you can only contact them via online message. Notably, our request for a COA report was responded to on the third day from our first massage. Since they took days to respond, we were forced to drop multiple messages.

Furthermore, to keep track of its reputation and its product performance in the market, the company allows customers to leave reviews under each product line. Besides, we also noted social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook accounts, which helps them bring customers together and share different experiences concerning the CBD Asha Apothecary brand.

Manufacturing Process

The company has obtained legal documents to grow organic hemp and use it to manufacture naturally occurring items that will attend to its customers’ health and wellness needs. Since it uses large proportions of hemp plant extracts in its products, unlike any other ingredient, it ensures it is sustainably grown without using artificial fertilizers, pesticides or any other plant booster. However, its research team conducts field studies to identify effective ingredients that have been in use for over 20 years to help it maximize quality and rapid effectiveness. Notably, all its processing occurs within the US border; they obtain their hemp plant from Colorado. Ingredients such as MCT oil cuts across all its products since it’s a carrier of maximum bioavailability, which increases absorption rates.

Furthermore, after hemp-harvesting, it is taken to its manufacturing facility while still fresh, mostly within 24 hours. Processing immediately commences upon its arrival to avoid tapering with its state and obtain beneficial ingredients. Since the company started manufacturing products, it has relied on CO2 as its primary extraction method. The company finds the technique effective because it can extract only beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, among other ingredients. In addition, it is also eco-friendly compared to other methods such as ethanol.

After crafting the products, each batch is taken to its central independent third-party lab for potency and purity tests. The role of the lab is to ensure the advertised levels of CBD and THC match the ones in the products (THC levels should not go beyond 0.3%). Besides, since the primary role of CBD is to offer naturally occurring products, it has to ensure all its products are free of any possible contaminant particles.

Range of Products

Asha Apothecary CBD Tinctures

Asha Apothecary CBD Tinctures

The tinctures are made from C02 organically grown hemp plant extracts and are designed in a broad spectrum. To help its customers administer the correct dosage of 1ml (as recommended under the product), each serving come with accurately marked droppers. Besides, it uses MCT oil to increase absorption rate into the bloodstream, among other oils. However, the company recommends that they should either be administered sublingually or for oral use only. Lastly, they are currently natural and mint flavours at $54.99 and $79.99, respectively.

Asha Apothecary CBD Edible Gummies

Asha Apothecary CBD Edible Gummies

Since gummies are one of the most convenient ways of administering daily CBD dosage, the company saw the need to offer quality gummies to help its customers enjoy taking CBD. Besides using MCT oil to promote digestion, it covers its gummies with naturally occurring fruit flavour to enhance good test. However, C02 organic hemp plant extracts remain the prevailing ingredients incorporated in the gummies. Unlike tinctures which could be administered either orally or sublingually, they are for oral use only. Currently, the company only offers Strawberry Lemonade Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies in the potency of 300 mg of CBD at $33.99.

Asha Apothecary CBD Soft Gels

Asha Apothecary CBD Soft Gels

Apart from gummies, Soft Gels are the second most convenient way of administering your daily CBD dosage. It is administered at one go with the aid of water or your favourite drink. The company manufactures its capsules using organic CO2 extracts alongside MCT oil to enhance easy digestion. Notably, the soft gels are vegan friendly and for oral use only. According to the company, one is to take only one soft gel a day. Each capsule contains 25 mg, and each bottle contains 30 of them sold at $79.99.

Asha Apothecary CBD Topicals

Asha Apothecary CBD Topicals

If you are facing skin issues or muscle pain after a long day or workout, then Asha Apothecary offers you topical products that will enhance the relaxation of your body. Various ingredients such as shea butter, lavender, eucalyptus, and essential oils such as MCT oil are blended in CO2 hemp plant extracts to maximize effectiveness. Lastly, currently, the company only offers Lavender Eucalyptus Broad Spectrum CBD solve in 500 mg at $54.99 and recommends it for topical use.

What we like about the company

Unlike other brands, the company applies nanoemulsion technology used in water-soluble products, which very few CBD companies apply. Also, the company applies organic regenerative farming practices to ensure they avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides whose particles might penetrate the products. Last but not least, the company offers free shipping despite the amount used to order products.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has addressed most concerns that raise alarm among CBD customers, a few require its attention. First, it needs to offer more ways of contacting its support teams, such as phone numbers and email. In addition, they have to address the time taken for its support team to respond to concerns; three days is quite long. Also, they need to offer military discounts to support them as a way of showing love for their commitment to protecting US citizens. Lastly, the company needs to work on the potency accuracy of some products.


Although the company has shown various weaknesses in different parts, which leaves room for improvement, it also has numerous fascinating things. Due to various advantages, it has invested in, such as modern technology and regenerative farming, the company has rapidly developed and has a considerable number of customers. However, to reach a wider market, it must attend to crucial concerns such as its support team. Having a reliable support team gives confidence to customers since they are assured of getting instant help whenever they call upon. In addition, before thinking of expanding its line of products, we advise it to conduct market research and see which products are scarce so that they can take advantage of the market.

Anastasia Filipenko

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