Avenue3 Realty & It’s Founders

Avenue3 Realty & It’s Founders

Avenue3 Realty & It’s Founders– Boutique Full-Service Real Estate Brokerage that offers  numerous assistance programs to alleviate the stress of buying and selling homes for clients.  Avenue3 doesn’t just work with clients, but invests in them. Not every day is picture-perfect.  Some days are hectic and stressful, and others seem to flow, no matter the profession or how  you spend your days. Even on the toughest of days, we wouldn’t trade what we do. We see our  work as a privilege. Why may you ask? It’s simple. We get to be a small part of guiding people  home—the place they will celebrate holidays, birthdays, and celebrations. We understand how  sacred this can be as it is the place they will share laughter, tears, disagreements and follow-up  hugs. Avenue3 Realty was designed to be unlike any other Brokerage. We’ve built our brand on  bettering the lives of our clients through a personalized approach. So who are we? We’re sisters  who co-founded Avenue3 Realty and not only share a family bond, but also have the pleasure  of having a strong friendship and business working relationship.  

Co-founder, Angelina Scafani-Sciarrino, made the business of Real Estate Sales, Finance and  Renovations her profession over the past twenty years as a Licensed Broker. She concentrates her efforts on underwriting projects, managing systems, and working toward the business  development of Avenue3 Realty with acute attention to detail and intimate knowledge of the  more complicated but crucial aspects of Real Estate. As a mother raising a son on her own, she  learned that it takes organization, efficiency and structure to maintain a steady and balanced  flow of work and life to create a happy home. Working within a family business, allows for a  flexible schedule to ensure meeting clients’ needs while having the opportunity to be an  involved mom. Her goal is to make certain that every person in her life, whether family, friends,  client or business associate leaves better off than when they met her. Angelina is fortunate to  have her younger sister and co-founder, Gina Scafani, to be her partner. With a degree in  Business from the University of San Diego and a Licensed Broker, Gina has held high-level  executive positions in Investment and Management firms as well as managed properties,  renovations and transactions throughout California. She has focused her energy on  management, finance, client relations, and underwriting for the growth of our business. Years  ago, she discovered yoga and found that it is a practice that requires a lot of discipline, mental  clarity, and presence. Collectively it has been the main driving force in evolving her business  mindset. Having taught yoga for over ten years now, she has further strengthened her communication, listening, and mindfulness. These skills have shaped her into a compassionate and perceptive businesswoman. Knowing the importance of balancing her career and personal  life, allows her to think more clearly, be open-minded, stay focused on projects, and manage  various responsibilities. Earning the trust of students is the same as earning the trust of her  clients. Combining her two passions has brought much fulfillment to her professionally.  

Motivation to Start the Business: In an industry inundated with brokers and novice agents, we  have unfortunately witnessed that most focus on getting the deal done, collecting their  commission and moving on. We wanted to do better for our clients. With our collective years of  professional and personal experiences, we have the know-how to offer a personalized client centered service. We created a brokerage that focuses on the needs of our clients and hones in on services to alleviate the stress of moving, buying/selling a home, all while building a long term relationship. Avenue3 Realty offers a personalized white-glove service that is customized  to the needs of individual clients through an innovative approach. Services range from physical  assistance where we lend a helping hand with packing, arrange donations, and oftentimes we  even help with tidying up homes. Not every client needs physical assistance, many feel  overwhelmed, and it’s emotional support and guidance that best supports them during this  pivotal time. Knowing that buying and selling a home is a major life change, there are times  clients just need us to be a shoulder to lean on, allowing them to express their anxieties and  stressors. Lastly, there are instances where a client is financially underwater and can’t think  clearly. That is where we step in and provide monetary aid—whether it’s advancing funds to get  their mortgage caught up, make renovations to increase the value of their home, or money to  help reduce other financial burdens that are weighing on them until the property sells. These  funds are advanced to the homeowner and repaid upon closing, there are no points or interest  assessed. We look at the ability to offer physical, emotional and monetary services as a need in  the Real Estate industry, and with our backgrounds, we have the desire and tools to provide  these value added services at no additional cost to our clients. Through the process, we look to  educate our clients, so they can make informed decisions by offering expert advice and  strategies about real estate

Challenges the business/market is facing: With the current housing crisis, lack of inventory,  inflation, and the pandemic, the real estate industry has taken a huge hit. To a consumer, you  see a booming industry that is thriving, but for those of us who are working in it, it has become  extremely challenging. The simple economics of high demand and low supply inevitably creates  strong competition with professionals fighting for business and survival. In an effort to get a  deal, we are seeing a reduction in commissions as brokers try to undercut each other and these  unethical behaviors affect the reputations of brokers trying to do good business. It has become  difficult to land more deals with the limited leads circulating.  

Opportunities the business/market is facing: Today, real estate is in a transitional period with  modern technology and marketing forcing change within the way we conduct business. The  pandemic has caused us to take a step back, educate ourselves on what platforms to use and  the advantage of the widespread social media outlets where we are able to showcase our  business, programs, and expose our brand. Most see real estate brokers as a tool to buy and  sell their home, we are using this time to get our message out that we aren’t just here to sell homes. Avenue3 Realty is committed to genuinely partner with clients to help them reach their goals every step of the way. 

Advice to others about business: We’ve survived the 2008 market crash and rebuilt all that was  lost. The most important lesson learned was that we must stay committed to trusting the  process, accepting failures, and learning to ebb and flow with the journey. It is easy to feel  defeated and immediately seek change, but it takes true business people, like ourselves, to face  struggles and never give up. At Avenue3 Realty, we take each hiccup and use it as an  opportunity to do better, to be stronger, and to grow. This mindset has made us successful and  helps us standout. 

Anastasia Filipenko

Anastasia Filipenko is a health and wellness psychologist, dermatolist and a freelance writer. She frequently covers beauty and skincare, food trends and nutrition, health and fitness and relationships. When she's not trying out new skincare products, you'll find her taking a cycling class, doing yoga, reading in the park, or trying a new recipe.

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