Avida CBD is one of the best companies that promote health all with the healing and curative properties of hemp-derived CBD. It is a accompany that was created with the idea of helping people stick to more active lifestyle. With the aid of current technology, they take pride in giving back to the community by developing high-quality THC-free products.

This company knows well how to get hurdles of its way to the top of the list of best handlers of CBD. They clearly indicate in their website that they their passion is people, and they deem their families, children, and friends as their potential customers. According to Avida CBD, everybody can reinvent themselves with the power of CBD. They are dedicated to helping people discover a healthier lifestyle. This inspires them to continuously create products that have good taste, are quality guaranteed, safe, third-party lab tested, and effective. You will have all the reasons, more than 10, to choose Avida CBD oils, which are derived from 100 percent organic cultivated hemp plants. In other words, their oils have no genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides.

About Avida CBD

Avida CBD is a company based in the U.S that was established in 2018. The idea and passion behind is to help people lead a healthier lifestyle in two ways – organically and ethically. The company claims to care about what people take into their body and know how powerful CBD can have positive impact on health. For that reason, Avida CBD passes their end products in a third-party lab for final approval and offer the best CBD to their esteemed customers. The company was formed with three core principles. First, to let their customers know in details what they are getting. In fact, that is the main reason why all products from Avida CBD are both tested in their facility and in a trusted third-party lab. For each product tested, there is a lab result concealed with a QR code. Secondly, Avida CBD only wanted to offer the best CBD products at prices their customer could afford. This doesn’t make them the cheapest CBD manufacturer, but the best caring partner. The third and last principle was to offer a 5-star customer experience. Avida CBD claims that the treatment they give people is what they would like to get in return. They care for every customer and encourage you to ask any question on their contact page.

Ten Reasons To Choose Avida Products

  • Their CBD oils are sourced from 100% organically cultivated hemp plant.
  • They are eco-friendly and strive to care for the environment.
  • All their products have non-detectable levels of THC.
  • They guarantee a return policy, giving your money back in 30 days.
  • They offer free shipping on orders exceeding $35.
  • They are the immediate consumers of their products, giving them the confidence that you will also love them.
  • They send all their finished products to a third-party lab for final approval.
  • All their CBD products are manufactured and packaged in a GMP-certified facility.
  • They consistent in their production and every product has the same quality as the last.
  • It is based in Colorado – proudly operating only in the U.S.A.

Process of Manufacturing

Avida CBD dedicates its time and efforts to producing only the finest CBD products on the market. The process of making their products pure and of high quality starts at the cultivation level. The initial process is clearing the soil for contaminants and heavy metals with the aim of producing optimal raw materials. Once the hemp is harvested, it is tested to ensure that it does not contain pesticides, mildew, or molds. They then take their raw materials to the factory where they undergo winterization and meticulous extraction processes tagged “Avida Core Spectrum Technology.” At this stage, THC is removed while all the natural components of hemp plant are preserved to create the entourage effect for the experience you have long yearned for. In the end, their THC-free they products are of highest quality CBD isolates that are pharmaceutically graded. Prior to bringing them to the market, every batch of products are sent to a qualified third-party lab for testing and to ensure that you are getting nothing bad but all the good.

Category of Products For You Selection

Avida CBD is a young company that has lasted in the block only for two years. Within this short time, the company has mastered the art of creating and developing the very best line of products. They give you products for everyday use, for your pet, for wellness – so long as you are interested in leading a healthy and more active lifestyle. Their line of products include:

CBD tinctures – which are free of THC and are 0% nicotine.

CBD vape pens – will help you get the right dosage of CBD in an easy way.

CBD vape juice – are made to give you the best vaping experience.

CBD gummies – these artisanally crafted mouthwatering gummies come in different flavors for you to choose from.

CBD topicals – Avida CBD would like to help keep your skin healthy, because its your identity.

You can find these products at the top of their homepage by clicking “Shop Avida CBD” green button. Any line product having a new product added to it will be marked with a red tag white writings – NEW.

Range of Products

An article reviewing a brand is only interesting if two or more particular products are tried in the real sense. That is our aim and we did exactly that. We ordered some products and tried them for you. The tests went smoothly and we must admit that we will be making more orders for our personal uses. All the same, Avida CBD does its delivery in time, and the products we ordered arrived before we realized – thanks for the notification they sent us. We tried the following products:

  • Avida Raspberry CBD Gummies – 360 mg
  • Avida CBD Vape Pen – Epic Apple
  • Avida CBD Topical Relief Balm – 500 mg
  • Avida CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Spearmint – 500 mg

Avida Raspberry CBD Gummies

Avida Raspberry CBD Gummies

You don’t need to be stressed anymore. Pack your stress and throw them out the door (or through whichever route) and…RELAX. This product helped us reset to relax mode and the entire office was silent. It is a tastier way to add CBD to your routine on a daily basis. Each container comes with 36 raspberry flavored gummies each with a strength dose of 10 mg. While chewing each gummy will get you into the indulgence of sweet raspberries, a note of sugar cane syrup will leave your taste buds jumping in joy. These gummies are gluten-free and gelatin-free, meaning that you will be getting the natural phytocannabinoids of hemp without any interruption. You can stash them in your bag and don’t fear them melting as they are coated with pectin.

Avida CBD Vape Pen – Epic Apple

Avida CBD Vape Pen – Epic Apple

Epic Apple? We were thrilled the most when we took our first inhale on of this product. When you vape with this pen, the inhale in filled with a kick of green apple flavor. The taste…? Is the one can only dream of replicating. Made with Avida Core Hemp-derived CBD Isolate, these pens are formulated with 3000 mg of CBD, with each pen containing 100 mg of CBD, which will give approximately 300 puffs. Main ingredients include natural and artificial flavorings, Avida Core CBD Isolate, food grades propylene glycol and vegetable glycol in the ratio of 50 to 50. Keep in mind that this pen is disposable, so there is no need of messing it with refills.

Avida CBD Topical Relief Balm

Avida CBD Topical Relief Balm

Are your prescribed medications for pain not working for you? That is humiliating. Spending money on something that fails you, in the long run, is annoying. Avida CBD Relief Balm is heaven-sent mercy for you. This moisturizing all-in-one relief balm is created with 100% natural ingredients. Applying the balm delivers a soothing effect of CBD in problem areas leaving the skin hydrated and rejuvenated. It hits two things at the same time – pain and skin problem. It is infused with organic ingredients to boost the power of CBD for topical wellness. Directions of use? Apply it liberally on the affected areas by massaging it onto the skin gently. CBD will offer its soothing, moisturizing, and hydrating effects. Do not apply on broken skin and keep it in a cool dry place. It is sold at $39.99

Avida CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Spearmint

Avida CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Spearmint

Are the kind of person that is overtaken by flavor? We guess you must be. Spearmint tincture from Avida CBD has a taste that cannot be compared to any other. It has a rich, satisfying, and pure full-spectrum CBD experience and other natural compounds. It has been tested by third-party laboratories and levels up to the expectations of Avida’s esteemed customers. Various phytocannabinoid compounds in Avida CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Spearmint creates an entourage effect that help rejuvenate the sense of balance to your body. The flavor of mint is light but don’t underestimate it. It is engineered to make the ingestion of the tincture a memorable and pleasant one. Each bottle comes with a calibrated dropper to help you know exactly the amount of CBD you are ingesting. Avida CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Spearmint is free of BPA and gluten. Remember to keep it in a cool dry place away from the sun.

What We Likee About The Company

We first fell in love with Avida’s homepage art. It looked so cool we wanted to stay on the site forever. Their site is easy to browse through. It is well arranged and organized. One thing leads to another. Kudos Avida CBD for such a good work. We also love to be educated, remember knowledge is power and its endless. Avida CBD does this well by allowing you to add your name to the list of their CBD community where you are entitled CBD educational contents.

What We Don’t Like About Avida CBD

We tried to if we could get any promo code from the site but all in vain. Avida CBD should join the dots together and beat its competitors by offering discounts to its buyers. Everybody would like to be motivated and we think that Avida CBD should motivate its current customers and prospects to buy more of its products.

Our Overall Verdict

The CBD community is steadily growing and we don’t want you to be undecided of which house to enter. Avida CBD is our home. Using its Avida Core technology, it engineers the best CBD products like no other on the planet. Get your house together by trying some of its products.

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