-What are the bad habits -How/Where does this impact us

Carrying heavy bags

Many people know the bad habit of carrying a bag on one side. But do you know the effect may be more when carrying heavy ones on your back? It puts unwanted pressure on the spine, straining its supportive muscles and promoting bad posture. I recommend avoiding bag loads with more weight than 20% of your body mass. Also, ensure to get bags that properly distribute weight on your back, no matter how small the capacity it has.


Smoking is a big risk to reduced blood flow to the spine and can increase lower back pain. It also inspires coughing that could cause back pain and reduces healing speed. All these factors possibly cause a weaker spine and back that could compromise your posture. Everything requires moderation, including smoking. If you cannot cut smoking, then reduce your daily consumption.

Sleeping on your tummy

Do you know the best sleeping position for your back’s safety? Is it the back itself, stomach, or side? Well, it is a highly debated topic but you can agree that sleeping on your stomach accompanies several turns and tosses that can strain the lower back and neck. I always remind people to support their lower back on whichever position assumed. If it is the back, put a pillow below your knees or between your hips when lying on the side.

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