Bara brith or Welsh tea bread is prepared with combined dried fruits, often dried currants, sultanas, and raisins. Individuals make this recipe easily and produce delicious Bara brith. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis nutrient-rich compound used in many recipes. Follow to discover how to make Bara brith with cannabidiol.

Bara brith is an ancient Welsh tea bread manufactured with combined dried fruits, often dried currants, sultanas, and raisins. They are soaked in mixed spice, preserved citrus peel, and tea overnight. Specifically, Bara means bread while brith means speckled. When combined, Bara brith signifies speckled bread, suitable for bread sprinkled with desirable raisins. This recipe is broadly served and makes an amazing moist cake-like dried fruit since they are soaked in tea overnight. The product is kept for some days before consumption for the taste to develop. Learn to make Bara brith recipe with cannabidiol (CBD), a nutrient-dense cannabis compound.

What is Bara Brith?

Individuals have sampled sweet Welsh cuisine types, including Bara Brith, Welsh cakes, and Welsh delicious treats. Welsh tea bread or Bara brith is prepared with blended dried fruits like dried currants, sultanas, and raisins. They are soaked in mixed spice, sweetened citrus peel, and tea overnight. Bara means bread while brith speckled, implying the two represent speckled bread. The name is suitable for bread sprinkled with desirable raisins. The dates when they began are unknown since the eighteenth century, and the earlier family recipes were probably transferred from one generation to another. Although traditionally consumed during Christmas, these desserts are enjoyed throughout the year. Thick portions are freely enjoyed and buttered with a teacup. According to James (2018), Welsh tea bread is common in Argentina, specifically Chebut jurisdiction, where the Welsh association was developed in the nineteenth century. Hutchings et al. (2019) discovered that Welsh introduced their cultures to them, such as the well-known tea cake. This product is called black cake or torta Negra in Argentina. Traditionally, Welsh tea bread (Bara brith) was manufactured using yeast where the bread was fermented (sourdough process). However, these desserts have been prepared with baking powder for multiple decades. The Welsh tea bread recipe uses baking powder and integrates all traditional flavors and ingredients into your favorite sweet tea bread. They share similarities with German Stollen, Italian Panettone, Irish Barmbrack, and Bara brith (Welsh tea bread) is Wale’s fruit bread version.

How to make Bara Brith with Cannabidiol

According to Mulder (2015), Bara brith is an incredibly simple recipe because it requires some pre-planning to allow dried fruits to soak into your favorite tea overnight. This plops down the dried fruits and incorporates an essential traditional fragrance to that bread. However, certain recipes exclude any fat or butter while others use them. Some prefer when using cannabidiol and butter since they boost the texture and flavor. Bara brith with cannabidiol becomes better with time as it penetrates and develops the bread. Wait till the following day before sharing the dessert.


  • Ten ounces sultanas and raisins combination.
  • Four ounces of dried currants (black)
  • One ounce sweetened lemon peel
  • One ounce seasoned orange peel
  • Homemade orange peel or candied lemon recipe (experts recommend this utilizing homemade, it brings the distinction)
  • Approximately two cups of highly concentrated black tea
  • Three cups of multi-purpose flour
  • One cup of packaged dark brown sugar
  • About four teaspoons of baking powder
  • About two teaspoons combined spice recipe (highly recommended for an exceptional flavor)
  • Approximately two teaspoons of salt
  • Four tablespoons of softened and unsalted cannabidiol butter
  • One lightly beaten large egg


Put the currants, sultanas, and raisins in one bowl with a sweetened orange and lemon peel. Transfer your hot tea to the fruit, mix, cover, and allow it to remain there overnight. They will absorb almost the entire liquid amount based on how moist or dry the currants or raisins were during the start. If any liquid is remaining, preserve about two or three tablespoons to brush the finished bread top. Put the remaining liquid, fruits, and cannabidiol oil, into the flour mixture. Put the spices, salt, baking powder, and flour in the stand mixer bowl and stir for complete mixing. After that, incorporate the remaining ingredients into it. Utilize the paddle attachment to blend the constituents into butter, similar to soft cookie bread. Remember, the butter might become extremely dry after mixing, and incorporate either small egg yolk portion of melted butter. Measure the cannabidiol batter into a lubricated loaf pan and utilize the spoon backside or fingers to make the top smooth. Preheat the oven to approximately 325 degrees, then bake your product for about 70-85 minutes. Remove the bread when the toothpick put at the center of the bread comes out spotless. Brush or spoon the preserved dried fruit liquid on the hot bread’s top and allow it cool for some minutes before taking it out from the loaf pan to the wire rack for complete cooling. Sprinkle with butter and cut into portions to serve. Traditionally, people enjoyed Bara brith with tea. Heath (2020) noted that prepared CBD Welsh tea bread is nutritious and delicious for human consumption.

An American View on Welsh Tradition

In the United States, the recipe is adjusted further. The ancient fruit combination includes currants. These ingredients are hardly accessed; thus, they are substituted with black seedless and golden raisins. Similarly, many American grocery sources do not offer standard British blended spices. Instead, some manufacturers utilize a pumpkin spice mixture, which resembles a spice blend, particularly if an individual incorporates some ground coriander.


Traditionally, Welsh tea bread (Bara brith) was consumed in Wales during Christmas. Some consumers refused to make fruitcake recipes during holidays, thus allowing others to prepare fruit-filled and tea bread instead. Additionally, this recipe cooked with cannabidiol gives an exceptional experience as consumers take their CBD daily dose while satisfying their cravings. The speckled bread that includes traditional sultanas, currants, and raisins is a delicious and nutrient-rich combination. You should use correct ingredients like sweetened orange and lemon peel and accurate baking temperature. Incorporate cannabidiol among the ingredients to maximize your benefits. Furthermore, ensure the correct procedure is followed to acquire the anticipated product.


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