Baskin is a fast-growing CBD company that takes pride in making the finest CBD creams. They use their own devised technology – Patented Invisicare – to develop body creams that are safe for your consumption.  The company dedicates its time and efforts in engineering THC-free body creams that outdo other CBD topicals on the market.

According to Baskin, nature has something special to give your body – the endocannabinoid system – a system that regulates mood, pain, sleep, stress, metabolism, and more. Baskin creates their products with the efficacy and potency to deliver the power of cannabinoids derived from hemp. Baskin is one of the CBD companies that uses only hemp plant grown in the U.S. Needless to say, the company’s technology ensures that the psychoactive compound – THC – is reduced to undetectable levels while preserving the important components in their raw material, hemp. They are a company worth banking your trust on when it comes to creating the best CBD products of highest quality.

About Baskin CBD

We had to visit their website to collect information worth sharing. The first thing you will notice about this company’s website is its elaborate outline. The website is easy to navigate. The homepage bears the key things that you should first come across. Unfortunately, the page doesn’t have “About Us” or “Our Story” section where you we could see more about them. However, we managed to gather the following facts from other sources. Baskin was established by a team of scientists whose main aim was to create pure and clean products that have been passed through rigorous steps. It has its headquarters in San Diego, California, USA. The scientists went ahead and devised a unique technology that harnesses an outstanding delivery mechanism for their CBD topical products. Patented Invisicare Technology ensures that Baskin’s cream remain on your skin for long resulting in a steady delivery of CBD to the site of application.

According to Baskin, their cream have 81% delivery efficacy to the body compared to other topical CBD products which have an average of 25% delivery. The company produces various creams and each cream have its unique scent depending on its use. Their dosages are also different but in general, their come in two different strengths starting from 90 mg to 400 mg. According to the company, one must not take CBD orally to experience its benefits. Topical application of CBD products delivers the power of compounds in hemp plant in all aspects – organic and ethical. In addition, Baskin operates in a GMP company, meaning that there are a company you can trust when it comes to creating clean and safe CBD products.

Process of Manufacturing

Our next stop was at the company’s process of manufacturing. We wanted to know how Baskin manages their stages of production to bring you the best CBD creams on the planet. Any product has to start as raw material, and Baskin’s raw material, hemp is given the care its deserves before it makes its way into the factory. The company partners with trusted and experienced farmers who grow hemp plants in conducive and natural environments. The soil is cleared to remove heavy metals and other contaminants and no pesticide or genetically modified organism is used to tend to the plants.

Once hemp is taken to the factory, Baskin uses the broad-spectrum method to extract CBD from it. This means that you will be getting all the benefits of cannabinoids from hemp without the fear of getting “high” with the psychoactive compound, THC. They use formulas that are free of waxes, parabens, alcohol, or other organic solvents. While we have indicted that the company partners with experienced farmers, we were not able to identify their exact source of hemp. When we contacted them from their website, their never responded. All the same, all their products have been tried in clinical settings and we are certain that their source of hemp is trustworthy.

Baskin’s Line of Products

Baskin has a limited line of products compared to other CBD brands. In fact, they deal in only one line of product – topicals or creams. However, this doesn’t bother us as all of their products have been proven to be effective at relieving pain. As a matter of facts, this company is the first CBD brand to have ever been tried in clinical settings for pain management. The results indicated that Baskin’s products are effective at managing acute and chronic back pain. In their single line of products, there is a range of products, which we will discuss in the this review.

Benefits of Using Baskin’s Creams

Baskin has engineered body creams with a unique technology. They are all made to last longer on your skin delivering CBD steadily. Their three types of creams, body wellness, sports recovery, and skin relief allow your skin to exchange air freely and retain its natural moisture. As per Baskin’s directions of using their creams, they can be applied on affected areas, including back of neck, behind the knees, inner wrists, temples, and feet – for optimum effect. The creams are so effective that after absorption, they provide continuous relief for 6 hours. Each cream has a formula free of waxes, parabens, organic solvents, and alcohol. In addition, their creams have high absorption rate of 80 percent compared to 25 percent of other CBD creams.

Range of Products

Baskin has does not have a wide range of products compared to other CBD brands. All the same, we had to order them and try them for you. Their range of products include post workout cream, relief cream, bath bomb, body wellness cream, and sports recovery cream. These creams differ in the strengths and they come in different scents. We tried the Body Wellness cream 400 mg. But if you are more into athletes, you can try their Pre and Post Workout cream that will offer you more benefits before and after your exercise. There are several bath bombs, but we have never come across such a stronger one like Baskin’s CBD bath bomb with a whopping 50 mg of CBD. In particular, we ordered and tried the following products:

  • CBD Body Wellness Cream – 400 mg
  • CBD Skin Relief Cream – 150 mg
  • CBD Sport Recovery Cream – 300 mg

CBD Body Wellness Cream

CBD Body Wellness Cream

This brand comes in two strengths – 235 mg and 400 mg. For this review, we tried 400 mg. Baskin’s CBD Body Wellness Cream is made using broad-spectrum hemp and concentrated with a pleasant citric scent. At the time we were reviewing this cream, on Baskin’s website, the cream had been reviewed by five customers and rated 5 out of 5. The company has made it so easy to apply this cream. All you need to do is press the metered airless pump which will squeeze the desired amount of cream into your palm. Apply and spread the cream on the affected areas. It has been tested by a trusted third-party lab – DB Labs – for purity and potency. It also have undetectable levels of THC, which meets the US and European limits for THC. The product also has a QR code below it – on the website – which when you click will take you to a page revealing its certificate of analysis (COA). A bottle containing 400 mg of CBD is sold at $32.99.

CBD Skin Relief Cream

CBD Skin Relief Cream

Skin health is very important, as it reveals your identity to the outside world. Baskin has carefully engineered this Skin Relief Cream to help your skin breath freely and retain its natural moisture. It is designed to be applied after every 6 hours, a period during which it will be offering continuous relief to your body. You can apply it onto affected temples, behind the neck, behind the knees, feet, or inner wrists. It’s time we think you need to show your skin some love and make it shine with this cream. It offers a controlled release of CBD and maintains your skin moisture. It has not been reviewed or rated by any customer on their website. CBD Skin Relief Cream from Baskin comes in two strengths – 90 mg and 150 mg. Its active ingredients include deionized water, carbomer, coconut oil, disodium EDTA, broad spectrum hemp extract CBD, vitamin E, and many other powerful ingredients. The company will ship this product freely to your doorstep if you make an order over $75. It also has a unique QR code for Certificate of Analysis.

CBD Sport Recovery Cream

CBD Sport Recovery Cream

Muscle and joint soreness may strike hard making it hard to engage in the next day’s physical activities. Your muscles need to recovery properly, lest a serious injury may occur. However, with Baskins CBD Sport Recovery Cream you don’t need to lower your guards in the pitch anymore. Play it harder and power through, and give yourself a win. No need to sit back, just stand up strong and start again. This cream is designed to be used before and after a workout. It offers a quick CBD relief, exactly where you expected and needed it. It will race you up (without the psychoactive effects of THC) and keep you in whichever game you are playing. You can view its QR code for the Certificate of Analysis. Tested in DB Labs, this cream will offer the curative properties of CBD onto your skin for up to 6 hours from the time of application. It is enriched with vitamin E, oleic acid and infused with CBD for maximum effects. It has peppermint and eucalyptus scent.

What We Like About Baskin

Baskin’s CBD creams are of high quality. We tried to rub or wash the area where we applied the cream, but it bonded so well to the ski that we didn’t feel it coming off. Even when we sweated, it remained intact on the skin. What thrilled us it the scent of these creams, which gives you the desire to apply it all over your body, even on the unaffected areas! We loved the continuous effects offered by these creams lasting for up to six hours.

What We Don’t Like About Baskin

Baskin is big CBD brand, but it does not have a definite support contact number or email address. This makes it hard for customers to raise personal concerns and receive satisfying responses. The company also prices its creams higher than the quality they offer.

Our Overall Verdict

We trust Baskin’s CBD creams because they have been engineered meticulously with a unique technology and tested by DB Labs. We recommend you try their products, especially if you are leading a more active lifestyle.

Tatyana Dyachenko

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