Be Well Dexter is a CBD brand that believes in bringing the sense of life back to the lowly ones. It is one of the best CBD brands to ever use a holistic approach to health and wellness. The company uses the highest quality ingredients to offer its customers the finest range of CBD products on the market today.

Be Well Dexter, takes pride in helping its legion of customers live their best lives. They use independent laboratory-tested CBD and the highest quality ingredients to develop the finest CBD products you can trust. The company deals with a wide line of products including tinctures, pet drops, and Dexter Spa. The company promotes a better way to wellness and health by using the highest quality and domestically sourced hemp in all their products. According to the company, Dexter is always at work – day and night to help you enjoy premium CBD products. The company has helped many people with chronic pain to experience free life and enjoy it to the fullest. Pain free.

About Be Well Dexter

Be Well Dexter is a Colorado-based CBD brand that was developed with the aim of giving hope to the lowly ones. According to this company, anybody can be a Dexter – a cancer survivor or someone with severe pain. Be Well Dexter values every customer and strives to operate in a culture of respect. The company work as a team and focuses on daily growth through creativity, innovation, and collaboration. This Colorado-proud and pure CBD company uses the finest raw materials and processes available to develop hemp-derived CBD products that can improve the quality of life of their customers. The main mission of Be Well Dexter is to give you and their children a better life. Developing this company has been a labor of love. Be Well Dexter has always chosen to benefit everyone seeking relief, at an affordable price.

The company has carefully engineered CBD products that have been proven to provide relief and symptom management for various ailments experienced by their customers. For instance, the company claims that its CBD products can provide significant and permanent relief to stress. Every CBD product from Dexter is rich in non-psychoactive compounds and you can enjoy the gift of cannabinoids from Mother Nature without any side effects that can alter your mind. A full-spectrum CBD extraction method ensures that all products contain less than 0.3% of THC. Their slogan “Take Care of Your Body; Where Else Are You Going To Live?” is a real proof that Be Well Dexter values welfare of its customers.

Who Is Dexter?

The company gets its name from a pet they really love. Dexter is a dog the founders of the company got from a rescue website immediately after they lost their first dog to cancer. The remaining dog was so lonely and they thought it would help to find it a companion – Dexter. When they first met the rescued dog, Dexter, it was full of infection, overweight, and filthy. It looked from one eye, up to date. They started to give it drops of CBD which have been named after him. Because anybody can be a Dexter, the founders named their CBD products – Be Well Dexter – to give health, hope, and comfort to anyone broken.

Process of Manufacturing

Be Well Dexter understands the weight this world can put on your shoulders. They want to help you carry it, not to add more onto it. With such a caring attitude, the company rigorously processes their products, not only to make them the best on the market, but also to give you the best care from highest quality CBD products. The company uses hemp obtained from farmers in the Great Plains of Colorado. These are loyal, trusted, and experienced farmers who use only organic farming practices and strive to comply with the 2014 Farm Bill. To consistently and naturally produce high percentage of CBD in the hemp plant, Be Well Dexter combines advanced plant genetics, unique cultivars, and top-notch growing techniques.

The company has a big team of chemists who formulate their products with great care, committed to their customer’s health and well-being. Additionally, these professionals masterfully combine a blend of natural ingredients with CBD extracted in the lab. Every batch of finished product is then sent to a trusted third-party lab for testing. The company claims that all their products beside being tested for potency and purity, have been proven to be free of pesticides, wax, mildew, parabens, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Created for your mind, body, and spirit, all products from Be Well Dexter are safe for your consumption.

Amazing Line Of Products By Be Well Dexter

Be Well Dexter has a wide line of products. They produce the finest CBD products for a variety of health conditions ranging from stress to pain. They also have products for everyday use and for pets. From their website, at the bottom of the page, there is a “Shop Products” section. Clicking this tab will reveal different line of products from this company. These include full spectrum, CBD tinctures, CBD gel caps, CBD for pets, CBD topicals, and Dexter Spa.

Pricing of Products

Be Well Dexter markets their products at a fairly affordable price. For instance:

20 mg Full Spectrum Gel Caps goes out at $34.95

Full Spectrum Tinctures sold at $27.95 – %51.95

CBD Gel Caps sold at $34.95 – $44.95

Isolate Tinctures goes out at $27.95 – $51.95

Range Of Product

We thought leaving our Be Well Dexter review without trying some of their products would be disinteresting. So, to make the review complete, we ordered a few products from this company and triedthem for you. When purchasing products from them, Dexter allows you to make payments either by Visa or MaterCard. We used the latter. The ordering went smooth and we received our products within two days. Needless to say, the tests succeeded and we loved the products we ordered, including

  • Be Well Dexter CBD Massage and Body Lotion – 500 mg
  • Be Well Dexter Body Butter – 500 MG
  • Be Well Dexter CBD Gel Caps – 750 mg
  • Be Well Dexter CBD Tincture – 500 mg

Be Well Dexter CBD Massage and Body Lotion

Be Well Dexter CBD Massage and Body Lotion

This CBD lotion from Dexter is carefully engineered to provided luxury. It is a long-lasting lotion that glided smoothly and effortlessly over our skin. It gave us a sense of youthfulness. It is made to combat signs of aging, eczema, and stretch marks. This odorless lotion is made of moisturizing oils, including olive oil, aloe vera, and sweet almond oil, as well as 500 mg of CBD. Believe us or not, this lotion from Be Well Dexter is good for arthritis, aches, pains, and inflammation, thanks to Arnica, which has been added to maximize the lotion’s anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, this lotion is excellent for deep tissue massage. It is made to be gradually and slowly absorbed into your skin, leaving no residue or build up behind. Key ingredients in this lotion, include pure organic arnica oil, rosemary leaf extract, tocopherols, aloe vera leaf extract, glycerin, olive oil, rice bran extract, almond oil, and most importantly, 500 mg of CBD. It contains less than 0.3 percent of THC.

Be Well Dexter Body Butter

Be Well Dexter Body Butter

It has a “Be Calm” writings on its container, and we wanted to feel the calmness from it. So, we tried it for you. It is a luxurious cream based on pure avocado oil. It is meticulously made to penetrate deeper into your skin. It is enriched with potassium, lecithin, and vitamins A, D, and E. It is effective at fighting skin aging, eczema, and skin irritation. This butter goes further to moisturize and nourish your skin with the synergistic actions of glycerin, rice bran, and sunflower extracts. The anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica will also help alleviate discomfort. We were nearly getting melted with the energizing and relaxing scent of citrus and spearmint essentials in this butter. Other key ingredients include rosemary leaf extract, 500 mg of CBD, myrcene, pure organic arnica oil, and rice bran extract. 500 mg of this butter is sold at $34.35. Since it is in a small and lightweight container, you can throw it your pouch or bag and use it wherever you are.

Be Well Dexter CBD Gel Caps

Be Well Dexter CBD Gel Caps

Everybody love CBD capsules, and we are not left out. We wanted to feel the taste of Be Well Dexter in their CBD Gel Caps. They are an easy to swallow, odorless, and all-natural CBD caps. They have been carefully formulated in Colorado and crafted with the highest quality fractionated MCT coconut oil and CBD isolate. There are just more reasons to love these soft gels. Be Well Dexter went ahead and infused them with beta-caryophyllene to alleviate pain and anxiety and myrcene to offer its anti-inflammatory and calming effects. To achieve balance in every system of your body, it recommended you take one capsule per day. One bottle contains 30 gel caps and each capsule is loaded with either 25 or 50 mg of CBD, depending on the strength you chose. Lastly, this product is completely free of THC.

Be Well Dexter CBD Tincture

Be Well Dexter CBD Tincture

Be Well Dexter got you a new way of increasing your intake of CBD without fearing the “high” effects of THC. The are made with 99 percent pure CBD isolate derived from hemp and a kick of terpenes derived from cannabis, to maximize full spectrum effects. It is infused with highest quality fractionated coconut oil. What’s more, this product is free of gluten and is completely vegan. It is designed to be taken in different ways. You can add it to smoothies or drinks or use it in cooking. It can even be added to lotions or taken orally. Every bottle comes with calibrated toppers to help take the right dosage of CBD. Key ingredients include pure hemp terpenes, fractionated coconut oil, and pure CBD isolate. It contains zero THC and is available is different strengths such as 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg.

What We Like About The Company

Be Well Dexter takes every customer’s interest into consideration and they respond promptly to their concerns. They also sell their products at affordable prices.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

The company does not provide discounts on their products.

Our Overall Verdict

If there is a company that can revive your hopes, comfort you, and help you lead a better life, then it is none other than Be Well Dexter. Their products are also sold at affordable prices. We are confident that their products will help you overcome daily life discomforts.

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