Beginner's Guide To Blindfolds

Beginner’s Guide To Blindfolds

Blindfolds take away the visual senses, leaving the body to cope with the remaining four senses. For this reason, the sensitivity of the other senses is immediately heightened to compensate for the loss of one. Manipulate this sensitivity by incorporating various forms of sensory play that will have your partner screaming in delight. With the sense of touch heightened, trail their body with kisses and touches, even incorporating ticklers if you want to raise the stakes. Temperature play will also be more effective as their skin is on high alert, exaggerating every stimulus and having some explosive pleasure sensations taking over their body.

Great Masturbation Session

Masturbation is a highly private affair and most people are not comfortable indulging when there is someone else in the room. Giving your sex life a boost by masturbating in each other’s presence may seem like a great idea in theory but practically almost impossible. Incorporating a blindfold may be the trick that changes all that. By blindfolding your partner, it gives them the confidence to indulge in your presence as they cannot see your reactions. You can also switch roles, by having your partner blindfold you as you treat them to a show of how you pleasure yourself. Indulging allows some openness in your relationship that goes a long way in building trust as you both have an idea of how well to please each other.

Mouth and Tongue Action

Once you tie a blindfold over your partner’s eyes, they have no clue what is coming next. Take this opportunity to slather some chocolate or syrup on their dick and as they are busy trying to figure out what is going on, swallow the sword and take the time to make them feel like they are going to explode from the intense pleasure. The sense of touch is really heightened, making the whole body feel like a ticking time bomb as every touch is greatly exaggerated and the waves that engulf your partner are bigger than usual. This position can be switched letting whoever is dominant take the charge and lead the expedition. To take things a notch further, restraining your partner as they are spread wide gives you unfettered access, and you get to use your ticklers on their balls and nipples as you suck them into oblivion.

Intense Finale

Penetration is the ultimate sexual goal for most. However, most like watching as the visual arousal makes it even hotter. Incorporating the blindfold in your sex play makes your partner very sensitive to the slightest of arousal. Use this chance to tease him or her using the vibrator she likes so much or the surprise vibrating pussy you got. Whichever toy you plan on using, just slather lube on your partner and give them a few moments to get confused as they try to figure out what is happening. Once confusion sets in, carefully get them going with the toy of your choice. If you are not so big on toys, some sexual positions greatly favor the blindfold, the most common being private dancer and rock ‘n’ roll. Savor the moments as the sensations are bound to result in an orgasmic ending of massive proportions.

Keep it Sweet

Giving your partner a massage is a great way of soothing their muscles and giving them mental clarity. An erotic massage acts as an opening to some sensual lovemaking session that gets the two of you in a great mood. With your partner blindfolded, the feel of the warm massage oil and the touch of your hands as they travel through the skin become highly sensual. With the aroma of the oils and the touch of your hands, the senses are overloaded with pleasure and they indulge fully and sink into the warm embrace of the feelings. Even without penetration, the simple massage becomes the most erotic thing they have ever indulged in.

The blindfold may seem like such a simple item but it is highly versatile and its importance greatly underestimated. Take a plunge into your imaginative side and discover the endless options a blindfold provides in the bedroom, whether you improvise with existing materials or purchase a sexy blindfold.

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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