Beginner's Guide to Nipple Play

Beginner’s Guide to Nipple Play

Getting an orgasm is usually the fundamental goal of engaging in any sexual activity. With nipple play, there is the likelihood of achieving one, although the number of women who have achieved an orgasm by nipple play has been recorded at a mere 1%. Contrary to popular belief, nipple play is not confined to women alone and men can also benefit from the play. With the nipple full of sensitive nerves, extreme pleasure is derived from nipple play. However, for intense play involving suckers and clamps, there are a few safety tips you need to be aware of.


  • Never indulge in nipple suspension bondage techniques if you are not sufficiently trained to do so.
  • Never use abrasive techniques or those techniques that may lead to skin breakage on inverted nipples.
  • When starting out, do not let the clamps stay on for longer than 10 minutes. Limit the sessions to avoid loss of sensation in the nipples.
  • Always start slowly, gradually increasing the pressure to avoid hurting your partner by using way too much pressure. For this reason, make sure you start with adjustable toys.
  • Always check for circulation constantly during play and make sure to stop immediately you see any signs of distress or color change in the nipple.
  • Before starting your session, make sure to sterilize your toys and accessories, making sure to have surgical gloves on if there is a chance of bleeding during play.

Pleasure Nipple Play

Getting your partner to lose their mind starts by how much attention you spend on their most erogenous zones. The nipples are always a great way to start as they respond to stimuli readily, and you can use them to figure out if your partner is aroused or not. There are so many ways to get your partner aboard the pleasure train, and the following are just a few of the most common but effective methods:

  • Finger Play

Slight flicking and application of slight pressure is enough to get the party started. Your partner’s preferences are something you should have in mind, and if there is some rubbing required, have the nipples perked up by rubbing them with your finger tips or even your palm.

  • Tongue Play

The mouth and tongue have the nipples all excited within a short period, and consequently usually have the nipples even more sensitive when there is sucking involved. There is something inherently sexy about watching your nipple disappearing into your partner’s mouth, making the arousal mental as well as physical. Sucking draws more blood to the nipple, greatly enhancing the sensitivity, making every lick even more powerful. To take the play a notch higher for increased sensitivity, invest in some nipple suckers and adjustable nipple clamps.

  • Nipple Torture

Advanced nipple play delves into the world of dishing out pain for that freeing feeling of euphoria when the body gets flooded with endorphins to counter the pain. Depending on your level of skill and years of practice, indulging in nipple torture has to be approached with the greatest of care.

If you are just starting out, nipple clamps will be your best bet as they allow for minimal pain threshold and the adjustable ones allow you to introduce pain slowly. If you have already developed a taste for pain and torture, weighted nipple clamps make for great play, having you add weights for an increased pain sensation.

Hardcore BDSM practitioners approach nipple torture with even greater toys and risky techniques, including; nipple suspension, abrasive play, flagellation, electro stimulation, knife play, needle play, predicament bondage, wartenberg wheel, nipple bonding, breast bondage and even creams and oils. Always ensure that you are sufficiently trained for such hardcore play as most have the inherent risk of turning ugly at any moment. Never indulge in anything if you are not sure as your partner’s well-being is of utmost priority.

Nipple play may seem so simple, but thoroughly exciting the nipples increases the arousal level so much especially since the sensations are registered in the same part of the brain connected to the groin region. Nipple stimulation should be embarked on as an important event on its own, ensuring that the play session is even steamier than before, making for some powerful orgasms later on.

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