Beginners guide to Penis Sleeve Rings

Beginners guide to Penis Sleeve Rings

Perhaps you’re tired of your other half going on about how fantastic her dildo or vibrator feels. Or perhaps you both want to experiment with different textures in the bedroom. Both male and female sexual organs are extremely sensitive (I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that), and even the slightest difference in texture can create a whole new depth of feeling and stimulation. Penis sleeve rings are an awesome addition to your bedroom if you both really want to explore different textures.

Penis sleeve rings are sleeves of material that fit over the shaft of your penis, and will cover around a third to a half of your shaft, or perhaps even more (depending on your actual length). They work in the same was as cock rings; by constricting the blood flow to your penis, you last for much longer than you felt possible before, and you also get an engorged, vein popping hard on that is much thicker and satisfying for her. The sensitive head of your penis remains uncovered, so you don’t miss the feeling of truly being inside her, and being able to come inside of her (something that is not possible with penis extensions, which cover your whole shaft including the head). What’s more, most cock rings have various types of textures. This opens up a whole new world of stimulation for you and your partner.

Penis sleeve rings with texture on the outside will send tingly shivers right up insider her, and texture on the inside will send shivers up and down your shaft. You can even get reversible penis sleeve rings, so you can wear the texture on the outside when you are pleasing your partner, but then reverse the penis sleeve when you want to be treated. A great bonus here is that you can use the texture on a penis sleeve ring for when you are playing solo – you are guaranteed to come like you’ve never come before. And if you just can’t take turns, there’s even penis sleeves with texture on both sides – everyone’s a winner!

A great penis sleeve to try out is the Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker, which has two different textured sides; one side has soft, flexible nodules which bend and flex against you shaft, and will feel like you’re being given a hand job by a pro, whilst the other sides has a series of ridges which simulate the sliding and swirling of getting a good blow job. We’ll leave you to decide which you love best, but you’ll be crazy not try both out!

For the really experimental couple, we recommend the Japanese Stretchy Penis Sleeve Set. If you simply have no idea whether swirls, nodules, bumps, ridges etc will float your and your partner’s boat, then this master kit of 6 penis sleeve rings, all with various different textures, should be enough to find your favourite type of texture. Plus it’s an excuse to have sex six times!

And if you really want to give her the big O, you can’t go wrong with the Jaguar Vibrating Penis Sleeve Cock Ring with Enhancer Beads. A stretchy ribbed penis sleeve with ribs and beads that will cover 3.5 inches of your shaft and keep you lasting all night long with an engorged hard on. But then add to that the vibrating bullet, and you’re guaranteed to tingle to full orgasm. And to make sure she explodes as well, a jaguar shaped head nestles up against her clitoris to send all those good vibrations right up inside her – get ready

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