Beginner's Guide To Sex Toys

Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys

Thinking of introducing sex toys in your sex life for the first time and unsure of how to use them? Herein is a complete guide to sex toys, different types, and how to use them.

Couples do a lot to ensure they enjoy good sex life. Today’s sex toy world is more inclusive, inviting, and destigmatized than before. No couple wants to lack sex toys in their collection. They are produced in various designs, styles, shapes, sizes, and colors allowing you to easily and comfortably choose depending on your desires and preferences. With sex toys in large numbers today, it becomes easy to explore different sensations. Also, they help improve and spice up things in the bedroom to give a lively and pleasurable experience. Moreover, introducing sex toys into a relationship for the first time might not be easy as most couples take it. But this guide will help you have the best experience in the world of sex toys.

What are Sex Toys?

They are tools or objects designed perfectly with different materials for sexual gratification. They are crafted for both genders, making them ideal for oral sex, anal & vaginal penetration. The suitable sex toys in your collection guarantee you maximum pleasure and sexual satisfaction. If using them for the first time, consider choosing what best suits your desires. Moreover, there is a wide range of sex toys, including clitoral vibrators, male chastity, rabbit vibrators, cock rings, anal plugs, and dildos. What toys can a virgin use? Most beginner toys are designed perfectly to give you a satisfying sexual experience, whether solo or partnered play like bondage gear, whips, intimate balls, and many more. Grab your intimate toy today and have the best sexual experience with your partner.

Different Types of Sex Toys

Here are some of the common sex toys you can choose from when making your order for the first time.

Cock Rings

They are rings placed around the penis. A wide range of cock rings is made from different materials, including metal, silicone, plastic, rubber, and leather. Also, they feature different styles, designs, colors, sizes, and shapes. This allows you to choose what suits you comfortably. For beginners, consider choosing soft and adjustable penis rings for a comfortable and safe experience.

Clitoral Vibrators

In women, clitoral vibrators are among the most common and reputable toys. They are designed perfectly for external stimulation. With their amazing design and shape, the vibrators guarantee maximum clitoral pleasures. Consider the common Hitachi Magic Wand for pleasurable stimulation. Moreover, some are curved to offer clitoral and G-spot stimulation. You can use them for masturbation or partner play for satisfying pleasures.


Dildos are designed amazingly to mimic a realistic real-life penis. These dildos come in different shapes and sizes to give different stimulation levels. Also, size and shape differences allow you to choose the right size to satisfy your sexual desires and fantasies. Moreover, they are made from different materials, including rubber, glass, metal, and silicone. Beginners should stick to rubber or silicone-made dildos for a safe and satisfying experience.

Prostate Massager

A vibrating prostate massager is crafted perfectly with a curved shaft to stimulate your perineum and prostate. It is designed specifically for males’ G-spot. The prostate has numerous highly sensitive nerve endings that are stimulated to give you a powerful orgasmic experience. You can choose any size that will give you satisfaction.

Butt Plugs

They are crafted amazingly to hit the sensitive spot inside your anal canal. These incredible toys are great for stimulating the rectum and anus. Anal butt plugs feature all sizes and shapes to offer different stimulation levels. Also, some plugs are designed with motors to offer extreme pleasures. You can also use them during oral sex when getting an erotic rim job.

Clitoral Suckers

Clitoral suckers, just from the name, are designed perfectly to suck your clitoris to deliver sensational stimulation. Kinky clitoral suction vibrators like Lelo, Satisfyer, and Womanizer are great for intense and sensational clitoral stimulation. The toy’s powerful vibration speeds and functions guarantee maximum pleasure and a satisfying orgasmic experience. You can use the clitoral sucker solo or partnered play for extreme clitoral sensations.

Masturbator Sleeves

For a sensational and satisfying masturbation experience, consider buying these masturbator sleeves for males. The toy is designed perfectly with a textured interior to give you mind-blowing stimulations. The toys come in various sizes and shapes to perfectly fit different penis sizes. These amazing sleeves pulsate, simulate, and vibrate anal and erotic oral sex.

Sex Toys Safety Tips

How do you use intimate toys? Below are the safety tips to consider before, during, and after using your toys for safety and comfort.

Ensure Everyone is on Board

Before using or introducing your toys in the bedroom, ensure you and your partner are on the same page. An understanding is essential in any relationship. Also, converse with your partner on the right toys to use, whether a dildo or plug. Moreover, get to know from your partner if condoms are appropriate or not. This will help bring understanding between both parties.

Shop Toys Together to Build Up Anticipation

Buying sex toys can be challenging, especially when you are a beginner, but you can make your shopping comfortable and easier when you do it with your partner. Shopping together will help you conclude a team, which builds trust and intimacy.

Use Toys All Over the Body

Most sex toys are designed perfectly to stimulate your genitals. However, to have an amazing sexual experience, consider buying toys that can stimulate the entire body. This will give you extreme sensations. You can go for nipple toys to explore different sensations.

Stimulate Yourself During Penetration

Most couples or individuals have challenges when it comes to orgasming. However, this can be corrected by stimulating your partner during penetration. You can use anal butt plugs, a finger vibrator, or We-Vibe Touch for increased sensitivity.

Final Thoughts

Sex toys have been the center point of amazing sexual experiences today. Their existence in the market makes every minute of sex life matter. They are available in different types, designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Every sex toy is designed to serve a different purpose. If you are a beginner looking for the right sex toys, consider those mentioned above. Most of these toys are made perfectly with the beginner’s choice in mind. Therefore, you can easily and comfortably choose what suits your desires.

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