Beginner's Guide To Spreader Bars

Beginner’s Guide To Spreader Bars

Spreading wide and keeping your legs wide is a bit challenging especially when the sensations get too hot to handle. This is where spreader bars come in handy. Getting to indulge in them changes the way you approach your wild times by ensuring that both of you get something out of it. With the incorporation of your other favorite toys, you get to enjoy some great moments whether you are driven by mild pleasure or intense pain and pleasure play. To get you on the bandwagon, here are a few reasons you should keep in mind before starting the show.

Always Participate with a Trusted Partner

Participating in a sexual session that requires you to fully expose yourself is profoundly difficult to do unless you trust your partner. The spreader bar exposes you, making any form of misuse highly likely and therefore inclined to be very uncomfortable. Including the spreader bar in an existing relationship signifies an existing trust, making each use more and more comfortable to the point that the connection seems to get better and better with every successful session.

Take It Slow

Spreader bars can cause damage if misused. Always start slow; making sure your partner is comfortable enough to handle the positioning of the legs. It is also recommended that you ensure the ankles are not unnecessarily stressed. During play, avoid tugging or pulling at the bars if you need to change your partner’s position.

Get Ready for Exposure like none you Have Experienced Before

Spreader bars keep your ankles away from each other, exposing the sweet spots that would otherwise be hidden from view. Giving your partner unlimited access to your most precious parts is enough to get their imaginative juices flowing, getting to have you experiencing foreplay like never before.

You Will Get a Little Frustrated

Once you are in the set position, your body has no clue what is coming next and your mind starts playing scenarios, making your body react to the imagined events. This constant state of tension releases adrenaline and your heartbeat rises to a crescendo. This increased heartbeat takes your anticipation to the next level and your breathing gets faster and shallower, making the situation even more exciting. Your intense anticipation becomes a drug to your partner, making them find new and improved ways to keep you guessing and anticipating their random touches and moves.

Prepare for Powerful Sensations

Keeping your legs from closing up drives your body awareness up a notch, making every stimuli feel a lot more intense that it actually is. This gives your partner the perfect opportunity to indulge you in some intense sensory play, making your body react powerfully to even the slightest of touches. To increase the sensations, they may use blindfolds and even tie your hands, making your body even more reactive to the sensations that are aroused deep within you.

Incorporate it Into Foreplay

Having your partner tied up and exposed is the best recipe for an intensively tantalizing teasing session. This is the perfect opportunity to unleash the toys that are designed for maximum sensory play and foreplay enhancement. From suckers to clamps to vibrating bullets, anything you can think of is fair game. Although not all’s fair in love and war, this is a battle where everyone gets to win. A successful foreplay session guarantees a mutually explosive yet pleasurable finale.

Be Ready for Some Deep Access

The spreader bar keeps you open, giving your partner the perfect opportunity to access your deepest zone. With this capability, they get to give you the best penetrative action, and there’s nothing you can do but take what’s coming to you. With your favorite toy or their dick, the pace gets to change sensually following your rhythm but this time around you do not get to stop them when the sensation gets so intense that you feel like you’re losing your mind. You are helpless to stop the pleasure waves and you have to just go with the flow and accept every stroke that you get.

To ensure that you have a great mutually satisfactory session, always discuss a safe word before starting. Once the word is uttered, stop immediately to ensure that no more pain or damage is endured by your partner.

Anastasia Filipenko

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