Myrrh oil is a popular oil, dating back to Bible times. It has many medicinal uses, including healing sores and sunburns and killing bacteria and parasites.

Myrrh oil is a brown-red oil derived from theCommiphoramyrrhaplant. Ithas several medicinal benefits andhas been used for long. You might have come across this oil in the Bible even though you might not have personally used it. It was first grown in Asian and North-eastern African regions. During the biblical and traditional era, it was used in the temples as anointing oil and as a medicineby the Chinese, respectively. It can be inhaled, applied on surfaces, combined with other oils, or used to make oral supplements. Peer into this blog to learn about the health benefits of myrrh oil and precautions when using it.

Health benefits

Myrrh oil boasts many health benefits, including;

i.                    Healing of sores

Myrrh oil is combined with other oils such as sandalwood oil to treat sores on the skin, an application for which it has been long used. Applying it to the affected area helps the wound dryand healfaster. For instance, in folk medicine,women used it to treat vaginal sores after giving birth. However, more research is needed to confirm whether it can work independently for this purpose or be used together with other oils.

ii.                 Killing bacteria

The body has beneficial and harmful bacteria in its microbiome. The harmful bacteria may dwell in different places such as the body and on surfaces, and myrrh oil can be used to kill them on those surfaces. During Bible times, it was combined with Frankincense, then burnt in places of worship to purify the area from any bacterial contamination. In addition, it can be used to kill harmful alimentary bacteria in animals. Further, studies haveshown that it can be used as an antibiotic for people who have developed resistance to antibiotic drugs.

iii.               Killing parasites

Parasitic infections are commonplace today, with some resulting from food contamination and sexual activities. Myrrh oil is used to treat sexually transmitted diseases such as trichomoniasis andhas proved to work better than conventional medications. Moreover, it has been used recently to treat other parasitic infections that attack the liver and bile duct.

iv.               Used as sunscreen

Some people, especially the whites, are affected by sun rays causing their skin to peel and become scarry. Such burns from the sun rays are serious as they may cause skin cancer. Sunscreen is used to protect the skin from such effects. Myrrh oil mixed with sunscreen is more effective in protecting one from such sunburns.

v.                  Killing mold

Mold grows on damp surfaces and sometimeson foods. Applying myrrh oil on a surface protects it from developing mold. Moreover, the oil can kill molds that have already grown on a surface.

vi.               Improves oral health

This oil is used to treat different oral infections, explaining why sometoothpaste and mouthwashes manufacturers add myrrh oil to effectively treat infections. Using such toothpaste and mouthwash dries off sores in the mouth and fights bad breath. However, those who have had recent oral surgery should avoid mouthwashes containing myrrh oil since it interferes with the stitches, making them take time before healing.

vii.             It is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which, if left unattended, may increase the riskofdiseases through oxidative stress. Being a powerful antioxidant,myrrh oil fights inflammatory diseases such as gingivitis, which attacks the gums. Besides, the antioxidants may kill cancer cells that grow in the liver, breast, and skin. However, more research is required to support these claims.

viii.          Treating stomach ulcers

Myrrh oil is used to treat sores that attack the gut, usually caused by bacteria. It kills such bacteria and assists in healing gut lining wounds. Besides, ithas been used to treatother stomach problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.

ix.                May relieve pain

Taking supplements that contain myrrh pain-relieving compounds may relieve mild pains in the body such ad headaches and joint aches.

x.                  May trigger menstrual flow.

Myrrh oil is used to control reproductive hormones in women hence, it can be used to trigger menstrual flow. Besides, it is also used to relieve pain in women with premenstrual syndrome characterized by severe abdominal pains.

Precautions regarding myrrh oil

Using myrrh oil has some potential risks:

  • Children should not inhale this oil, especially thehighly concentrated one since there is insufficient research on the possible effect and interaction
  • Swallowing myrrh oil is risky, whether raw or in toothpaste or mouthwashes
  • Myrrh oil interferes with blood-thinning drugs and should be avoided when using such drugs to allow them to be effective
  • It should not be applied directly to the skin as it may cause rashes.
  • Myrrh oil can trigger uterine bleeding and should be avoided by pregnant women and people with uterine problems to lower the risk of miscarriage or bleeding.


Myrrh oil is a brown-red oil whose popularity dates back to biblical times. In folk medicine and the modern world, it has many medicinal uses. It has been used to kill bacteria and parasites and heal sores. The oil should not be swallowed raw or in toothpaste. In addition, pregnant women should avoid it as it may cause bleeding and miscarriage.


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