Raspberry ketone (geosmin) is a natural substance that provides red raspberries with powerful flavor and fragrance. This substance is also found in fruits and berries such as cranberries or blackberries, albeit small. Raspberry ketone is used in cosmetics and is added to soft drinks, ice cream, and other processed foods as a flavoring agent.

Raspberry ketone is a popular substance across the globe. Raspberry ketones are known to promote weight loss, lower inflammation of the liver and improve cholesterol levels. Research shows that only 30% of people have a normal healthy weight, but the rest, multiple products, are advertised to help weight loss but are never guaranteed.  Raspberry ketones, on the other hand, are proven to be more effective in fat breakdown. With their consumption, the body burns fats faster, which may prove to be quite beneficial for obese and overweight folks. This blog will explain their benefits, dosage, and side effects.


May Lower Inflammation

An accumulation of fat usually causes liver inflammation. Diets rich in fat cause a condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. A 2012 study of medical food showed that raspberry ketones reduce high fat. Researchers reported that they have the dual effect of both fat reduction and liver protection. Consumption of raspberry ketones lowers chronic inflammation, which experts consider vital in developing multiple health conditions. 

By lowering inflammation, this substance helps lower the risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis. It is advisable to take a variety of raspberries. And as studies suggest, for the raspberry ketone to work effectively, you should consume about 0.42 milligrams per kilogram of your body weight.

Promotes Skin Elasticity

A research was conducted to evaluate the ability of raspberry ketones to improve skin elasticity in humans. It found that when 0.01% of this substance is applied topically to the skin on the face, it causes an increase in cheek skin elasticity after two weeks of application. These results are promising shreds of evidence of the effectiveness of raspberry ketones on skin treatment.

May Improve Cholesterol Levels and Insulin Resistance

A 2018 research revealed that raspberry ketones might contain a therapeutic function in controlling hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance in the body. Studies suggest that these berries contribute to the upregulation of AQP7 expression. Scientifically, AQP7 is a protein that plays a role in metabolic function.

Increase Hair Growth

Studies done in Japan indicate that raspberry ketone has a similar structure to that of capsaicin. Capsaicin is a molecular compound contained in spicy peppers. Raspberry ketones activate sensory neurons like capsaicin, enhancing hair growth by elevating the expression of dermal insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). One study found that 0.01% of this substance applied topically can increase IGF-1 expression at the surface of hair follicles.

The study shows that the substances promote hair regrowth in people one month after application. Researchers claim that raspberry ketones work as a natural treatment for thinning the hair of humans. When applied to the scalp in research, it enabled hair growth in 50% of humans with alopecia at five months after application.

May Help in Weight Loss

Some studies suggest that raspberry ketones help to reduce food intake and thereby promote weight loss. One research from Ohio state university found that ketone supplementation promoted fat loss in people fed with a high-fat diet. A 2005 study also suggested that raspberry ketones can inhibit the high-fat-diet-induced increase in body weight, liver, and visceral adipose tissues.

In one small study, individuals consumed 200 milligrams of raspberry ketones combined with 1200 milligrams of vitamin C daily for one month. The results showed that there was a loss of body weight and fat. Consuming large quantities of this substance facilitates weight loss.

Boost Metabolism

The molecular structure of raspberry ketone is similar to that of capsaicin and synephrine, which are the two molecules known to improve metabolism. Experts state that the substance could have the same effect.  This compound increases fat breakdown by making the cells more vulnerable to the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine. Additionally, it increases the release of the hormone adiponectin, which regulates metabolism and blood sugar levels.


Raspberry ketone supplements exist in capsule form, and the acceptable dose depends on multiple factors such as the user’s health, age, and other conditions. Currently, there is not enough evidence to determine the exact range of dosages. Still, research usually focuses on ketones as a specific percentage of the diet rather than a fixed dosage. Individuals who want to attempt ketones at lower doses than supplements could take large amounts of raspberries.

Fresh raspberries have ketones in their natural state. Naturally, you only consume about 0.42 milligrams of raspberry ketones per kilogram of body weight. Generally, they are safe though consuming excess fruits may cause diarrhea in some people. Nonetheless, manufacturers recommend dosages of 100 -400 milligrams, 1-2 times per day.

Side Effects

Raspberry ketones have stimulant-like effects, including elevated heartbeat and high blood pressure. Also, it has damaging effects on the heart muscle and teratogenic effects (abnormal fetal developments due to chemicals, infections, or drugs). Some reports suggest they can also cause insomnia and anxiety. People with medical conditions, taking prescription drugs, and consuming herbal supplements should avoid this substance because it may interact with other medications. Moreover, women who are expectant or breastfeeding are prohibited from using ketones.


Raspberry ketones are a natural phenolic substance contained in some fruits, raspberries, and other berries. Recently, they have been popular for their potential ability to aid in weight loss. Raspberry ketones also improve skin elasticity in humans and promote hair growth. There is no sufficient evidence of the effectiveness of raspberry ketones in the human body. Therefore, more studies are needed to find other benefits of raspberry ketones. There are side effects associated with this compound. It is important to take the exact dosage as prescribed by the manufacturer.

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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