Best Apps to Combat Loneliness

Best Apps to Combat Loneliness

Written By: Rebecca Danko

Let’s be honest, being lonely sucks. It seems as if the entire world is moving forward without you. All of your friends are out having fun with their lives while you are stuck at home alone. You try every method possible to find someone or someplace that will make you feel included but nothing seems to work. Sometimes apps for loneliness can be the answer to this problem.

Loneliness Is a Common Feeling

Loneliness is very common in today’s society. Although we are constantly connected through technology, in reality, we are more distant than ever. We rush through life, always looking for more while not noticing the people we leave behind.  

Then, at one point, we find ourselves alone with no one to turn to. Does that sound familiar? 

The feeling of loneliness is something that everyone feels from time to time. And what most people do wrong is to expect to solve those feelings by being surrounded by a lot of people. 

Look inward to combat loneliness. Start with yourself and the things you love. 

●       Go back to a simpler, quieter life without lots of distractions.

●       Practice yoga and meditation to relieve stress.

●       Start a gratitude journal to appreciate all the things you have in your life

Only when you feel at ease with yourself you can look towards other people to overcome loneliness.

Who Can I Talk to if I’m Lonely? 

If you’re feeling lonely, reach out to an old friend or a family member that you have grown apart from. Maybe they are also feeling lonely and would love to have a chat with someone. 

Talk to them and see what they have been doing with their lives lately. Ask them how they are doing. 

Reconnecting with people from your past can help you feel less alone.

If you don’t feel like catching up with somebody from your past, find ways to meet new people similar to you. This is where technology can help a lot, and many apps are designed for meeting new, interesting people near you.

Is There an App for Loneliness? 

There are many apps that you could try out if you’re looking to overcome your feelings of loneliness. 

Those apps not only help fight against feeling lonely but can be used to make new friends and create communities. Let’s take a look at some apps that will help you defeat your loneliness.

Apps to Talk about Your Feelings 

There are apps that can help you find people to talk to when you’re feeling lonely and share your emotions whether they are good or bad.


Happy is an app that listens to you. It offers support of an incredible community of so-called Happy Givers who are available 24/7 to give you the words of encouragement when life gets you down. This app is perfect for you if you just want to hear a kind voice.


HearMe app offers real-time text conversations with trained Listeners. If you need to talk to someone or work through your emotions in a safe space, then this app might be your cure for loneliness. 

Apps for Fighting Social Anxiety

Do you have anxiety around other people, but still want someone to talk to? These apps will help you manage your social anxiety and relieve the feeling of loneliness.

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TalkLife is an anonymous chat app that has been set up to help people find someone they can speak to when feeling sad. It provides support to people in crisis wherever they are in the world. Through TalkLife you can join the community of people who are going through similar issues as you are and will never judge you 


Replika is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that will listen to every word you say and offer its own opinions. It’s developed in a way that the more you talk to it, the deeper the friendship you grow. No two Replikas are the same, your Replika is completely unique to you.

Apps to Help You Belong Somewhere 

As we grow older, we learn to fit in and feel like we belong somewhere. But what happens if you don’t fit in? If you feel like an outsider or are new to your area, these apps can help you find your place. 

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Meetup is a great way to find groups of people you can connect with and share the things that interest you or help you. You can even join or organize your own events. Meetups happen all over the world, so there’s always something to do and someone to meet.


Wisdo is an app that’s all about helping you create new relationships and connections within the community. It provides a way for people to get together and do something fun. Wisdo helps you connect with others who have similar interests, find your tribe and join events where you feel comfortable being yourself.

Apps to Battle Loneliness for Women 

Sometimes, being a woman can be a very isolating experience. Thankfully there are apps that build communities to help women around the world feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Hey! VINA 

Hey! VINA is a social app just for women. It’s available around the world and works similar to matching apps but is meant to build friendships! This is a perfect app to find new friends, join communities, and attend events.


Peanut is a social network for women to connect through all stages of motherhood. It’s a safe space where you can share your victories and struggles, taking away the feeling of loneliness that comes with motherhood.

Apps for Lonely Elderly 

As you grow older, your world becomes smaller. There are apps that provide companionship and help you feel like you’re not alone anymore.

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Predictable is an app that was developed for people who have lost the ability to speak. Sometimes all you need is a voice to help you express your thoughts and feelings. Predictable works as a chatbot and provides a way for you to communicate with your friends and family.


Happify focuses on the scientifically proven ways to bring happiness and fulfillment into your life. It offers activities and games that will help you overcome negative thoughts, stress, and daily challenges.

Dating Apps to Kill Loneliness 

Romantic relationships are supposed to make us feel connected and loved. But what happens when you can’t find “the one”? Dating apps help connect singles, but can also be a way to build deeper connections and friendships.

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Bumble is a dating app that lets women make the first move! Bumble enables you to date, meet new friends and network all in the same app. It fosters more than just romantic connections and promotes respectful behavior.


OkCupid is a dating site that has created an algorithm that matches you on what actually matters to you. Before you start meeting new people, you need to fill out a huge questionnaire that helps the algorithm get to know you better and match you with people that you have a true connection.

Final Thoughts 

At one point in time, we have all been lonely. You could be at home with your family or friends and feel like you don’t belong there anymore. Or you might find yourself at the stage in your life where you are completely alone. Luckily there are many quality apps for loneliness that can help us overcome sad emotions and fill our lives with joy.

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